Chaney, Allen

‘The Comedian’ Allen Chaney

HEIGHT & WEIGHT: 6’4 330 pounds
HOMETOWN: Overland Park, KS
ENTRANCE MUSIC: ‘The Mob Goes Wild’ by Clutch
STYLE: Brawling, Power, Hardcore.
I’m putting ten, because REBELLION!
Snap Suplex, Big Damn Clothesline, Big Boot, Scoop slam, Boston Crab, Double Arm DDT, Gutwrench Powerbomb, Bridging Fisherman Suplex, Standing leg drop.

‘The Set-up’: Bionic Elbow, used either to set up for his finisher or in succession to take out groups of people.
FINISHER: ‘The Punchline’, ‘WTFFF’, ‘Mencia-Cook Style’
FINISHER DESCRIPTION: The Punchline: Package Piledriver

WTFFF (Watch That Fat Fuck Fly!): A moonsault.

Mencia-Cook Style: Allen steals his opponents finisher. Claims

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it was his idea the whole time.

BIO: Once described as ‘If The Incredible Hulk told dick jokes’. Allen is a Hyper-violent Blue Collar Stand-up comic that was trained by REBEL Pro veteran Johnny Maverick. He shocked the world by beating Matt Stone and Anna Mathews for the AOWF World Title Outside of the ring Allen is the funny fat guy you always like having around. He’s nice (if a bit vulgar at times) and loves making people laugh. Inside of the ring Allen has a mean streak a mile wide. In his real life he has a lot of frustrations and he seems to gleefully get them out of his system in the ring.

Since his last match in UX, Allen has lost nearly 30 pounds and appears to have put on a bit more muscle. He’s still losing weight every day.



Ring Gear: Black Boots, Black Kneepads, Red or black Dickies shorts, Black t-shirt with bloody smiley face ‘Watchmen’ logo, Sleeveless black flannel shirt, taped hands and wrists. Elbow pad on right elbow.

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