Robinson, Sean

Sean Robinson

HEIGHT & WEIGHT: 6’4″, 245lbs
ENTRANCE MUSIC: “Amazing (Heartbeats Remix)” – Kanye West
STYLE: Aggressive technical wrestler, with an amateur background
Overhead Belly to Belly
German Suplex (sometimes linked, a la Benoit)
Figure Four
Single-Leg Crab
Achilles Lock (nicknamed the Arrow Of Paris)
FINISHER: Tiger Driver ’91
FINISHER DESCRIPTION: Pedigree setup, lift, powerbomb onto the neck. Seriously, it’s the Tiger Driver.


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High-school state wrestling

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champ, had a scholarship to Boston College before a car accident that killed his mother and injured his shoulder. Father died in a one-car crash two years later. Started pro wrestling career soon after. Has a chip on his shoulder, feels he always has to prove himself.

APPEARANCE: (Picbase is Seann William Scott:

Ring gear is black half-length tights with gold stripes down the outside leg, black kneepads with gold stitching, black boots with gold laces. White wrist tape, no elbow pads.

Outside the ring, it’s suits and shades.

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