NAPW/REBEL Supershow I – 05/15/2007

The Polish Hall is nearly full, and buzzing. It’s been several long weeks since an NAPW event here. Tonight, however, is not just an NAPW event. Two feds
bring their best to Edmonton. NAPW and REBEL Pro Wrestling, sister feds from Edmonton, AB and Raleigh, NC cross-promoting a huge event. Both promotion’s
titles will be on the line. Two different styles of wrestling, the no holds barred environment of REBEL Pro Wrestling and the stiff, pure wrestling style
of NAPW. Either way the crowd is hot hot hot as it is—


And then the place goes ballistic as the most hated group of men to ever unite enter the Polish Hall. Static is pushing out John Salty. Rex comes out next
wearing his REBEL Belt. The boos are deafening… as the NAPW Tag Champs walk in. Rees is wearing his Provincial belt around his waist. Banks is looking
fiery jawing with the fans. They are in the aisleway, so that they don’t leave John by himself on the outside. Static takes the mic.

STATIC: This is the welcome I get? I’m a damn legend here, and you people need to damn well respect me. You make me glad that I never have to perform in
this piss poor town again. I left this place and it went all to hell until Rex bought it. Then it become good again. With the Crimes taking charge.. this
place will be great. Lloyd Rees is one of the most talented wrestlers ever! Rex Caliber is the toughest bastard I’ve ever faced. David Banks is more athletically
gifted than Steve Nash, Lebron James and Kobe Bryant COMBINED! This group with the devious minds of me and John… it’s criminal.

Static hands the microphone to REBEL Pro Heavyweight Champion… and NAPW Owner, Rex Caliber. REX: EDMONTON! HOW THE HELL ARE YOU? Now you can save the
boos for Ravager, and save your breath for someone he gives a (BLEEP). Rex Caliber is here to defend his belt, and make a lot of money. Why are you booing
me? I saved this damn place from folding! Now tonight, well, The Crimes are going to sweep the night, and party until the sun comes up. Sparx? The man
is fooled and going to get battered bad. Rees is pimp slapping Stoney… and Banks is going to make three little bitches tap the (BLEEP) out. The Crimes
are running strong, and by God… we are down right…. BEASTLY!

Like a hot potato, the microphone gets handed to “Wrestling’s Smartest Man” John Salty.

JOHN SALTY: Ya see folks, weather ya want t’admit it or not, dis is da begin’n of a new era fer both da NAPW and REBEL Pro alike. Sure, plenty of people
have said d’hat befer but, dis is da real deal. Da New Crimes are ready t’begin d’ere reign or terror and what a better place and time d’hen da first ever
NAPW/REBEL Pro in Edmonton, Alberta where every member of dis super group has may history time and time again.

NAPW Tag Champion, David Banks, is next in line.

DAVID BANKS: Let me tell everyone that I am glad to be part of this elite group of wrestling greats and before all you ungrateful fans know it, I will be
recognized right along side of them. I have already got my hands on my first NAPW title and once I destroy Roberts, Warren, and Cataclysm I will gladly
take it upon myself to destroy Murcielago and take the REBEL Pro Carolinas Championship as property of Da New Crimes!!

The crowd boos even louder as Banks hands off to NAPW Provinical and the other half of Tag Team Champions, “‘LDK” Lloyd Rees.


Even more boos.

“LDK” LLOYD REES: Don’t ye Larrys’ understand d’hat ye are get’n da chance t’look upon greatness right now!! A scene d’hat ya may never be lucky enough
t’see again in yer pathedic live and all ye ungrateful slobs can manage t’do is boo!! Well let me tell ya dis Larrys’; when yer stand’n in da unemployment
line tomorrow wait’n t’get yer checks and day dream’n about be’n as great as any member of Da New Crimes just remeber, d’ere ain’t a f**k’n chance in hell!!
So relish in dis even’n and enjoy watch’n da most dominant group of men ever formed…DOMINATE!!

All members of The New Crimes come together.

REX CALIBER: So in case you didn’t figure it out… we are the elite! We are the…


The group exits through the curtain, showered in boos and possibly some flying cups and assorted liquids. The Edmonton fans know all about Rex Caliber’s
actions in REBEL Pro Wrestling…

Can you blame them for feeling betrayed?


JACK JONES: And that Rob is why you never… ever… under any circumstances park in my space!

ROB MARTINEZ: Did you really kidnap a woman’s cat?

BILL HEWSON: Not only that.. he put the picture of it, tied up, on his Christmas cards. It is May 15th, Edmonton Alberta from The Polish Hall and it is
the first-ever NAPW/REBEL Pro supershow! I’m Bill Hewson along with Jack “Attack” Jones and joining us for the evening is the Voice of REBEL, Rob Martinez!
Let’s go to the first match…

JENNY JERSEY: The following match is one fall to a finish and is under REBEL rules. It is the Hair versus Mask match, AND IS FOR THE REBEL TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP!
Jimmy Johnson is standing in the ring. Then it’s Gangstarr baby! “Battle” begins playing as Dio Muerte and Jeff James, enter the Polish Hall to an eruption
of cheers. Jeff looks to the left, then looks to the right. He feels the electricity in the air. Dio lightly taps his palm with his bat, and they walk
toward the ring. Referee They enter the ring, as the lovely Jenny Jersey introduces them.

JENNY JERSEY: Introducing the challengers. They weigh in at a combined four hundred thirty three pounds. This is the team of DIO MUERTE, AND THE RETURNING…

“The New Foundation” by AkForty takes over the Polish Hall air waves. We look to the curtain and out walks Mr. B, then Thomas Young. He has his half of
the Tag belts around his waist. He has a mic in his hand.

THOMAS YOUNG: Now… cut our music. Boys… I feel kind of embarrassed but Darko hasn’t made it yet. He is running a tad late.

ROB MARTINEZ: I saw him backstage before the show? What the hell is this?

Dio and Jeff look straight up the aisle way. They shake their heads.

THOMAS YOUNG: I just need a few minutes.. and I PROMISE HE WILL BE HERE!

JACK JONES: Can these people be any more disrespectful! I’m concerned for the Prince.

BILL HEWSON: See what I put up with!

The crowd boos, and starts a BULLSHIT chant. Thomas looks at them and flips them off. Then a buzz goes through the crowd.

THOMAS YOUNG: Let me go back and check.

As he says that, Prince Darko jumps the railing after setting a trash can full of weapons down near ringside. He picks it up and throws it in the ring,
hitting Dio in the back. Dio is on one knee and in runs Thomas Young. Jeff James meets him, and Darko gets in the ring, taking advantage of Dio. The bell
sounds! This match is underway.

BILL HEWSON: A total set up by the sneaky Foundation. If it’s underhanded…they have done it!

Jeff James lays some fists all over Thomas. The brothers are exchanging blow after blow. Darko tries a suplex but is blocked. Dio gets Darko up for a BRAINBUSTER!
Jeff picks up a golf club that came from Darko’s metal trash can. He swings at Thomas who grabs the club. Jeff uses it to pull Young closer in and MASSIVE
CLOTHESLINE. Young to the outside. Jeff James on the top rope, and cross-body block on Young. James is up and pumped. Darko is dazed, and getting to his
feet. Dio has his bat in hand. Dio with a Barry Bonds swing at the head of Darko. Darko manages to get his arm to block?! HIS ARM HAS TO BE STINGING! Darko
is on the ground, writhing in pain. Jeff James on the outside, Thomas gets up only to get… CRASH LANDING! The leg sweep, Standing Moonsault, double knee
drop combo move that has the crowd chanting Jeff’s name. Dio lets Darko get up, and goes for a shuffle sidekick. Darko moves out of the way, then hits
a RUNNING DDT! The cover doesn’t even get a one count. Darko mounts Dio, and tries to get some elbows in. Dio, blocks them and grabs his right arm, and
flips his legs up around Darko’s head. Does he have it? A TRIANGLE CHOKE FROM DIO! Darko is near tapping from the UFC style move. They are near the ropes,
and Mr. B elbows Dio’s head. He breaks the hold as the crowd boos.

ROB MARTINEZ: Some MMA by Dio? Like he wasn’t dangerous enough with a bat.. he is adding in submission moves!

BILL HEWSON: Dio was a very promising star here.. REBEL is lucky to have him.

JACK JONES: Lucky? I got some more crappy wrestlers to send there way.. hopefully we can get the Foundation back in return!

Jeff James picks up Thomas Young on the outside and throws him into the guardrail. In the ring Darko is recovering, and Dio is up… AND PISSED! He grabs
a… computer keyboard? When did Darko become a New Jack mark? Darko eats a keyboard off his head, and KEYS FLY EVERYWHERE! Darko is stunned. Jeff James
is down from a low blow by Thomas Young. Young with a quick running boot at James knocking him down. In the ring Darko is primed for… THE DEMORTALIZER!!
ROB MARTINEZ: This match is OVER!

Young on the top rope. Dio with the cover. One, Two… LEG DROP ON THE BACK OF DIO’S HEAD! Young just saved his tag belts.

JACK JONES: This may be garbage wrestling.. but I gotta cheer for my pals the Foundation!

Darko is OUT COLD! James is on the ring apron.. He catapults himself off the ropes and BLOCKBUSTER ON THOMAS YOUNG! He..never…saw…it…coming! Cover…
ONE, TWO.. Darko with the save. How close was that? James takes Darko by his fro and SIDE EFFECT ON DARKO! ONE, TWO, DAMN THAT THOMAS YOUNG! He pushes
Jeff off at the last split second! Young busts Jeff in the head with a BEER BOTTLE? Jeff is busted open! Dio is behind Young, he spins him around… boot
to the midsection of Young… SIT OUT POWERBOMB! Mr. B on the ring apron and Dio is distracted.

BILL HEWSON: Damn that Mr. B.

Dio goes over to him… AND DARKO FROM BEHIND! Dio turns around to THE COMPLETE SHOT! Cover but a foot on the rope. Jeff James is up… He dabs his head..
lands a vicious elbow on the eye brow of his brother. Blood begins to stream from the eye.

James sees Darko getting up and picks up a FRYING PAN? WHAM! DARKO IS WEARING ANOTHER TYPE MASK! A CRIMSON ONE! Jeff James goes after Young who is back
outside. Dio crawls over to the downed Darko, and tries to take his mask off. He is ripping at it. The crowd is absolutely loving this war. Dio sees a
rope in the middle of the pile of weapons. It’s already has a noose made. He wraps it around the neck of Darko. He gets Darko up, and THROWS HIM OVER THE
his mask… he is choking badly. Mr. B enters the ring with a steel chair. WHAM.. Dio takes the shot.. BUT DOESN’T RELEASE THE ROPE? WHAAAMM! TWO BIG SHOTS,

Jeff James bulldogs Thomas Young to the floor. He grabs a chair from the crowd. He throws it to Thomas who catches that… AND A VAN DAMNINATOR! The already
bloody Young is knocked down. Mr. B from behind with a chair shot on Jeff James. Another one to the front of the head.

ROB MARTINEZ: His blood is on the chair, and this looks like a car accident. Bloody bodies everywhere.

Darko is trying to recover. He reaches under the ring and grabs a satchel. He tosses it to Mr. B?

BILL HEWSON: What the hell is in it?


Darko and Mr. B handcuff Jeff James’ hands behind his back. Dio is in the ring, and is up.. bat in hand. Darko rams James into the guardrail. Young is coming
too… he sees his own flesh and blood, his brother… handcuffed.. and the SICK BASTARD SMILES! Young enters the ring cautiously, as does Darko. Both
men have lost a lot of blood. Dio has his bat still. Young charges and takes the bat to the stomach. He does a front flip over from the impact. Darko ducks
a shot at him, and sweeps Dio down. Darko tries to drop the elbow but Dio moves. Dio is up and picks up a steel chain. He knocks the hell out of Darko,
with chain in his right hand. Young however is back to his feet… and Dio’s luck just ran out. YOUNG CUTTER! No pin? NO PIN! Young smiles, sadistically.
He sees his brother rolling into the ring. He laughs. Jeff runs at him..


Jeff struggles to get up, but finally does. Darko is staggering up… ENZIGURI ON DARKO. James maneuvers for a cover… ONE? TWO? DARKO KICKS OUT! Young
is behind him and swinging neck breaker. Young is slow, due to the blood loss. He places James’ head inside the metal trash can, that Darko brought the
weapons in with. Darko gets on the top rope. Young makes sure that James can’t get out. DARKO DOUBLE STOMPS THE TRASH CAN! JAMES IS CRUSHED INSIDE!

JACK JONES: That was a modified “Goodnight” from the Foundation.

Young turns to Dio. Dio is crawling toward the bat. Young steps on it. Darko comes and applies the ZUMUNDA CLUTCH! Young slaps the face of Dio. He spits
on to the mask. Darko lets the move go. Darko begins to tear at the eye holes of the ski mask. Young grabs the bat. He gets Dio into a camel clutch position.
He places the bat under chin, and yanks back. THIS IS SICK! Darko of the ropes with a double mule kick to the face of Dio. Young keeps the choke on. Jimmy
Johnson checks and Dio is out. He calls for the bell. James has crawled out the trash can. This match is over… but the Foundation aren’t done. Thomas
stomps his brother. Darko is smiling under his mask… YOU JUST KNOW IT! Darko does the scissor sign with his fingers. Mr. B goes to his satchel, and out
comes some barber scissors. He brings them into the ring. Darko yells out “Bout time for a hair cut mother (BLEEP)er!” THE CROWD EXPLODES WITH BOOS. Fans
are trying to jump the railing. Security is working double time.. calming the fans down.

ROB MARTINEZ: Didn’t y’all have a riot up here before?

BILL HEWSON: Yeah… and nine months later, look what it caused last week in REBEL.

The crowd is furious. Slap to the downed James’ face from Young. James kicks at Young. Darko has the scissors and Young gets Jeff to his feet and bear hugs
him from behind. Darko gets close to James. He dabs some of James’ blood on his fingers and starts to write something on Jeff’s exposed chest.


Darko rubs the scissors against the face of Jeff. He cusses him and slaps him. James spits at Darko. Darko grabs a big lock of hair. He snips… but doesn’t
cut yet. He grabs it again and… THE CROWD EXPLODES IN CHEERS! JAMES WITH A KICK TO THE BALLS OF DARKO. Thomas is trying to hold Jeff… and Darko bitch
slaps the hell out of James’. The camera shows Young’s eyes widen. He is trying to speak… THE CROWD ROARS…. WHY?


JEFF JAMES IS A FREE MAN! He grabs a steel chair. Darko eats a chair shot. Young and the chair unite for a clash of wills. THE CHAIR IS DENTED. Dio chokes
Darko with the bat. Darko isn’t defending himself. Mr. B is up.. and WHAMMMM! JEFF JAMES NAILS HIM. Dio gets a chair… Young is stood up. James takes
a side. Dio is on the other. Young in the middle.


Young falls to bloody heap. Dio goes and gets a table from under the ring. Jeff James on the top rope. Dio places Darko on the table.


Dio looks through Mr. B’s satchel…and finds a zippo and lighter fluid!

BILL HEWSON: The Foundation was prepared for some things, and now they are going to BURN for it!


Jeff slides in a table. Dio grabs Young. Jeff sets up the table. Jeff lights it on FIIIIRRREEE! DIO MUERTE WITH A POWERBOMB ON THOMAS YOUNG THROUGH A FLAMING
TABLE! John Sharplin runs out with a fire extinguisher. He puts the table/Young out.


JACK JONES: You can’t be dropping F Bombs!

Dio and Jeff James raise their hand in a moral victory, and the crowd eats it up! Dio chants… James chants. The Foundation may still be the champions,
but they have been left laying in the ring. They may have retained the titles, but it seems that Dio Muerte and Jeff James have won the war!


ROB MARTINEZ: And that’s when the chickens came home to roost, if you know what I’m saying.

BILL HEWSON: Thankfully, no I don’t.


FRANK WARBURTON: The following match is scheduled for ONE FALL!

BILL HEWSON: Saved by the bell!

FRANK WARBURTON: Entering the ring first, hailing from Seattle, Washington…Weighing in at two hundred and thirty-five pounds, he is CAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSHHHH!
AC/DC! Hell yes! Ca$h makes his way down to the ring, nodding his head to the music and singing along with Brian Johnson’s vocals, and the crowd is eating
it up; a number of cute girls in the front row are throwing the horns and whipping their long blonde hair around. Ca$h gets in the ring and takes his NAPW
hoodie off, cause a loud cheer to erupt from the crowd, and tosses it at his “metalhead” groupies, who clamber after it.

JACK JONES: I don’t see what the appeal of this Ca$h jackass is, Hewson. He’s just a college-educated pretty boy with no charisma.

ROB MARTINEZ: I disagree, Jack. In a world that’s starving for straighforward heroes, Ca$h is a refreshing alternative. Who doesn’t like a clean-cut guy
to cheer for?

JACK JONES: I wasn’t TALKING to you.

FRANK WARBURTON: And his opponent! Hailing from Hollywood, California. Weighing in at two hundred and seventy pounds, accompanied by Demona, he is! DIAAAAAAAABLOOOOOOOO!
Ka-BOOM. The crowd explodes. But that’s just because Demona has stepped out from behind the curtain; the guys in the audience have gone ga-ga for the woman
in the PVC catsuit. She gestures to the back, and the crowd start booing in earnest for the wall of muscle that makes his way down to the ring. Demona
takes his red trenchcoat, while Ca$h bounces in his corner, keeping the blood pumping.

BILL HEWSON: Both of these men are technical experts, but I’m wondering if Diablo’s weight advantage is going to give him the edge in this match.

ROB MARTINEZ: Diablo’s got about thirty-five pounds on Ca$h, but don’t count the former RKW World Champion out; he’s got the advantage when it comes to
reach. I think these guys are pretty evenly matched; it’s going to be an entertaining contest!

BILL HEWSON: That’s an excellent point, Rob! It’s nice to have such an intelligent partner in the booth with me tonight.

JACK JONES: Cough. Ahem.

BILL HEWSON: Of course, Jack Attack, do you have anything to add?

JACK JONES: …Martinez sucks.

Referee John Sharplin brings both men to the center of the ring. Ca$h extends his hand, but Diablo slaps it away! The bell rings and we have a match! Ca$h,
a caught flat-footed by Diablo’s display of disrespect, finds him on the business end of a hard chop, followed by a toe kick. Diablo grabs Ca$h’s head
and BOOM! DDT! Diablo follows up with a quick cover, but Ca$h kicks out after one. Diablo, upset with Ca$h’s disrespect, gives him a few kicks to the back
of the head, and John Sharplin gets in between the two men, admonishing the bigger man with a raised eyebrow. Ca$h is back on his feet, and when Sharplin
gets out of the way, he rushes Diablo, but he sidesteps and Ca$h lands on the ropes; Ca$h bounces off however and connects with an elbow to the face! Diablo
stumbles backwards, holding his face. Ca$h follows it up with a belly-to-belly suplex, and Diablo’s on the ground! Ca$h doesn’t hesitate and locks in a
single-leg crab, but Diablo powers out of it, kicking his leg back and throwing Ca$h into the turnbuckle!

JACK JONES: See, I told you that the weight advantage would help Diablo in this match! Diablo’s going to take Ca$h to the cleaners!

ROB MARTINEZ: Actually, Jack Attack, I think it was Bill who–

JACK JONES: Yap yap yap, that’s all you do, Martinez. Try shutting your mouth and letting the match speak for itself, why don’t you?

Diablo advances on Ca$h and grabs the back of his head, slamming it back into the turnbuckle. The crowd BOOS, and Diablo looks around the audience, still
holding Ca$h by the hair. He stands him up and–HOT FUDGE! Swinging neckbreaker and Ca$h finds himself in trouble as Diablo applies an ankle lock! Sharplin
is quickly down on his stomach, getting in Ca$h’s face, checking for his response, but Ca$h is shaking his head. He shrugs and squirms, inching himself
closer to the ropes…he reaches out…and connects! Sharplin starts counting and Diablo lets go at three.

BILL HEWSON: Looks like you were right, Martinez! That height advantage paid off for the clean-cut Ca$h.

JACK JONES: Sure, take HIS side.

Diablo leaps on Ca$h before he could get to his feet, and starts feeding him a series of rights to the head; Sharplin’s there, though, and breaks it up
again, this time giving Diablo a stern verbal warning. Ca$h kips up, and the crowd pops as he rushes around the ring, playing to the crowd and getting
some momentum on his side. Diablo angrily steps forward, trying to grab for Ca$h, but he side-steps him and locks up for the German Suplexes! ONE German
Suplex! TWO, TWO German Suplexes! THREE, THREE, TH–oh snap! Diablo elbows Ca$h in the side of the head, and again, and Ca$h stumbles back to rest in the
corner. Diablo chops him twice, then starts lifting him to the top rope! Could it be time for Final Judgement? It looks to be–NO! Ca$h gets a knee up
in Diablo’s stomach, and then follows up with a few chops of his own! He gets his opponent into position–MIDAS TOUCH! Ca$h rolls into the pin, one, two,


BILL HEWSON: Even with the thirty-five pound weight disadvantage, Ca$h somehow lifts up Diablo and comes out with the win. What a great night for this talented
young man!

JACK JONES: Are you crazy? Diablo was robbed! Too much interference by Sharplin; if he had just let the match go on interuppted Diablo would have the match
sewn up! He was on fire out there!

ROB MARTINEZ: I agree, Jack; Diablo was very impressive out there tonight. He had a good match, it just didn’t go his way.

JACK JONES: Did you just agree with me or disagree?

In the ring, the referee is holding Ca$h’s arm in the air, while Diablo stands angrily to the side. Ca$h walks over to his opponent and holds out his hand,
in a display of good-natured sportsmanship. Diablo looks at the extended hand with confusion, but CHAIR SHOT! CHAIR SHOT FROM BEHIND! Diablo falls to the
ground and “The Revolution” Jude Costigan stands over him, wielding the chair above his head and looking furious! This is revenge for the treatment he
recieved from Diablo in the triple-threat at the last NAPW show! He brings the chair up again to smash Diablo in the back of the head, but Ca$h takes the
chair away and tosses it out of the ring! “What the hell are you doing, Costigan?” he asks, but The Revolution doesn’t answer. He just grimaces and then
tackles Ca$h! Ca$h rolls with the attack, though, and gets Costigan in the single-leg crab! Costigan scrambles for the ropes, finally getting a hold on
them and rolls to the outside. Ca$h shouts obscenities at Costigan as he makes his way to the back, then turns to Diablo, who is slowly getting up. Ca$h
extends his hand again, but this time Diablo is too angry, and perhaps too embarassed, to take it. He waves it off, and storms out of the ring angrily.

ROB MARTINEZ: Well here we go! A HUGE REBEL four way elimination match for you next! Here’s our very own lovely Jenny Jersey to introduce the competitors.
Never Gonna Get it by Akon blasts throughout the sold out arena, and David Banks appears at the top of entrance to the arena.

JENNY JERSEY: From Greensoboro North Carolina, weighing in at 223lbs, its DAVID BANKS!

He walks casually to the ring, ignoring the fans. But that could cost him! One of them stands on the barricades and throws themselves on Banks!

ROB MARTINEZ: Woah! That ain’t no ordinary fan, folks! That’s Warren!

JENNY JERSEY: From just outside the New Alberta 7-11… WARREN!

Warren is getting back to his feet, as David grabs his head and throws into the steel barricades! Warren is taking a beating as Stay in Shadow plays, and
Cataclysm comes running down to meet the other two wrestlers! He’s laying into Banks, and Warren crawls free.

JENNY JERSEY: From Parts Unknown, The Martial Arts Master himself, Cataclysm!

And quickly the music switches to I am the Man, and out runs Stylin’ Kyle!


BILL HEWSON: A, shall we say, unpleasant response for Stylin’ Kyle Roberts. These Edmonton fans will never forgive him for turning his back on The Beast
months ago!

ROB MARTINEZ: Now the match is going to get underway! But the bell hasn’t even rung yet, and these guys are going at it!

JACK JONES: Thank God, the quicker we get this started the quicker its over.

ROB MARTINEZ: Watch and learn Jones, maybe you’ll see what a real wrestling match looks like!

Cataclysm holds up banks, and smacks a huge spinning heel kicks into his face, sending over the steel barricades and into the fans, where Warren quickly
springboards from the top of the barricade and hits another splash on Banks! Kyle grabs Cataclysm, whipping him down into the ring apron, and follows it
up with a huge clothesline!

BILL HEWSON: Well, if its off to a crazy start, that’s for sure! Whatever you say about REBEL, you have to give credit to these four men!

JACK JONES: Bill, I’ll give credit where credit is due, so I’m keeping it all for now!

Warren is laying the boots into Banks, and grabs a fans drink bottle and whacks Banks over the head with it! But Banks stands there! Grabbing Warren by
the hair, he drags him through the crowd towards the direction of the ring – where, incidentally, Stylin’ Kyle executes a perfect Tilt-a-whirl backbreaker
on Cataclysm!

He turns his attention to Warren and Banks, where Banks has Warren against the barricades and is laying into him with chops and forearms.

ROB MARTINEZ: Kyle’s going high!

From the top rope he points to Warren and Banks, and throws himself over the barricades and into both men! The fans are going crazy!

BILL HEWSON: Well… that was incredible!

JACK JONES: That was nothing… He just threw himself in a direction and hoped for the best…

ROB MARTINEZ: When you show me NAPW do a match like this, I’ll care about your opinion, Jack.

In the ring, Cataclysm is getting up, and sees the chaos in the crowd, whips himself into the rope, and a springboard senton into the other three wrestlers!
Complete disregard for their own safety! Banks slowly gets up, and throws Warren over the barricades, climbing over himself, and then rolls Warren into
the ring. He grabs him by his hair, holds him up, and holds him for a belly-to-belly suplex! He grabs Warren, places his head between his legs, and double
underhooks the arms…

ROB MARTINEZ: Thats Beyond Belief! Not from the top rope, but he’s about to hit it… No!

Warren sharply lifts up his head, a low blow! Warren is still down, and Banks tries to get footing — missile dropkick from Cataclysm out of nowhere!

BILL HEWSON: Such power, he looks to capitalize here…

Cataclysm covers Banks… 1…2…3! Banks is eliminated!

JENNY JERSEY: The first man eliminated from the match, DAVID BANKS!

As Cataclysm gets to his feet, he’s met with a DDT by Warren, sloppily executed. As Warren gets up, Stylin’ Kyle slides into the ring to meet him with a
stiff lariat. But Cataclysm is back up, jumps, that’s The Blue Ruin! Kyle is down! Warren is near the turnbuckle opposite, as Cataclysm makes a cover!
1…2…No! Somersault Senton onto Cataclysm! He drags him up, gets a face lock, runs up the turnbuckle and flips!

ROB MARTINEZ: He calls that the Microwave Burrito Buster! Thats probably his best executed move ever! Perfect!

He makes a cover! 1…2…3! Warren made a pinfall! Well, this is a strange night!

JENNY JERSEY: Your second man eliminated! Cataclysm!

And Kyle is back to his feet. Warren and Kyle stare each other out, and Kyle shrugs his shoulders and climbs out the ring!

ROB MARTINEZ: He’s walking away! Saying something about Warren not being a worthwhile opponent!

JACK JONES: Nice wrestlers you got in REBEL, huh?

And Kyle turns and walks back to back, but Warren comes after him! Running facebuster on an unsuspecting Kyle! Uses the steel guards again to try and hit
a hurricanrana – but Kyle grabs him and holds him! Runs towards the ring and running powerbomb against the ring apron!

BILL HEWSON: He just broke that kid in half!

Kyle grabs him, throws him into the ring, and Warren just lays there. Kyle lifts him onto his shoulder, and hits the Emerald Fusion! That’s secured it.
He places a finger on Warren’s chest, and the referee counts it! 1…2…3!

JENNY JERSEY: And the winner of the match… STYLIN’ KYLE ROBERTS!

JACK JONES: See what I mean? No class, I can’t wait till we get some NAPW guys out here.

ROB MARTINEZ: You have to respect what these guys do!

And in the ring, Kyle checks up on Warren, and lifts him into his arms, carrying him out the ring and backstage. The fans aren’t sure whether to continue
the boo-ing or not… But it’s Kyle, so what the hell, they keep it going!


FRANK WARBURTON: The following match is scheduled for one fall, and it is for the NAPW Provincial Championship!

“Bang Bang to the Rock and Roll” comes on, and you know what that means. “I GOT MAD SKILLZ, BITCH!” Stone says it along with the crowd as he heads down
to the ring.

BILL HEWSON: “Dynamite” Stone Zellor looks hungry for gold – he hasn’t been a champion since February 27th when The Doomriders took the Tag Team titles
from the Midnight Cowboys in a classic match-up. Yet since the Cowboys split up, Stone has been on quite the singles roll!

JACK JONES: Against a champion the caliber of Lloyd Rees – excuse me – Crimes Member Lloyd Rees, Stone Zellor is going to need some Dynamite.

ROB MARTINEZ: Geez, where do you come up with this?

JACK JONES: Most of them your mother writes on the back of a napkin for me after she serves dinner.

BILL HEWSON: Will you stop?

JACK JONES: He started it!

Zellor’s in the ring by now, and he does a little dance, just a tease really, to get the crowd warmed up. Then it’s the Black Keys, and with that only one
man could be headed out to the ring. The newest member of the reformed Crimes. The most decorated NAPW Champion ever, and the current Tag Team and Provincial
Champion. “LDK” Lloyd Rees steps out through the curtain with his Provincial Championship strapped around his waist. The Tag Title is slung over his shoulder,
while his accomplice David Banks has his own Tag Team title strapped around his own waist. John Salty, wheelchair bound for the moment after being destroyed
by Brian Bruno, has the Republic of Newfoundland and the old NAPW Television Championship on his lap.

JACK JONES: Quiet down, peasants! A LEGEND walks among us!

ROB MARTINEZ: That’s odd, I didn’t see Bob Backlund anywhere.

JACK JONES: Don’t interrupt LDK!…and besides, Backlund’s probably inhaling gas fumes somewhere in Orlando.

Rees is in the ring, and he forces referee Dick Kiebiech to hold up all FIVE titles between him, Salty, and Banks up for the whole crowd to see. He sneers
at Zellor, who smiles and waves at him from his seat atop the turnbuckles.

FRANK WARBURTON: Introducing first, from Staten Island, New York; he weighed in tonight at one hundred and seventy-three pounds, and he is a former NAPW

Wild cheers from the crowd, which turn to boos just as Warburton announces:

FRANK WARBURTON: And his opponent, the NAPW Provincial and Tag Team Champion. Hailing from Bell Island, Newfoundland and weighing in at two hundred and
forty-seven pounds, he’s the EAST COAST SENSATION, he is “L! D! K!” LLLOOOOOOOYD REEEEEEEEEEESSSS!!!

BILL HEWSON: Hold onto your seats folks, this oughta be a great one!

Kiebiech calls for the bell, and it’s time for a title match! Rees and Zellor circle one another, looking for an opening. What’s this? Zellor bust out the
break-dancing technicue to the delight of the crowd. He lets out an “I GOT MAD SKILLZ” and lets the crowd chime in for the “BITCH!”. Rees looks flustered,
while Salty and Banks are insisting that Zellor indeed does not have…skillz, bitch. “Top that, newfie!” A dance off? The fans are roaring with laughter/applause.
Rees isn’t about to be shown up – and here he goes with one of the clumisest, silliest looking jig-type dances you’ll ever see!

ROB MARTINEZ: You know, a funny thing happened at the SuperShow tonight, Bill Hewson.

BILL HEWSON: What’s that, Rob?

ROB MARTINEZ: It said Provincial Championship match on my program, but an episode of Fame broke out instead.

JACK JONES: Har-Har. Who writes this garbage?

The fans are still laughing, but AT Lloyd Rees rather that with Stone Zellor. And Rees no likey that. As Zellor plays to the crowd, an attack from behind.
What an (BLEEP). Zellor goes down in a heap and tries to cover up from a barrage of stomps and kicks. Rees peels him off the mat and plants him with a
textbook snap suplex. Zellor slams off the mat and grabs at his lower back, getting back to his feet in time in order to duck a clothesline attempt and
run the ropes – flying crossbody dodged by Rees who drops to the mat, but Zellor rolls on impact with the mat and gets right up. Rees gets to his feet
just as Zellor looks for an elbow drop, catching the former Tag Team Champion off guard with a forearm smash to the jaw. He peppers Stone’s face with a
few more before whipping him into the ropes – he telegraphs a back body drop however and Stone counters yet again. SLAMMY TIME! No, Rees shoves him off
and avoids that devastating finishing manuever. Zellor is undeterred however and gets right back at it, locking up with Rees and jokceying for position.
Deeep Arm Drag by Zellor, who locks the armbar submission on for good measure – but Rees has his feet wrapped under the bottom rope.

Zellor loses his focus for a brief moment as Rees gets up, and that’s all the most decorated champion in NAPW history needs. European Uppercut! Knife Edge
Chop! Another! And an Irish whip to the turnbuckle. Stone nearly flips up and out of the ring, but comes slamming back down on the turnbuckle a second
time and is a sitting duck for Rees. He goes for the Avalance! NOBODY HOME! Zellor rolled out of the way, and Rees hit his noggin on the steel post. He’s
dizzy as heck, and doesn’t know what the heck he even hit. Zellor sees his fogginess and gets an idea…he heads to the opposite corner. Rees is on dreamstreet
and in his mind thinks he’s going for Avalance number two – and he charges again! Zellor just steps out of the way this time, and Rees’ head again bounces
off the steel post! The fans are loving it, and there’s Stone Zellor with some breakdance magic! Rees stumbles over to the adjacent corner, and Zellor
just can’t pass up on the irony of the situation. He head over to the other corner and charges Lloyd Rees, nailing him with an Avalanche of his own! Rees
staggers out a few steps and Flair-flops right on his mush. The crowd is electric for Zellor, and he’s playing them up to the fullest. What time is it?
Robot time! Stone Zellor with a perfect 1985 robot dance, you’d think he was plucked right out of a Run-D.M.C video! LOW BLOW!

JACK JONES: Stone Zellor needs to get his head in his game, this is pro wrestling, not American Bandstand!

ROB MARTINEZ: Somebody just dated himself.

JACK JONES: Don’t you still watch Dukes of Hazzard reruns?

BILL HEWSON: …The Provincial Champion turns the tide with an illegal move, but he got away with it. And now it’s LDK’s turn to take control!

Rees finally got his wits about him and realized he was being made look a fool, and cheap-shotted his way back on top in this match-up. He looks immediately
to take the crowd out of the match-up, grabbing hold of a Side Headlock and squeezing it tight. Zellor is fighting it off, but Rees overpowers the much
smaller challenger and gets into perfect position. Zellor’s still fighting, but Rees is in control right in center ring. He holds it on a bit longer before
Zellor fights up to his feet behind the cheers of from the crowd – Headlock Takeover puts him right back in his place! Zellor grabs at Rees’ leg and tries
to roll him over. Rees throws a punch connecting right with Zellor’s forehead, but the release of pressure on the hold allows Stone to roll him over and
catch him in a pinning predicament. One, two, kickout and the hold is broken. Both men are quick to their feet but Stone’s quicker to the punch, er, dropkick
and Rees teeters back. Stone off the ropes – David Banks grabs his foot and trips him up. Kiebiech darts over and admonishes him, but Banks is quick to
inform him that “I’m working for the boss.” Kiebiech could give a damn about all that and orders him not to interfere, but Banks just scoffs at him. “YOU’RE
OUTTA HERE! BOTH OF YOU!” And the crowd goes wild! Banks and Salty go wild with anger! And Rees goes wild at Kiebiech, threatening to something quite horrible
to him that was spoken entirely in Newfie-ese…

And Stone capitalizes and from behind connects with a sit-out rear mat slam (Edge O’ Matic for WWE fans) and grabs at Rees leg for a pin! ONE!…TWO!….ALMOST!
Rees gets up with a fire under his ass and meets Stone with a punch to the kisser, planting him on the mat. He gets in two stiff stomps before picking
his foe up for a scoop slam before heading off the near ropes and dropping a knee onto his forehead. Rees is all kinds of pissed and shoves Kiebiech just
for the hell of it before picking Stone up for some more punishment. Whip to the ropes – Overhead Belly to Belly Suplex! Stone slams hard into the mat.
Rees is starting to smell blood in the water, so he turns up the heat. He picks up Zellor – DDT FROM THE GREEN! Devastating move, that’s all she wrote
for sure. ONE! TWO… TWO AND A HALF!

BILL HEWSON: It’s not quite over yet, folks!

Zellor’s here to win, not just to make a good showing. Rees is perturbed to say the least, and picks up the scrappy youngster to send him unceremoniously
careening into the turnbuckle yet again – and THIS TIME he hits all of the Avalanche. He doesn’t admire his handiwork though – he nails a Wabana Buster!
Now that has GOT to be it.

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Zellor just barely was able to get his shoulder up off the mat, Kiebiech’s hand was a hair’s breath from the mat. Rees seems to be ready to cut and run,
and he rolls outside to grab a steel chair! What a chump! He’s back inside now and measuring Stone. He swings – Zellor with a Van Daminator, perfectly
legal because Rees himself brought the weapon into the match. Kiebiech slides the weapon out as Zellor kips up and goes for the pin!





But my goodness was that close. Zellor picks Rees up, and slams him with a back to back vertical suplexes, holding on and drilling him at the end with a
gutbuster suplex! Cover! One……twoooooo……NOT three!!! Rees kicks out and the crowd collectively moans. Someone even tosses their cup of beer into
the ring (he must not be Scottish) and it hits poor old Kiebiech in the back of the head. Rees, buy cialis,, viagra information, buy cialis online,, tadalafil and dapoxetine dosage

fights his way to his feet and takes a wild swing at Rees,
ducks under and runs the ropes to try a Fresh Water Flip – dodged by Zellor! Rees is disoriented, and Zellor rocks him with a Discus Lariat! Rees falls
to the mat in a pile, and Stone with a quick hook of the leg. ONEEEEEE…..TWOOOOOO……SO CLOSE! But no cigar. He wastes no time whipping Rees into the
ropes, and catches him with a spinning TOMBSTONE PILEDRIVER! REST … IN … PEACE! ONE! TWO! THREEEEEE—

Foot on the rope.

God I hate Lloyd Rees. Zellor is in the zone though, he doesn’t even care. Here he is now with a toe kick – and SLAMMY TIME CONNECTS!




has no choice but to call for the bell!

BILL HEWSON: Jay O’Brien — where the hell did he come from?! Stone Zellor had the Provincial Title locked up, dammit this isn’t right! We haven’t seen
Jay O’Brien since Sole Survivor II, he’s been out on the injured reserve!

JACK JONES: You don’t know that Hewson! Rees was gonna kick out, I just know it. He’s too good to lose to a – a tag team wrestler posing as a singles wrestler.
ROB MARTINEZ: You realize Lloyd is the reigning NAPW Tag Team Champion as well, don’t you?

JACK JONES: Wise ass. Now I know why I don’t buy REBEL DVDs. Your self-serving one man commentary is enough to drive me up a frickin’ wall.

BILL HEWSON: Who are you, a Delivery Man? Never mind each other, Jay O’Brien has escaped to ringside, LDK has done the same, and I think we’re going to
get the official word from Frank Warburton…

Kiebiech is conferring with Warburton…

FRANK WARBURTON: The winner of the match… as a result of a disqualification, DYNAMITE STONNNNNE ZELLLLOORRRR!

The crowd pops, which is a shame, because Warburton is not done.

FRANK WARBURTON: However, the title can not change hands on a disqualification, so STILL NAPW Provincial Champion… “LDK” LLLLOYD REEEEES!

Rees raises his Provincial title belt high in the air and stumbles up the aisle clutching it and the tag belt, just happy to get the hell out of there.
He lost the match, but not the title. Meanwhile Jay O’Brien is back on the ring, shoving the sole of his boot into Stone’s face. Stone, holding the back
of his head, clearly in pain. O’Brien arrogantly looks out over the crowd, grinning like the cat who swallowed the canary. He taps the cast over his right
wrist and raises it high in the air.


“The Wretched” blares over the speakers. No stories from Jack Jones. No time for any jokes. The monster from the Amazon Basin is on his way to the ring.
Smart money is on there being blood tonight.

FRANK WARBURTON: Ladies and gentlemen, this match is REBEL versus NAPW, and it is a DOG COLLAR MATCH! Making his way to the ring area: He is from the Amazon
Basin. He weighs in at three hundred and fifty pounds. He is accompanied by Iago and Miranda. Ladies and gentlemen: THIS IS CALIBAN!!!

The pro NAPW crowd boos the monster, but there is a decent amount of respect for the big man, as some cheers attest. But there’s no doubt how the fans feel
about the opponent:


The Beast is here. And the fans go wild.

FRANK WARBURTON: And his opponent! From St. Albert, Alberta. he weighs in at two hundred and seventy pounds and is accompanied by Bill Fleming. Ladies and

As Richards gets in the ring, he locks eyes with Caliban. Both men move towards each other, but are stopped by their managers. Referee Morgan Smythe straps
the spiked leather collar around the neck of Caliban first. Then Richards. The chain is twelve feet long. Not much space between the men. But even a hundred
foot chain would do little to contain the violence about to erupt. Smythe calls for the bell, and we’re on! Caliban charges! Beast doesn’t step out of
the way, but lunges forward with a clothesline! Both men collide centre ring, neither goes down. Neither shows pain. Clubbing blow from Richards! Caliban’s
head snaps back, then back forward, as he head-butts Richards! Richards staggers back, but Caliban grabs the chain and yanks him forward, then hefts the
Beast up and delivers a tilt a whirl slam! A cover! One… too early, as Richards gets a shoulder up. Caliban drags his opponent to his feet, then whips
him into the ropes! He swings, but Bruce ducks, hits the opposite ropes, and comes back with a HUGE boot to the face! Caliban drops to one knee. And Richards
is wrapping the chain around his fist. … Sorry, check that. THE BEAST is wrapping the chain around his fist.

JACK JONES: Things are about to get ugly here.


Richards with a shot to the top of Caliban’s head.


Another shot to the top of Caliban’s head.




We see blood trickling down Caliban’s neck, a cut opened on the top of his head. Caliban is being driven onto his back as the Beast works on the uncovered
part of his monster opponent’s head. One more shot, and Caliban is on his back. Beast covers! One… Two.. Caliban kicks out! Beast looks only slightly
surprised. He starts to wrap the chain around his forearm. Caliban gets to his feet, and Richards charges… Caliban catches him by the throat! Choke slam!
Caliban doesn’t bother to cover. He wraps the chain around his boot? .. A murmur from the crowd as they wonder



A gasp from the front row as Caliban viciously stomps down on Richards forehead, driving chain into skull. And the crimson is now flowing out of the Beast
as well. A cover from Caliban. One… Two… Kick out by Richards! But this time there was a bit more of a struggle. Caliban grabs the chain, and DRAGS
Richards over to the corner turnbuckle. Iago smiles and nods as Richards is placed on the top turnbuckle. Caliban looks to be going for a superplex…
but Richards gets a shot to the monster’s kidney. Then another. And another. Caliban doesn’t seem to be fazed by it… then he gets a thumb into the eye,
and a hard shove off the ropes! Caliban lands flat on the mat and Richards has positioned himself on the top rope for a no nonsense fist drop! No telling
how much the leather mask protected Caliban, but probably not that big a difference. Richards covers! One… Two… and Caliban kicks out. And there was
a bit less authority in this kick out. Both men get to their feet. Blood is flowing. Tensions are high. Richards grabs the chain and tries to pull Caliban
towards him. Caliban has the same idea. The two men are in a tug of war, trying to drag their opponent across the ring. Beast moves an inch forward, then
Caliban moves an inch forward. Neither man wanting to give up the advantage. Caliban gets a surge of strength and yanks hard on the chain…

only for the Beast to let go. Caliban loses his balance and stumbles back into the turnbuckles. And Richards charges forward hitting a huge running elbow
into the jaw of the Amazon monster! Caliban is staggered, allowing the Beast to wrap the chain around his forearm, and level Caliban with it! Then another!
And another! The Beast’s eyes go wild as he drives his arm into the monster’s face! The fans are on their feet as Richards LOSES IT! Caliban goes down,
the fans go wild! Beast takes the briefest of seconds to take in the response, then covers his opponent!



Caliban gets a shoulder up. Oohs from the crowd. A bit of concern on the face of Iago. But no hesitation from the Beast. He grabs Caliban by the dreadlocks
and drags him up. Blood can be seen seeping through the mask of Caliban. Beast whips Caliban into the ropes, and catches him on the way back with a HUGE
Clothesline! Caliban only goes down to one knee. Beast hits the ropes, then comes back delivering a knee to the head. Caliban goes down to all fours. Richards
gets that glint in his eye again. he wraps up his fist in the chain, hits the ropes, and comes back…

Caliban moves! Beast goes by him, Caliban grabs the chain and yanks back! The Beast’s head snaps back, then is driven forward as he is booted from behind!
The monster wraps the chain around Richard’s throat

And tosses him over the top rope.

ROB MARTINEZ: The Beast is getting the life choked out of him! I know these guys hate each other, but does it need to go this far?

Caliban pulls back on the chain, as Richards tries to get a foot on the ring apron, his fingers under the chain, anything to get the air back into his lungs!
The fans try to cheer him on, but the lights are fading. Caliban starts to pull some more and Richards looks to be going limp. Smythe checks to see if
Richards in unconscious. Caliban gives another yank on the chain, then lets go. Richards tumbles to the floor in a heap. At the urging of Miranda, Caliban
goes out after his opponent.

BILL HEWSON: Just end the match now! Richards is unconscious. Who knows what Caliban will do now?

Caliban wraps the chain around the face of Richards. He hefts the man up. And gets ready to deliver an Argentine Facebuster! This will finish more than
just the match! He drops Richards down…

Countered with a DDT! Still some life left, though you wouldn’t know it by the two men laying on the floor. A pool of blood forms under each man. Their
respective managers keep close watch, but stay away. Nobody wants to get between these two men, even when they’re at half strength. Smythe is at a bit
of a loss right now. There’s no count out or DQ’s, but if both men can’t continue, she has little other choice. She starts a ten count. This does not get
a good reaction from the fans. She gets up to three, and then the boos turn into a stamping of feet, urging the men to get up. At five, Caliban turns over
and tries to sit up. At six, Richards has pushed himself to all fours. At eight, both men have dragged themselves to standing position. The count stops
at nine. Once again. Both men lock eyes. And that’s when the chants start.




The Beast lunges forward, and tackles Caliban to the ground! (no small feat indeed) He lays in with stiff fists, but is then rolled over, and Caliban gets
some shots of his own. But The Beast regains the advantage!

Fans Cheer!

Caliban regains the advantage!

Fans Boo!

Beast gets it back!








Both men are back on their feet, and still trading punches! Finally Beast rolls back into the ring. He grabs the chain and tries to drag Caliban in! Caliban
tries to drag him back out! Only a brief tug of war this time, as Miranda directs Caliban back into the ring!

And The Beast is waiting. With THE CLAW! The fans go wild as he gets his death grip on the Monster! He squeezes with all his might, trying to take the life
out of the monster that has run wild everywhere he’s gone. Caliban goes down to one knee. He reaches up with one arm, and looks to feebly try and swat
at Richards’ face. Richards just shrugs it off. Caliban tries again. He misses the face, but gets ahold of Bruce’s neck. Caliban’s eyes spring open. He
drives his fist into Bruce’s gut, causing Richards to release the claw. But Caliban still has his grip, meaning





Caliban with the cover! Smythe gets in position to count!



Thre- NO!! Richards gets the shoulder up!


ROB MARTINEZ: Is he always…

BILL HEWSON: (bitterly) Yes.

Iago and Miranda are beside themselves. Caliban’s expression is hidden by the mask. And the eyes reveal nothing. Just hate. So it’s no surprise when he
picks Richards up and tries to hit another…

Richards with an elbow to the jaw of Caliban! Caliban staggers, and Beast slips on a cobra clutch… into a COBRA CLUTCH BOMB! Beast is still out of it,
but he crawls over for the cover! One… Two… Caliban with the kickout! A look into the Beast’s eyes reveals not frustration, but anger. Both men refuse
to go easily. So it’s time to stop with the lightweight moves. Beast hefts Caliban up with the pump-handle, then hits a fall away slam! He doesn’t bother
with the cover, instead, he wraps the chain around Caliban’s throat. The fans roar as they get ready for Richards to return the favor from earlier. The
Beast gets ready to toss Caliban over the top rope, but Caliban puts the breaks on, and grabs Richards, going for a sidewalk slam! But the Beast fights
out of the hold, gets his feet on the mat, then lifts up Caliban for the CHART ATTACK! A bloody splotch is left on the mat where Caliban’s face hits! The
fans are going nuts. Bill Fleming is screaming at Richards to make the cover. There is little argument, and Richards hooks the leg! Smythe counts!




A wave of disbelief from the crowd. Fleming looks like he’s ready to have a heart attack. The announcers are too stunned to speak. Any normal man would
be in shock.

But there are no men in that ring. Just a Monster. And a Beast.

And the Beast is going for another Chart Attack.

He hefts the man up. There is no hesitation. He doesn’t play for the crowd. No theatrics. He just drives Caliban into the mat with all the force he can
muster after this brawl. The monster hits the mat with a sickening thud. The Beast leaps forward for the cover. he hooks the leg, and makes sure every
ounce of weight he has is pinning Caliban to the mat. Smythe makes the count.




The fans explode. Iago and Miranda hang their heads, just a little. Bill Fleming lets out a huge sigh of relief. And Smythe raises the hand of the bloody,
exhausted Beast.

FRANK WARBURTON: The winner of this contest: “THE BEAST”! BRUCE RICHARDS!!!

Iago and Miranda tend to Caliban. The Beast stands tall, but only for a moment. The blood loss finally hits him. The adrenaline rush is over. The Beast
collapses. Bill Fleming tends to his charge as officials and medical personnel hit the ring.

The war of attrition is over.




JACK JONES: … needed to drain it before it exploded, which would have been pretty painful in such a sensitive spot.

ROB MARTINEZ: That’s the most disgusting thing I’ve ever heard.

BILL HEWSON: This is Jack’s idea of polite conversation.

JENNY JERSEY: Ladies and gentlemen the following match is the EIGHT MAN TAG TEAM MATCH UP! Introducing FIRST, representing NEW ALBERTA PRO WRESTLING…
The booing has already started as “Smooth” hits the sound system. CHRIS CASINO emerges from the curtains, flanked by SEBASTIEN MARTYR. Both men look ready
for action, but are wearing very self-satisfied smirks. They brush off the fans as they make their way to the ring.

BILL HEWSON: These two men will be teaming up next week at Tagstravaganza in an effort to claim the NAPW Tag Team Titles! Tonight we’ll get a sneak preview
of how well they’ll work together.

JACK JONES: They’ll work together just fine, Bill Hewson. But more importantly, they’ll send this garbage federation running for the border!

ROB MARTINEZ: I think you’re in for a nasty surprise, Jones.

As Casino and Martyr step into the ring to a further chorus of boos, Pigeonhed heralds the coming of the second half of their team. DONOVAN ASTROS and “The
Career Killer” JAKE PHOENIX step out from the curtains. The crowd doesn’t warm up at all. Chris Casino and Sebastien Martyr are applauding though. Astros
and Phoenix climb into the ring, and all four men take a turnbuckle and mug for the booing crowd.

JENNY JERSEY: Weighing in at a combined weight of NINE HUNDRED and SEVENTY SIX pounds… they are the team of CHRIS CASINO! SEBASTIEN MARTYR! DONOVAN ASTROS,
and “the CAREER KILLER” JAKE! PHOENIX! And their opponents, representing REBEL PRO WRESTLING…

And then “My Generation” hits the speakers and the fans go wild! The Bluegrass Mafia, “The Angry American” MATTHEW KURTIS and “The Show” CHAD KURTIS, step
out from behind the curtains. The brothers Kurtis walk down to ringside, but refuse to get into the ring short-handed, despite all four members of the
NAPW team goading them step up.

JACK JONES: Look at those cowardly hicks! What? Do they think team NAPW is going to attack them! We’re not a bunch of cheaters up here in a PROFESSIONAL
wrestling promotion.

ROB MARTINEZ: Are you kidding me? All four of those men in the ring – the people Rex Caliber HAND-PICKED to represent his promotion – are some of the lowest,
most despicable, most UNSPORTSMANLIKE “wrestlers” in the world!

JACK JONES: They’re just smart competitors! Taking advantage of any situation! That’s what makes them all STARS. At least they aren’t a bunch a nobodies.
BILL HEWSON: I should note that the Bluegrass Mafia are also regular members of the NAPW roster, but I don’t think you two would really care.

“Why Don’t We Do It On The Road” by the Beatles, and MIKE “the Assman” TREY emerges from the curtains to a HUGE OVATION. He looks genuinely surprised, but
quickly begins playing to the crowd, shaking his booty and gladhanding everyone down to ringside.

JACK JONES: Case in point! Who’s ever even HEARD of this guy!?

ROB MARTINEZ: What are you deaf?

BILL HEWSON: Don’t let him get to you, Rob.

And, finally, “Still Cruisin’”, and the Carolinas Champion, MURCIELAGO steps out from the curtains to another big pop. He hoists up his title belt, looks
out over the crowd, and starts down to ringside.

JENNY JERSEY: Weighing in at a combined weight of ONE THOUSAND, SIXTY FIVE pounds… they are the team of MURCIELAGO! MIKE “The ASSMAN” TREY! And MATTHEW

The REBEL team takes a second to enjoy the cheers from ringside, then – as one – surges into the ring! Team NAPW is on them in a second, and both teams
start trading blows. Jake Phoenix throws kicks down on Matthew Kurtis. Donovan Astros is getting chopped by Chad Kurtis. Assman is trading shots with Chris
Casino, and Murcielago is under assault from Sebastien Martyr. The bell rings, and REBEL Senior Referee Dale McDonald quickly breaks things up and gets
control of the match. It looks like Chris Casino and Murcielago are going to start things out here. Casino glances back to his corner and gives Sebastien
Martyr a thumbs up, then to Astros and Phoenix a “I’ll show you two rookies how it’s done.” Phoenix’s expression darkens, but Astros grins a big phony
grin and gives Casino a thumbs up back.

ROB MARTINEZ: What was that about?

JACK JONES: It’s called teamwork. Team NAPW Captain Chris Casino is leading by example.

BILL HEWSON: I don’t think he’s setting the right example, Jack Attack.

JACK JONES: Who’s side are you on, Hewson?

Casino and Murcielago lock up, and start jockeying for position. Murcielago has the size advantage, and presses it, trying to get a hold on Chris Casino
for a power move, but Casino is a bit faster, twists away, and tries to hook up from behind. Murcielago proves to be surprisingly agile, reverses it, locks
up from behind… German Suplex! Casino lands hard, but rolls through to his feet, trying to shake it off. Murcielago takes two steps toward him and Casino
tags in Sebastien Martyr. Martyr takes it a little more cautiously, circling Murcielago, who smirks and gestures for Martyr to hurry up and bring it. Martyr
smirks and lunges at him, and Murcielago retaliates by throwing out a clothesline… but Martyr ducks it, hits the ropes, rebounds for a Short Arm Clothesline!
Murcielago is driven into the mat! Martyr kips up, hits the ropes again, and drops a knee on the Carolinas Champion. The fans boo, while Team NAPW Applaud.
Murcielago rolls over and tags in Matthew Kurtis. The Angry American steps into the ring and Martyr hits the ropes. Sebastien Martyr, looking perhaps for
another clothesline… but Kurtis catches him! Spinning Side Slam! Martyr is blasted into the ring! Matt rises quickly, and drops an elbow on Martyr…
but Sebastien Martyr rolls aside! He scrambles to his feet, lunges to his corner, and goes to tag in Jake Phoenix… but then tags in Chris Casino instead.
Phoenix is like “What the hell!?” but Martyr just shrugs.

ROB MARTINEZ: Some questionable teamwork on the NAPW side.

JACK JONES: They just want to keep some of their power players fresh for later in the match.

Casino rushes into the ring, trying to hit his Running STO, but Matthew Kurtis just no-sells it, and shoves Casino down. Chris Casino kips up, angrily,
and hits the ropes for a running dropkick, but Kurtis just slaps him away. The crowd cheers, and Jake Phoenix angrily shouts for a tag, but Casino isn’t
paying attention. Matthew Kurtis smirks and gestures for Casino to try again. Casino rises, hits the ropes again… but Matthew Kurtis hits the ropes too!
Both men collide mid-ring, and Matthew Kurtis takes Casino up for the Spinning Side Slam… but Casino reverses it! DDT! Kurtis is planted in the ring,
and Casino kips back up looking mighty pleased with himself. He quickly tags in… Sebastien Martyr. Astros gives Casino a big thumbs up again. Phoenix
glowers. Martyr flies into the ring as Matthew Kurtis rises to his feet, and hooks up for the Dark Daze… but Kurtis shoves him away, and staggers back
to the ropes, tagging in his brother Chad Kurtis! “The Show” Chad Kurtis leaps into the ring, hits the ropes… Springboard Dropkick! Sebastien Martyr
drops, and Chad Kurtis goes for a pin! One! Only one. Casino and Astros both reach in for the tag, but Martyr isn’t being given time to recover. Chad Kurtis…
STANDING SHOOTING STAR PRESS! Another pin! One! Phoenix goes to get into the ring, but Martyr kicks out at two! Only two. Chad Kurtis is unperturbed. He
pulls Sebastien Martyr up and whips him to the ropes. Dropkick! No! Martyr catches the ropes, and Kurtis crashes and burns mid-ring! Martyr leaps into
his corner. Astros and Casino are both calling for a tag. Chad Kurtis slowly begins to rise, and Martyr tags in… Chris Casino! Donovan Astros stomps
his feet and curses Martyr who smirks and brushes him off.

ROB MARTINEZ: Great teamwork on the NAPW side.

Chris Casino finally nails his Running STO, flattening “The Show” in the ring, before he can make a tag in his corner. He scrambles to his feet, hits the
ropes, and NAILS an elbow drop, then hooks the leg. One! And a kickout at one. Chris Casino angrily glares at the REBEL referee, and mimics a faster count.
BILL HEWSON: I think that Chris Casino thinks Dale McDonald is favouring Team REBEL.

JACK JONES: Didn’t you see that slow count on Chad Kurtis? Chris Casino might have just won this if it weren’t for that!

BILL HEWSON: It was a one count, Jack Attack. Let’s not get ridiculous here.

Regardless, Chris Casino pulls up “The Show” Chad Kurtis and locks him up. He motions that he’s planning to hit the Brainbuster, and goes for the lift…
but Kurtis manages to hook one of Casino’s legs! Casino tries again, but Chad Kurtis is tenacious. The Show manages to fight out, and hits a toe kick on
Casino that staggers him. The Show hits the ropes… rebounds… CASINO SUPERKICK! Kurtis’ teeth may have just landed in the front row! He staggers and
goes to faceplant, but Chris Casino catches him. Matthew Kurtis, Assman and Murcielago all reach out to try and tag the Show, but Casino laughs and pulls
him closer to the NAPW corner, then hooks up with the double underhook! He turns Chad Kurtis over! The fans reach a fever pitch! Donovan Astros taps his
shoulder! BANKRUPT!


Chris Casino hooks the leg, but Dale McDonald waves it off! Casino’s face turns red, and he DEMANDS that McDonald count! The referee is adamant, Chris Casino
is no longer the legal man! Casino is on his feet, raging at the referee, then turns to his corner… to see that Donovan Astros isn’t there!

Astros is in the ring. He’s got Chad Kurtis up, and Astros is laughing.

ASTROCIDE! Astros’ version of Casino’s Bankrupt! Oh my…





The fans EXPLODE. Donovan Astros can’t believe what just happened. He pins again! One! Two! Kickout! Astros angrily pulls up the Show, shouts something
at the REBEL corner, and locks up the double underhook again. ASTRO-no! The Show shoves Donovan away! Astros turns… SUPERKICK! Both men collapse in the
ring. McDonald starts counting them down. All three men in the REBEL corner start stomping their feet, trying to rally Chad Kurtis. The fans here tonight
start clapping along with them, and a chant of “SHOW! SHOW! SHOW!” begins. Astros and Kurtis both start stirring as the count reaches four. Chad Kurtis
is crawling PAINFULLY slowly towards the REBEL corner. Donovan Astros leaps into his corner, tagging in Jake Phoenix! The Career Killer storms the ring,
grabbing Chad Kurtis by the leg. He starts to pull Kurtis back towards the NAPW corner, but Chad hops up, ENZUGIRI! Phoenix doesn’t fall… but staggers
backward enough for Chad Kurtis to tag in The Assman!


Mike Trey is a house of fire, nailing a Running Neckbreaker on Jake Phoenix that floors the Career Killer. Team NAPW storm the ring! Casino takes a Snapmare
Driver! Donovan Astros gets a Russian Legsweep! Sebastien Martyr is whipped to the corner, and the Assman follows up with a Monkey Flip that sends him
skipping across the mat! The crowd is on its feet!

BILL HEWSON: Mike “The Assman” Trey has just CLEANED HOUSE!


ROB MARTINEZ: You want to know who he is, Jack Jones? You listen to all of these fans!


Martyr, Casino and Astros all roll out of the ring as Dale McDonald reasserts control. Jake Phoenix has rises, and charges at the Assman, who sidesteps.
The Career Killer rebounds off the roes, Assman grabs the head… Bulldog! And a cover! One! Two! Only two. Trey is totally unconcerned. He pops up, wiggles
his butt, and heads for a neutral corner. Phoenix shakes his head out, climbs to his feet, and turns just in time to sidestep an attempted Double Axehandle
from the second rope! He spins, snarling, trying to catch the scrappy Brit, but Assman ducks aside, rolls back… and stops, curled in a ball, hand extending
from between his legs!

JACK JONES: What the hell?

ROB MARTINEZ: Classic! Classic British technical style!

The Career Killer is as perplexed as Jack Jones. He’s stopped dead in his tracks and is staring down at the extended hand, frowning. He turns to his corner,
and all three men shake their heads and wave their arms “NO!” He turns to the crowd, who all start cheering “YES!” He glares back down at the hand, snorts,
takes it… ARMBAR LOCKED IN! Jake Phoenix HOWLS in angry pain and starts bouncing toward the ropes, and the crowd goes wild!

ROB MARTINEZ: Lady Of The Lake! Works every time!

The Assman, his armbar cinched in, cries for Phoenix to tap, but the Career Killer catches the ropes, and McDonald starts counting to five. At four, Trey
releases the hold, and mugs for the crowd, shaking his booty. The fans love it! Jake Phoenix snarls and pulls himself up, then ducks aside when Assman
goes to lock up with him again, reaching out to tag in Martyr… nope! He tags in Donovan Astros instead, and flips Martyr the bird! Astros rushes into
the ring, and starts exchanging STIFF chops with Assman! The crowd “WOO”s along with many of them, but the fresher Astros starts to gain the upper hand,
driving Mike Trey into a neutral corner, then locks up for the BUTTERFLY SUPLEX. Assman lands hard, clutching at his back, and scrambles into his corner,
tagging in The Angry American! Matthew Kurtis rushes at Donovan Astros, who ducks a clothesline and tags back in The Career Killer! Jake Phoenix climbs
back into the ring, and the crowd cheers as both big men finally square off against each other. For a moment, no words are said… then the FISTS ARE FLYING!
Kurtis! Phoenix! Kurtis! Phoenix! Kurtis! Phoenix! Kurtis! Kurtis! KURTIS! And BAM, SPINEBUSTER flattens Phoenix! Jake Phoenix tries to roll away, but
Matthew Kurtis grabs hold of him and starts pulling him up, and gets a shot to the abdomen for his trouble. Jake Phoenix pulls free, hits the ropes for
momentum, and rushes at Kurtis for the Short Arm Clothesline, but Matthew Kurtis ducks aside! Jake Phoenix nearly careens into Dale McDonald, but stops
short of clobbering the referee. McDonald breathes a sigh of relief and Phoenix turns… CLOTHESLINE FROM HELL! But The Career Killer ducks aside! And
Senior Referee Dale McDonald is sent up and over the ropes and CRASHES to ringside!


Matthew Kurtis looks over the ropes at the crumpled zebra, wincing with apologetic sympathy. The Angry American starts to turn, but suddenly the Career
Killer has an arm around his neck, and pulls Kurtis down for a SICK Backbreaker over his knee! The crowd boos as Matthew Kurtis bounces back up, clutching
at his spine and howling, and Phoenix presses his attack… he hooks up with Kurtis and is signalling for the TOMBSTONE! He hauls up the giant Angry American!
Phoenix turns, Matthew Kurtis up for the piledriver…

And LOVELY LYNDSEY VALENTINE comes off the top rope!



BILL HEWSON: Where’d she even come from!

The Career Killer is BEHEADED, crumpling over with The Angry American crashing down on top of him! The crowd goes NUTS! Jake Phoenix angrily pushes Kurtis
off of him and scrambles to his feet! He wheels around… TOE KICK! BLOODY VALENTINE! The Career Killer has been LAID OUT! Holy hell! Lyndsey Valentine
kips up and raises an arm, the crowd cheering… but then Donovan Astros has her by the hair! He cackles and locks her up for his Astrocide… but then
THE SHOW is coming off the top rope! Missile Dropkick! Lyndsey rolls out of the ring to safety, but things are totally breaking down! Chad Kurtis pulls
up Donovan Astros, but someone taps him on the shoulder, and when the Show turns… DARK DAZE! Martyr shouts over Chris Casino, then turns and gets YAKUZA
KICKED by Matthew Kurtis, who in turn gets his bad leg chop blocked by Chris Casino! Chad Kurtis rolls out of the ring, as Astros and Casino both start
STOMPING away at Matthew Kurthis’ leg. The Angry American HOWLS, and that gets both Murcielago and Assman charging into the ring! The Carolinas Champion
hits a clothesline that sends both himself and Donovan Astros spilling to ringside, while Assman starts throwing Knife Edge Chops at Chris Casino, driving
him towards the corner. This gives Matthew Kurtis time to roll out of the ring, clutching at his knee, and swearing loudly.

BILL HEWSON: Uh, oh. I hope Matthew Kurtis’ leg hasn’t been aggravated!

Sebastien Martyr has risen back to his feet and charges at the Assman, who sidesteps. Martyr crashes into Casino in the corner, and both men sag. At ringside,
Murcielago and Astros are exchanging blows, and Astros seems to be gaining some momentum. Back in the ring, The Assman, works the crowd, stomping his feet
and getting them fired up, then he wiggles his butt, rushes into the corner for a BUTT BUMP! The crowd starts chanting “ASS-MAN! ASS-MAN! ASS-MAN!” as
Martyr and Casino both crumple. Trey hauls up Chris Casino, pulls him to the middle of the ring, and sets him up for Assassination! Wait! Sebastien Martyr
is up! Martyr rushes over for a clothesline, but Assman’s ready for him, planting a kick that doubles him over! He catches hold of Martyr… DOUBLE ASSASSINATION!

Chris Casino and Sebastien Martyr are both DONE! The crowd is on it’s feet! Assman raises his arms triumphantly… and is suddenly being bent over backwards,
and grabbed around the waist! TOMBSTONE PILEDRIVER! The Career Killer, seemingly still alive, spits down on him, and turns… Toe Kick! Lock Up! DROP TOP!
Murcielago strikes a pose, then turns as Donovan Astros charges him, catching him… SPINEBUSTER! Good lord, the power of the Carolinas Champion! He shouts
down at Lyndsey Valentine to get the referee back up. She nods and starts shaking Dale McDonald, but the zebra is still not moving. He turns… LOW BLOW!
BOO! Murcielago howls, clutching his junk, and Astros locks up for the Aztecan Suplex… but Murcielago POWERS OUT! He cinches up Astros… RELEASE GERMAN
SUPLEX! Astros bounces away across the ring, as Murcielago staggers to one knee, still clutching his swollen jewels. Astros pulls himself up in a corner,
and Murcielago charges him, but there’s NOBODY HOME! Murcielago crashes into the ring post, and the crowd GOANS with sympathy! He staggers back, turns,
and CATCHES Donovan Astros as his opponent goes for a running lariat! Astros shakes his head “NO!”… SIDE SLAM! With authority! Murcielago winces, and
clutches his shoulder, but hooks then leg! There’s STILL no ref… WAIT! Dale McDonald is back in the ring! Lyndsey Valentine seems to have revived him!
He crawls over to the pinfall, assuming that Murcielago and Astros are legal. The crowd is on it’s feet! ONE! TWO! Leg on the ropes! Murcielago pounds
the mat and angrily pulls Donovan Astros to his feet! He hooks up his head, pulls him up… DROP TOP! That’s ALL THE WROTE!




Out of NOWHERE! He breaks up the pin with a perfect dropkick that sends Murcielago rolling toward his corner. The Carolinas Champion winces, and rises,
using the ropes. Dale McDonald slowly rises, and shouts at Chris Casino to get out of the ring, desperately trying to gain some semblance of order here,
but Casino takes three steps toward Murcielago… SUPERKICK! Murcielago SPILLS over the ropes to ringside… but not before “The Show” Chad Kurtis – the
only REBEL man up in their corner – tagged himself in. Ref notes the tag, and Chad Kurtis scrambles into the ring as Casino goes upstairs, oblivious, eyes
fixated on the prone Murcielago at ringside! Casino… FLYING ELBOW DROP! SPLAT, right into Murcielago’s heart! The crowd it on it’s feet! “HOLY SHIT!
HOLY SH-” But it’s cut off as Chad Kurtis hits the corner for the BEST! MOONSAULT! EVER!

But Donovan Astros got the legs up.

ROB MARTINEZ: NO! He was playing possum!

The Show crashes and burns, clutching his ribs and howling as Donovan Astros scrambles to his feet! He goes to grab Kurtis, but suddenly The Assman is there!
Donovan Astros ducks a European Uppercut, and suddenly Assman is face to face with Jake Phoenix! The Career Killer forcibly ejects the Assman from the
ring over the top rope, leaving Donovan Astros free to lock up Chad Kurtis for… ASTROCIDE! Not another one! He hooks the leg!


Matthew Kurtis is trying to get into the ring!


Sebastien Martyr grabs him by the legs and pulls him back to ringside!



JACK JONES: Yes! Yes! We won! In your FACE, Martinez! I was a little worried with that slow counting referee, but even he couldn’t stop the momentum of
the NAPW!

Lyndsey Valentine, at ringside, helps Matthew Kurtis – who is limping badly – to his feet. He grimly helps his brother Chad out of the ring. Across from
them, Mike “Assman” Trey helps up Murceilago. All four men look somewhat heartbroken…


But that sure as hell makes it all worth while doesn’t it. Murcielago and Assman crack smiles and glad hand with the fans a bit around the ring. Lyndsey
Valentine and Chad Kurtis, however, help Matthew backstage.

BILL HEWSON: Hell of a showdown here tonight between eight fantastic athletes. I certainly hope that Matthew Kurtis isn’t hurt too badly, as we want to
see him back in action next week at NAPW’s TAGSTRAVAGANZA show.

JACK JONES: I’ll admit, they’re all phenomenal wrestlers, even the REBEL guys – they impressed me here tonight – but in the end, the better promotion won.
ROB MARTINEZ: And yet the NAPW fans are cheering for the REBEL wrestlers. Because our guys aren’t dickheads. Go figure.

In the ring, Jake Phoenix and Donovan Astros are celebrating, while Sebastien Martyr collects Chris Casino from ringside. Martyr and Casino roll into the
ring, and get to their feet. Chris Casino smirks, “See, under my leadership, we couldn’t lose! Hope you two rookies learnt something tonight, watching
me win this match for us.” He extends a hand to Donovan Astros, but Astros just glances at the Career Killer, and both men turn and leave, totally blowing
off the former champion. Casino shrugs and looks at Martyr. “There’s gratitude for you.”


JENNY JERSEY: This match is scheduled for one fall and it is for the REBEL Heavyweight Championship!!

“Supernova Goes Pop” by Powerman 5000 hits the speakers and the Canadian crowd gives a good pop for the man that emerges from the back.

JENNY JERSEY: Coming to the ring first, he hails from Batavia, New York and weighed in tonight at 215 pounds…Chris “The Sparx” Corstenoca!!!

The number one contender for the title makes his way to the ring, slapping the outstretched hands of fans along ringside. He climbs into the ring, hits
a corner and gets another great reaction from the crowd.

“Here Comes The Champ!” by Jadakiss replaces Powerman and the cheers turn into a loud chorus of boos.

JENNY JERSEY: And his opponent, he hails from North Carolina and weighs in tonight at 245 pounds….The NAPW Owner AND the REBEL Heavyweight Champion…Rex

Caliber comes out from the back to intense heat from the crowd. Maybe it’s because of his recent actions in REBEL or the fact that his manager Static is
toting the American Flag with him. The duo, complete with half a dozen of Rex Caliber Fan Club members head to the ring while “The Sparx” looks on.

ROB MARTINEZ: This is it, our main event is only seconds from happening and I cannot wait! Rex Caliber has turned his back on everyone if his fans and made
a mockery of the REBEL Heavyweight Title. Meanwhile what a Cinderella story it would be if “The Sparx” won the belt in only his second match with the company?
Caliber is now inside the ring and instead of handing the Heavyweight Title to the referee he passes it off to Static who is standing ringside. Static holds
the belt high above his head and hurls insults at the fans along ringside. The referee asks if both men are ready to go, gets a definite “yes” in return
from both competitors and calls for the bell!

ROB MARTINEZ: Here we go! The biggest match in REBEL history is now underway!

The pair go to lock up but Rex drives a boot into the gut of Chris that stops him in his tracks. A pair of stiff right hands back “The Sparx” up against
the ropes where he’s Irished whipped off by Caliber. Chris ducks a Caliber clothesline and rebounds off the opposite ropes with a leaping forearm shot
to the head of the champ! Rex scrambles to his feet and takes a deep armdrag from Chris that sends him back to the mat. Caliber again quickly gets to his
feet and takes a picture perfect dropkick from Corstenoca that sends him over the tope rope and down to the floor below! A pair of members from Calibers
fan club rush over and check on their hero as “The Sparx” looks at the crowd and smirks. As the fan club members help Rex to his feet, Corstenoca hits
the trio with a rolling helo over the tope rope! All four men are laid out but the crowd is on their feet after the amazing high risk move. Corstenoca
pulls himself up, grabs Caliber and rolls him back into the ring before climbing in after him. Inside, “The Sparx” covers Caliber for the pin but gets
just a count of one.

ROB MARTINEZ: Corstenoca is trying to end this early and to be honest I don’t blame him. Rex has a huge advantage when it comes to big match environment
while this is Corstenoca’s first shot at a top title in this industry.

Corstenoca has pulled Rex to his feet and peppers him with several lightning quick left forearm shots to the head. One scoop slam later and the REBEL Champion
is laying flat on his back in the center of the ring. Corstenoca goes to the near turnbuckle, scales to the top and takes flight! Rex moves at the last
possible second as Corstenoca crashes and burns with his elbow drop attempt! Rex gets to his feet and hits the near ropes nailing a rising “Sparx” with
a Yakuza kick to the side of the head. Rex again comes off the ropes this time hitting a jumping knee drop across the chest of Corstenoca. Instead of going
for a pin, Caliber grinds his forearm across the face of the challenger. Corstenoca shoves him off and tries to get to his feet only to have a knee driven
into his ribs by Caliber. Rex hooks Corstenoca and takes him over with a T Bone suplex! Chris uses the ring ropes to tries and pull himself up but takes
a running knee from Caliber that sends him through the ropes and down to the floor. Caliber rolls to the outside and pulls a dazed Corstenoca to his feet.
With Static cheering him on, Rex takes Corstenoca up and over with a snap suplex onto the floor!

ROB MARTINEZ: Corstenoca is in trouble as long as he lets Caliber dictate the pace of this match.

Rex drags “The Sparx” off the floor and shots him shoulder first into the ringpost. Corstenoca staggers away from the post and gets dropped by a clothesline
from Caliber! Static rushes over and holds the REBEL title in the face of Chris. Chris tries to push him away but Caliber lays into him with several kicks.
Static hands the belt off to a fan club member and joins his partner in what looks like a street mugging. The duo pull Corstenoca to his feet and Static
holds him as Rex grabs a chair from ringside. Rex swings for the fences but Corstenoca ducks down and it’s Static that gets clobbered by the chair! Static
spins and drops to all fours from the force of the blow. Rex looks down at his manager and Corstenoca hits a dropkick to the back of Caliber that sends
him sprawling on top of his former tag team partner! The crowd erupt in laughs as the camera shows that Caliber has landed on Static to make it look like
they are…Well think “Brokeback Mountain.” Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Chris reaches down and pulls Caliber off of his partner but takes
a back elbow to the face. Rex spins around and with chair still in hand slams it across the head of Chris “The Sparx” Corstenoca!

ROB MARTINEZ: Good Lord! That shot could be heard all the way in the cheap seats of the arena!

Chris is slumped against the ring barrier and we see a trickle of blood running down his forehead. He barely has time to get a hand up before Caliber cracks
him again with the now dented chair. Caliber tosses the chair away, grabs hold of a dazed Corstenoca and rolls him into the ring. Static is also back to
his feet and he passes something off to Caliber before the champ rolls into the ring. Corstenoca has gotten to his feet and turns just as Caliber jabs
something into his forehead that drops him like a fallen tree! The camera zooms in on what Caliber is holding and we see that it’s a damn screwdriver!
Caliber quickly mounts Corstenoca and starts to dig the tip of the screwdriver into the open wound of “The Sparx.” Corstenoca is able to shove Caliber
off and he scrambles to get back to his feet. Rex sticks the screwdriver into his boot and drives his knee into the back of the now bloody challenger.
Caliber whips Corstenoca into the ropes and nails him with a Samoan drop! He quickly goes for a cover but the young challenger kicks out at two!

ROB MARTINEZ: Corstenoca is still in this! But the question is how much more punishment can he take?

Rex is all smiles as he pulls Corstenoca back to his feet. Rex shoots him into the near turnbuckle and follows him in with a clothesline. “The Sparx” gets
a boot up into the face of the charging Rex Caliber! Corstenoca quickly pulls himself up to the second turnbuckle and hits a leaping tornado DDT! Chris
is a bloody mess but he rolls over and drapes an arm across the chest of Caliber. The Champ kicks out at two! Both men struggle up to their feet and Corstenoca
hooks the champ from behind and hits his Face Bomb! Instead of going for a pin, Corstenoca rolls to the outside and throws back the ring skirt. Chris pulls
out a trash can that’s filled with all kinds of plunder and it gets a big pop from the crowd! Chris shoves the trash can inside the ring and pulls himself
up onto the ring apron. Rex is getting to his feet just as Corstenoca springboards off the top rope and hits a seated plancha on the Champion! Corstenoca
hooks a leg but Caliber kicks out at two. Corstenoca quickly goes to the trash can, upturns it and a pile of goodies fall out to the mat.

ROB MARTINEZ: It wouldn’t be REBEL without a trash can or lethal weapons!

Rex is getting back to his feet and Corstenoca hurls the trash can at him and it bounces off the bald head Caliber. Caliber drops onto his ass and is Corstenoca
nails him in the face with a basement dropkick! Corstenoca wipes blood from his eyes and walks over to the plunder laying on the mat. He picks up a pizza
cutter and walks over to Caliber who is trying to get to his feet. “The Sparx” comes up from behind Caliber and starts to run the pizza cutter back and
forth across the forehead of the REBEL Champion! Rex is howling in pain and flailing his arms trying to break free from Corstenoca. Chris shoves Rex to
the mat and returns to the plunder. He drops the pizza cutter and picks up a staple gun as the crowd pops big time! The camera catches Caliber resting
on his knees and we see that the pizza cutter has sliced him open horribly. Corstenoca approaches Caliber with the staple gun but takes a low blow that
drops him! Rex grabs the dropped staple gun and pops one into the forehead of Corstenoca!

ROB MARTINEZ: Both of these men are willing to go to any length to win this match! I can only wonder if they’ll even be able to stand once this thing is

A bloodied Rex puts another staple into the head of Corstenoca and drops the staple gun onto the mat before rolling to the outside. Static has recovered
from the earlier chair shot and is dragging something out from under the ring. Caliber lends a hand and they produce a huge board with reams of barbed
wire on it! They slide the board into the ring and Caliber climbs in after it. Corstenoca is getting to his feet and takes a hangmans neckbreaker from
Caliber that puts him back onto the mat. Caliber returns to his board of barbed wire and props it up against a corner. Corstenoca is pulled to his feet
and Caliber shoots him into the corner with the board. It’s reversed and it looks like Caliber is going to go into the barbed wire! Reversed again and
it’s Corstenoca who hits the barbed wire board back first! The crowd groans as they see Chris try to pull his flesh free of the barbed wire. Meanwhile
Rex has found the stash of goodies that Corstenoca has brought into the ring and grabs an item to his liking. It’s a large black bag and Caliber unties
it, turns it over and pours out thousands of thumbtacks!

ROB MARTINEZ: This is getting a little to out of hand, even for a REBEL match!

Caliber spreads the tacks around the mat with his boot and tosses the empty bag out into the crowd. Corstenoca has freed himself from the barbed wire board
and walks straight into a kick to the gut from the champ! Caliber pulls him into position for him Planetary Collision and the crowd holds it’s breath.
Corstenoca reverses the move into a backdrop and Caliber lands in the sea of tacks! The crowd both cheer and groan as the camera zooms in on the thumbtack
covered back of Rex Caliber! Sparx Star Press! One! Two! Thr..NO!! Caliber kicks out somehow! Corstenoca pulls a bloodied and tack covered Rex to his feet
and nails the Novocain! One! Two! Again Rex kicks out at three! Corstenoca looks frustrated as he rolls to the outside. Chris once more goes under the
ring and pulls out everyones favorite toy. A table! Chris slides in the table, climbs in after it and sets the table up in the center of the ring. Rex
is now to his feet and takes a sharp right hand to the head. Corstenoca hoists up Caliber and places him on the top turnbuckle. Corstenoca starts to climb
up after Rex and the crowd is standing.

ROB MARTINEZ: Oh my God. I think he’ going for it all right here, it looks like he wants to hit his Kronick Krunch through the table he just set up!

Indeed that is what Corstenoca is going to attempt. However he forgot about one thing, something that Caliber is all to happy to remind him off. Rex slips
the screwdriver out of his boot and jabs it into the head of Chris “The Sparx” Corstenoca! The challenger drops down to the mat and Caliber eases himself
down to the second turnbuckle. Caliber tosses the screwdriver away, grabs the head of Corstenoca and pulls it between his legs. With a great effort Caliber
hoists Corstenoca up for what looks to be a powerbomb off the second rope…

But No!

Caliber is able to get Corstenoca up for his Planetary Collision and comes off the second turnbuckle with it! They smash through the table and the crowd
gives them a loud and happy “Holy Shit!” both men lay in the wreckage for what seems like an eternity before Caliber is able to roll Corstenoca over for
the pin attempt. One! Two! Three! It’s over!

ROB MARTINEZ: What a match! REBEL just showed that we’re not about to play second fiddle to anyone, including NAPW!

Static is in the ring and pulls the Champ out of the smashed table.

JENNY JERSEY: The winner of this match…And still REBEL Heavyweight Champion…REX CALIBER!!!!

Static and a handful of members from the Caliber fan club pull the champ out of the ring. Static drapes the belt over the shoulder of a nearly unconscious

ROB MARTINEZ: He might have lost here tonight but Chris “The Sparx” Corstenoca just took a major leap in his career! From now on REBEL better be on notice…Because
“The Sparx” is legit!

Speaking of “The Sparx” He’s trying to get to his feet and the crowd gives him a huge ovation for his efforts. He smiles through a blood covered face and
is able to get up to a vertical base. Now the entire crowd is giving him a standing ovation and it’s easy to tell that tonight could be the highlight of
this young mans career.


A shot of the commentary table, with all three men recovering from watching the bloody, epic REBEL title match.

BILL HEWSON: Rob Martinez, that was one hell of a REBEL title match. I don’t know what to think about Rex Caliber’s recent actions as owner of NAPW, reforming
The Crimes mark 2, but you can’t deny the man’s sheer ability and guts in the ring.

ROB MARTINEZ: That match was what REBEL is all about, but the real story of the match for me was this kid Chris Corstenoca. I see big things in the future
for “The Sparx.”

BILL HEWSON: Rob, it’s been a pleasure to call the show alongside you tonight.

ROB MARTINEZ: The feeling is mutual, I’m already looking forward to the next supershow. Bill, Jack, I’ll see you later.

Martinez makes his exit. Jack Attack remains silent until he’s well gone.

JACK JONES: What was that? The announcer appreciation club? Rob Martinez couldn’t carry this stick.

BILL HEWSON: I don’t know, it was a nice change of pace. Working with a true professional.

JACK JONES: I am a professional, doofus.

BILL HEWSON: I don’t think you can BE a professional loan shark, Jack Attack. The first half of our double main event is over, and it was Rex Caliber retaining
his REBEL Heavyweight title. The second of two major title matches is coming up next… will we see retentions across the board, or will the NAPW title
change hands? Let’s take a look at the history between Simply Beautiful and the champion… Ravager.
January 9, 2007

The crowd is on their feet at the tenacity of this man. Ravager lunges at Simply Beautiful with a clothesline, and Simply Beautiful ducks. But Ravager hits
the ropes and comes back full force with a sick, sick lariat, that flips Simply Beautiful in the air until he hits the mat. Ravager, with his bloody face
and frenzied expression, drops to his knees, and covers the prone Simply Beautiful. Kiebiech counts the pin with a one, two, THREE!

SB looks up… hesitates… and then grabs the hand. Ravager pulls him up to his feet and gives a firm handshake, slapping SB on the shoulder and mouthing
words we can not hear.

March 13, 2007

Ravager scrambles to his feet and takes a forearm shot to the head from SB! Another shot has Ravager stumbling! Simply Beautiful hits the near ropes and
goes for another forearm shiver but Ravager ducks under, hooks SB and finally nails his Last Resort! The referee drops to the mat and slaps it three times
as Simply Beautiful is unable to kick out!

FRANK WARBURTON: Your winner, and still NAPW Champion….Ravager!

BILL HEWSON: Simply Beautiful showed everyone tonight that he belongs in the main events here in NAPW!

March 27, 2007

he knees and raises his arms! THIS MATCH IS OVER! CALL IT FRANK WARBURTON!

Or maybe you should wait for Simply Beautiful to finish skinning that cat.

He drops into the ring, just as Sebastien Martyr realises that the bell hasn’t gone! He turns, eyes flashing, and LUNGES at Simply Beautiful! A clothesline
sends BOTH MEN OVER THE ROPES! Both men grab the ropes, landing more or less on their feet on the apron. Martyr turns to strike… SEXXYKICK!



BILL HEWSON: What a night this has been! Simply Beautiful has won the biggest match of his entire career, perhaps the biggest match of the year for NAPW!
FRANK WARBURTON: Ladies and gentlemen, it is time for the New Alberta Pro Wrestling CHAMPIONSHIP BOUT.


Crazy? Crazy like THE EDMONTON FANS! They’ve witnessed a long night of wrestling, they’ve witnessed some emotional matches, and some violent ones. But it’s
time for main event between arguably the two most popular NAPW wrestlers. Period. And first out comes the man, the myth, the legend… sporting his usual
cocky grin and sunglasses…Simply Beautiful! He comes to the ring quickly, slapping a few hands before rolling in and hitting the corner. Referee Dick
Kiebiech slips quietly into the ring after SB. The Italian Stallion pulls of his sunglasses to reveal eyes at odds with his demeanor. In one word: Focused.
SB waits then and the fans turn their attention to the curtain as the lights go out. Flashing and then flickering lights as Four Cellos fill the auditory

It builds to a crescendo.


Calmly striding from the curtain, all business with a look of deadly intensity on his eyes, with the NAPW Championship belt around his waist…, is the
one and only Ravager. The champion looks over the hundreds of roaring fans, stomping and cheering. The champ takes his time getting to the ring, stepping
to the apron and wiping his feet before going through the ropes. He steps on the bottom turnbuckle and looks out again, arms stiffly by his side. Finally,
Ravager drops down and the introductions begin.

FRANK WARBURTON: The following contest is scheduled for one fall at a sixty minute time limit, and is for the Undisputed NAPW Championship! The referee
in charge at the bell, senior official Dick Kiebiech! Now, introducing the competitors…

First, wearing blue and black… weighing in at two-hundred and thirty-five pounds, he is the 2007 Sole Survivor winner… ladies and gentlemen, from Staten
Island, New York, the former Pure Honor champion, The Italian Stallion, SIMPLLLLLLLLY BEAUTIFULLLLLLLL!

To my left wearing black… He comes to the ring today weighing in at two-hundred and ten pounds. He is a multiple-time champion here in NAPW and tonight,
is defending his NAPW title for a record sixth time… ladies and gentlemen, from Brooklyn New York… The Last Resort, The White-Collar Assassin, the

The crowd showers both men with applause. Referee Dick Kiebiech pats down Simply Beautiful, then proceeds across the ring to do the same to Ravager. The
champion never takes his eyes off of SB, even while surrending the title belt to Kiebiech, who holds it above his head and displays to the capacity Polish
Hall crowd exactly what is on the line. The ultimate prize.


BILL HEWSON: And that is the bell to start this match-up! What an unbelievable night of action it has been and this has the potential to top them all! Ravager,
Simply Beautiful, NAPW title on the line!

SB and Ravager meet at the center of the ring, the champion extending his hand to SB, who hesitates only briefly. They shake and begin to circle.

BILL HEWSON: SB a tiny bit cautious of the handshake by Ravager, but over the course of this year both men have gained a great deal of respect for one another.
Ravager has not always been known for playing fair, shall we say, but he has been a trend-setter as NAPW champion with decisive and clean victories for
five title defenses now.

JACK JONES: There is nobody in the business that can match the intensity level of Ravager, Bill Hewson. Not for nothing that Simply Beautiful is 0-2 against
Ravager in singles competition. But you’re talking about a man in Simply Beautiful that at Sole Survivor II, got the hell beaten out of him and then came
back out to win the big 30-man Sole Survivor match. I’m not a “fan” of either man but they bring an awful lot to this dance.

BILL HEWSON: Simply Beautiful has had some huge moments in NAPW, defeated some top stars, but he has never pinned Ravager. He has not held the NAPW championship.
You have to believe he’s looking to change that statistic here tonight!

Feeling out process sees Ravager grab a headlock. Simply Beautiful counters and takes Ravager down by the legs, grabbing an overhead wristlock. Ravager
forces his way back up, reversing, SB flips forward and back up, continuing to hold on. He pushes forward and gets his leg behind Ravager’s knees, forcing
the man down to the canvas. SB pushes forward, then leaps up while still holding Ravager’s hands to drive his knees into the champion’s midsection. Ravager
grunts in pain as SB grabs one arm, going for the Fujiwara Armbar! He’s trying to get it on and put this one away early but quickly Ravager makes it to
the ropes. Clean break and SB wins the first exchange!

JACK JONES: The last two times these men went at it, they were trash-talking in the middle of the ring. Now they’re, what do they call it, wrestling to
start off. Things have changed, Bill Hewson.

BILL HEWSON: As I said, a great deal of respect between these two men stemming from the two tremendous encounters they’ve already had this year. Right now
Simply Beautiful displaying some of his technical wrestling skills. It’s easy to forget, given the man’s flashy tendencies, just how good of a Wrestler
he can be.

JACK JONES: I guarantee you Ravager hasn’t forgotten.

They hook-up again and Ravager once again takes control with a headlock. Easy enough for SB to maneuver behind for a belly-to-back suplex, no, Ravager throws
his weight forward and takes SB down to the canvas. SB reaches around, trying to get a hold, he slips out of the headlock and goes for the arm, Ravager
switches it up and gets a headscissors! SB tries to squirm free, can’t, so he does a headstand and flips out of it! SB on Ravager, looking for the advantage,
but Ravager suddenly on top! He gets a cravate, going for The Garotte! SB feels it coming and this time it’s SB scrambling to the ropes, hooking his foot
across the bottom for a break. It’s clean, both men back up to their feet. SB and Ravager eye each other…

Ravager cracks a smile.

The barest of smiles, but nonetheless. SB snorts and they tie-up again, this time Ravager wins and he throws a european uppercut into SB’s jaw. “EYYYYYY!”
SB fires back with a chop. “WHOOOO!” Ravager with a european uppercut again, then a chop of his own, OOOOOH. You could feel that one just by watching!
He backs SB into the ropes, irish whip, knee to the breadbasket sends SB stumbling over. Ravager grabs the arms and pulls them out, driving his knee into
the back of SB’s neck and back in a modified surfboard stretch. SB shakes his head no as Kiebiech asks if there is a submission, then begins to get up,
trying to turn things around, twisting. SB gets behind Ravager, belly-to-back this time, Ravager flips out behind, SB ducks a sudden lariat attempt, then
grabs Ravager for a quick side Russian Leg Sweep! Nice move by SB and he’s quick to take advantage, hitting the ropes and springboarding off with a big
elbow, catching the rising Ravager right in the mush. First cover of the match one, two, champion kicks out. But there’s no time wasted by SB as he chops
the champ in the bare chest, WHOOOO! Again, WHOOOO! He has him in the corner, CHOP! CHOP! CHOP! Ravager gets fed up with that and throws an uppercut into
SB’s jaw, then several forearm shots! SB is reeling!

JACK JONES: And this isn’t how Simply Beautiful is going to win the title, you can’t trade strikes with Ravager! Simply Beautiful has to stick with his
game plan, wear the man down and then go high-risk!

SB in the corner and Ravager chops…


Ravager shrugs and UNLEASHES a lethal chop! A sickening echo rises up, SB cringes, but grits his teeth and screams “COME ON! COME ON! COME ON!” CHOP!






BILL HEWSON: You’re right, Jack Jones, usually you don’t want to exchange strikes with Ravager but Simply Beautiful just won a war of chops with the champion!
Ravager is covering up in the ropes and Kiebiech has to get between the two men! Clean break, but then SB… OH my GOD! Another huge chop! Ravager’s chest
is swelling open!

JACK JONES: That chest needs a tan as it is, now it’s like Snow White all over Ravager’s pecs — red on white!

Simply Beautiful is gaining momentum here from the tremendous energy of the fans, and he is actually destroying Ravager in a war of strikes! Ravager takes
another chop, grimacing, then tries to throw a headbutt at SB. He stuns the man momentarily, but SB screams and forearms Ravager in the side of the head
stiffly! Onetwothree rapid forearms in the side of the head, Ravager against the ropes, SB sends him off and CATCHES him square in the mouth with a spinning
heel kick! One, two, kick-out, SB races the ropes and hits the SPIN DOCTOR neckbreaker on Ravager —- standing moonsault connects! One, two, and another
kick-out by the champion PAINKILLER! SIMPLY BEAUTIFUL HAS IT LOCKED ON, RAVAGER LETTING OUT A YELL OF PAIN! “ARGH!” “Do you want to give it up, Ravager?
Ravager do you want to give it up”? “Argh — NO. NO.” Simply Beautiful reaching back on the Painkiller!

Ravager tries to scott around! Can he… he can’t seem to get that foot on the ropes!



Simply Beautiful has to kick-out there, and it breaks the hold, but Ravager is feeling the effects. And SB knows it. He hammerlocks the damaged right arm
behind Ravager’s back, pick-up, back suplex on the arm! SB finally gets it and how. SB driving his forearms into the right shoulder and upper arm. He’s
targetted. Wait a minute, Ravager with a desperate left-hand chop. He stuns SB, runs off the ropes, SB with a flying enziguri out of nowhere! From a literal
stunned standing position, right upside Ravager’s head! The champ goes down and SB is right on the arm, holding it extending and driving the point of his
elbow into the shoulder. Ram, ram, ram! Judas Priest style, RAM IT DOWN. Wait, what? SB locks the hand up and puts Ravager on his shoulder for a scoop
slam, again with the arm behind the man’s back!

BILL HEWSON: This is not the match we expected to see, Jack Jones! Simply Beautiful has brought his absolute A-Game here tonight and clearly, he knows he
can’t simply wrestle his usual match against the champion. But I never thought we’d see SB beat Ravager at Ravager’s own game!

JACK JONES: He’s outwrestled him, he’s out-hit him, and now he’s latched onto that injured body part like a pit bull! And if Ravager can’t use that right
arm, how’s he going to hit the Lariat that put SB away once? How’s he going to have the strength to hit the Dragon Suplex? Simply Beautiful is taking away
all of Ravager’s most potent moves by taking away the arm!

SB has Ravager on the canvas with an arm-bar, catching his own breath while ensuring Ravager does not have the same opportunity. Slowly the two men take
their feet, SB still holding on, as Ravager drives elbows into the mid-section of Simply Beautiful. Third time’s a charm as SB can’t hold on with pounding
on his diaphragm. Ravager holding his arm in pain, but hits the ropes and tries for


SB ducks underneath! Ravager grabs the ropes and stops running, SB charges, dumped up and over by Ravager, SB lands on the apron, fires at Ravager, blocked,
HEADBUTT SB ALL THE WAY TO THE CONCRETE! Simply Beautiful crashes throat first against the guardrail. He’s getting up and wait a minute, what the hell
is Ravager thinking? Ravager looking at SB, waiting til he gets up, hits the ropes, SUICIDE DIVE THROUGH THE ROPES TO THE FLOOR! RAVAGER WIPES OUT SIMPLY


BILL HEWSON: Ravager went high-risk and came up big! This could be the turning point of the match-up if he can work around his injured arm! That was almost
a page out of Simply Beautiful’s playbook right there, Jones!

JACK JONES: It’s all about the ten pounds of GOLLLLLD, Bill Hewson! Men put their bodies on the line to be the Champion, because that means you’re the BEST.
Ravager with a left hand chop on SB, clearly his right arm is damaged. SB fires a chop onto Ravager’s chest again, then tries to send Ravager shoulder first
into the steel ringpost, Ravager uses the momentum to sidestep and SB’s bell gets rung on the post instead. Ravager takes a moment to gain some energy,
but then grabs SB and rolls him into the ring to break the count, and Ravager is ascending to the top rope? Is he going for the diving headbutt? … HE


Ravager holding his head, leans back for a pin but can’t reach back to hook the leg due to his arm, still one, two, KICK OUT. Ravager’s face tells the story,
he needed to end it there, but he couldn’t hook the leg. And that puts him at a huge disadvantage. Ravager has Simply Beautiful up, Northern Lights Suplex!
Ravager bridges up, one, two, SB again kicks out! Would he have if Ravager’s arm was at full strength? Ravager again slow to get up, SB … Simply Beautiful
quite frankly looks slightly dazed, as if he does not know where he is. Ravager is behind the man LAST RESORT! He’s beaten Simply Beautiful with this move
before, if he gets it — Simply Beautiful suddenly fighting it for all he’s worth! Ravager can’t get the fingers locked behind SB’s head, and SB SUDDENLY
HAS THE ARM! THE RIGHT ARM! FUJIWARA ARMBAR AGAIN, PAINKILLER! But they’re not in the center of the ring, Ravager can get his foot on the bottom rope quickly.
SB breaks the hold, on his knees and holding his head, bowed over. Ravager is on his belly holding his arm, eyes closed tightly in pain. Kiebiech starts
his count, but SB reaches over to pin Ravager, holding Ravager’s right arm down! One, two, Ravager again gets his foot on the ropes. SB pulls it off and
reaches over, still holding the right arm, ONE, TWO, TH, Ravager squeaks the left shoulder up. SB holding onto the arm gets to his feet, pulling Ravager
up. Armtwist… heel hook kick! Nice combination by Simply Beautiful puts Ravager down, and suddenly he looks at the top rope! Ravager is in prone position
as Simply Beautiful springs to the bottom, the top, and off for the BEST!




BILL HEWSON: Ravager had that move well-scouted! HE ROLLS HIM UP! ONE! TWO! SB kicks out! Unbelievable! And wait a minute, Ravager with a german suplex!
Bridged! ONE! TWO! Simply Beautiful will not stay down for three!

JACK JONES: Ravager’s given SB some of his best shots and can’t keep him down. Now he’s doing it with one wing!

And once again he’s going up top! Ravager already hit the diving headbutt once this match, is he going for it again? We’ll never know, because Simply Beautiful
is up and follows Ravager to the top rope. He fires at Ravager, who fires back with left hand shots, not as effective as the right hand shots. They’re
battling it out on the top rope… who will get the maneuver? Ravager shoves SB off the top rope and flies, only to eat canvas. SB with a big Impact DDT,
and then he springs up to the top rope, facing the crowd. He doesn’t even look back, just FLIES, turning in mid-air to crash on Ravager with the NEW! YORK!

And it connects, SB up like a shot holding his midsection from the impact. Despite the pain he hooks a leg for ONE, TWO, THREEEEEEEEEE…

Foot on the rope.


JACK JONES: Ravager is lucky this isn’t a Pure Honor match, he’d be long out of rope breaks! He’s been saved by the ropes time and time again in this match!
Hewson, I didn’t think I’d be saying it, but Simply Beautiful is simply Dominating the champion!

BILL HEWSON: Simply Beautiful a split-second away from finally pinning Ravager, finally becoming the NAPW Champion after all this time! Ravager reaching
out to the ropes on pure instinct, just damn fortunate he was close enough to do it — but Simply Beautiful is going back up to the top rope!

JACK JONES: This is how he beat THE BEAST, Hewson!

BILL HEWSON: It was by three New York Nightmares that Simply Beautiful did it, and the same strategy will likely work on Ravager — NOBODY HOME! SB lands

The crowd is chanting “That was Awesome, clap clap clapclapclap.” Each man is laid out on the canvas, chests heaving up and down, they are spent. Kiebiech
gives the title belt to Ravager, who cradles it on his chest with his good arm. Simply Beautiful is on his back in the middle of the ring, hands to his
face, wearing a look of utter dismay.

BILL HEWSON: That was one hell of a match-up, and Ravager… Simply Beautiful may have had the best chance of taking the NAPW title belt from Ravager of
any of the challengers he has faced, perhaps even Chris Casino.

JACK JONES: Simply Beautiful dominated the match-up, there’s no question about it, Hewson. Ravager was fighting from behind from almost minute one, and
he’s rarely in that position. But that’s the mark of a champion… they find a way to win.

BILL HEWSON: A tremendous, world-class effort from Simply Beautiful but tonight is not his night…

Ravager is half-up, using the ropes, clearly just exhausted. His chest is disgustingly red from the chopfest SB unleashed on him. SB is up, hands on hips.
Ravager… extends the hand.

SB looks at it, lips pursed.

BILL HEWSON: Oh no. Not now.

JACK JONES: Well hey, it’s The Crimes come to applaud this tremendous match-up!

BILL HEWSON: Somehow I don’t think they’re here to watch… oh come on now! These two men just — David Banks and Lloyd Rees and Static are assaulting
two exhausted competitors! Rex Caliber nowhere to be seen, but you know this is on his card! The NAPW owner hates Ravager and now he’s after SB for spurning
his offer!

Ravager and SB have little left as the teams beat them up. Banks holds SB’s arms behind his back for LDK to slap him across the face, reminding him of their
existing hatred. “It don’t matter that it weren’t you, b’ye, ye shoulda been smart’er!” Static and Ravager — STATIC AND RAVAGER — Oh no! Funcrusher
by Static on Ravager! Rees with his DDT from the Green on SB, and now … what’s this? Oh no, come off it! The NAPW champion is defenseless! He throws
a punch-drunk swing, ducked easily by a laughing Static. LDK boots Ravager in the gut… and sets him up for a piledriver! David Banks going to the top
rope, not a spike piledriver —

BRIAN BRUNO storms the ring! What the hell? Brian Bruno gets boos, but then cheers, then boos, then cheers, but he’s taking out The Crimes! Bruno was beaten
up by The Crimes last week, but he’s still an evil son of a bitch — Static rushes with screwdriver in hand LARIAT! Bruno flips him inside out with a
lariat! Wait a minute, Simply Beautiful is up! Simply Beautiful has LDK, Bruno has Banks, and the NAPW Tag Team Champions get tossed out of opposite sides
of the ring! Bruno smirks at SB, these two will meet May 29th —



BRUNO GOES OVER THE TOP ROPE TO THE FLOOR! SB stares down at him in disgust, he wants NOTHING to do with Brian Bruno! Instead, SB goes up to pull Ravager
up by the hand. The Crimes are up the curtain, LDK cursing in rapid Newfese as Banks and Static try to “hold him back.” Brian Bruno is picking himself
up on the concrete as Ravager and SB lock eyes. SB suddenly has the microphone in hand…

SIMPLY BEAUTIFUL: You know what, I told Rex I wasn’t getting involved, but then you three jackasses had to come in here and trash the moment! Well I ain’t
anybody’s cronie, I ain’t anybody’s thug, I’m my own damn man! Now I don’t need your evil ass to watch my back, Brian Bruno, you can have your own goddamn
problems with The Crimes…

But it’s pretty damn apparent here that a guy’s going to need somebody to watch his back! Well, if you know my history (chuckles bitterly), I ain’t had
much luck with partners lately! But I know somebody who’s as (BLEEP)ed as I am in the numbers game, and that man is standing right here in this ring with
me! Ravager… we’ve had our battles and our differences! We’ve had our issues! And I will BEAT you for that NAPW title when I get another shot at it,
but you are one helluva damn champion and you have my RESPECT — so I have an idea! Next week there’s a little match called TAGSTRAVAGANZA II… tag titles
on the line, a dozen teams already in it, but way I hear it there’s one last open spot…

The crowd is buzzing in anticipation, all the wrestlers hanging on SB’s every word. Ravager cocks his head, wondering where it is going.

SIMPLY BEAUTIFUL: And since I’d love nothing more to kick the living hell out of Lloyd Rees and David Banks AGAIN, I’m throwing my name into Tagstravaganza
so I can take the NAPW TAG TEAM TITLES the hell off of the Crimes! ALL I NEED…


SB throws the mic down and sticks out his hand to Ravager, shouting. “PARTNERS?” It’s Ravager’s turn to look at the hand, hesitating. He looks out to The

The barest of smirks.




JACK JONES: The Crimes are freaking out! Lloyd Rees is losing his mind! This is a travesty!

BILL HEWSON: Brian Bruno tried to take out The Crimes for his own reasons, but he gets NO trust and nor should he! Ravager was able to defeat Simply Beautiful,
but now next week they will be PARTNERS in Tagstravangaza! This is an unbelievable turn of events! It has been a memorable night in the histories of both
NAPW and REBEL Pro Wrestling! For Jack Jones, this is Bill Hewson saying good night!

The Crimes at the curtain, furious. Brian Bruno leaning against the guard rail, a sick expression on his face. Ravager and SB leaning over the top ropes,
letting The Crimes know they’re coming.

And hell is coming with them.

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