Aggression 7-30-2012

A Puppets Tale

Have you ever seen a happy Seldonganger?

PuppetLisa: I did it. I DID IT!

Well, now you have. This is the life of a puppet. Watch how she swaggers trough the backstage halls. If she had a mouth, she’d be smiling from nonexsistant ear to nonexsistant ear. That hidious laughter is of a plush toy finally getting one up on her human adversaries. The gleam in her button eye glows brighter this day in the heat of victory.

PuppetLisa: Fuck Victory! I killed that place.

Indeed. Now what will you rage about? RealLisa seems to be gone…

PuppetLisa: The hell you think? I’m going to distroy this place next.

PuppetVirgil: Rejoice, mother–*BANG!*

…you bought a GUN?

PuppetLisa: There will always be casualties in war. I’d rather it be on their side.

But isn’t a gun too much?

PuppetGold: Quit hiding my stash, Rupert! *BANG!*

PuppetLisa: On the contrary. It’s not enough.

Hey! I just invented him!

PuppetLisa: No. You just invented this douchebag walking in my way.

PuppetMcNasty: Hi, everybody. I’m PuppetMc–*BANG!*


PuppetLisa: Soon…very soon, they will learn to fear the Lone Poppet of the Apocalypse! Muahahaha!

Damn. Looks like I’d need an expert.

PuppetLisa: WHAT?!

Oh, nothing. Carry on with your murder spree. I’m going to do something else now.

A Grave Situation

A camera is frantically following someone backstage, but we can’t quite see who, since the cameraman is trying so hard to keep up. Finally, the camera stops in front of Simon Kalis’s door, which is open. The cameraman peeks in to find the office empty, except for one small woman.

Abbey Graves.

Abbey, wearing a pink REBEL t-shirt and jeans, looks towards the cameraman.

ABBEY: Where is Mr. Kalis?

Before the cameraman can answer, she runs past him and into the hallway.

ABBEY: I’ve been calling and e-mailing both Simon and Adrian and no one…”

She quickly turns a corner and runs right into Larry Gordon. She tumbles over while Gordon is knocked back a few steps. He drops a manilla folder that spills papers everywhere.

LARRY: What, watch where you’re going!

Abbey gets up, looks up, and sees who she bumped into.

ABBEY: Oh, uh… Mr. Gordon… uh….. Hi, I’m Abbey Graves.

LARRY: Yeah, I know, you were our ring announcer, and then you were gone after a few matches. Why are you here?

ABBEY: Well, I was sent back to development to train, and, I think I’m good to go. I want to wrestle again, but I can’t find either Kalis anywhere.

A sadistic smile crosses Gordon’s face.

LARRY: So, you want to wrestle, huh? And Kalis sent you away to train and be better. You think you did?

Abbey, seeing hope in her cause, jumps at the possible opportunity.

ABBEY: Yeah! I mean, I don’t know who he’d have me face…

Gordon holds up his hand.

LARRY: Here’s my idea. I’m majority owner of REBEL, but as a businessman, I can’t put a wrestler on a card who twice has been proven to be an inaffective addition to my roster.

Abbey looks down, and sighs.

LARRY: But Kalis won’t put you on a card, and I love any chance I can get to screw him over. So, find a tag team partner, and I will make sure you end up on next week’s card. This is still MY company, damnit!

Abbey looks up, and her face lights up as she smiles.

ABBEY: Oh MR. Gordon you won’t regret this!

She runs off, and Gordon smiles.

A Puppets Tale 2: A Word From Our President

And now, a word from our president. Except we couldn’t get a word from him even if we wanted to.

PuppetSimon: …

See? This is the life of a puppet. Watch how he sits in in his cardboard box styled desk (painted with golden nail polish) and does stuffs like playing paddleball while being completely bored. He’s not even a second-rate puppet. He’s D-list puppet status. Bearly eligible to be involved on camera. The sad part about it is? He knows it.

PuppetSimon: ;_;

But the thing is he never takes it lying down.

PuppetSimon: ?

Remember my first idea for you? The one I thought up before the coma crap happened?

PuppetSimon: *headtilt and writing motions*

Oh, you want something to write on? Mmmkay. Here. Have some signs.

PuppetSimon: *scribble* Thank you! ^_^

No problem. Now that plan was thrown to the backburner the moment RealSimon vanished. Then it came back when he came back. Then he got himself all comatose.

PuppetSimon: *scribble* Dumbass. *shakes fist*

My thoughts exactly. But he’s not in it now. How do you feel about…ya know?

PuppetSimon: *scribble* U cereal?

Oh, yeah. She’s gone batshit crazy. And not in the good way.

PuppetSimon: *scribbles* Hellz yeah! *pulls AK out of pants*

Whoa, wait. You had that there the entire time?

PuppetSimon: *scribbles* Trust me. I have plenty of firepower. ROFLS

Oh, gawd. This isn’t going to end well.

A Grave Situation 2: More Beer

Abbey is walking through the arena’s merch and concessions area. She is still searching for a tag team partner after a few other REBEL wrestlers told her no, or ignored her. She goes to the concession stand.

WORKER: What do ya want?

ABBEY: (looking at the rude worker with disgust) Better service, and a bottle of water.

He scoffs, then turns and grabs the water. Abbey has the two dollars on the counter already. He turns, sees the money, and tosses her the water, hard. She almost drops it, juggling it into the person behind her. She turns to apologize.

ABBEY: Oh, gosh, I’m sorr-

Behind her, waiting in line, is Bubba J.

The concession worker gets excited.

WORKER: Oh, man. Bubba J, “The Raging Red-”

BUBBA: Can it, asshole. You ain’t got a reason to be rude to this lady. All she wanted was water.

He moves in front of Abbey, grabs the money off the counter, and looks the worker in the eyes.

BUBBA: Now, before I break yer scrawny chicken neck, yer gonna pay for this lady’s water, right?

The worker,. scared out of his wits, nods.

BUBBA: And get me a beer. Three of ‘em. Also on you.

Bubba turns around, and Abbey speaks. Fast.

ABBEY: OHMIGAWD You’re Bubba J and I need help and everyone else has said no but you could say yes because if not I can’t-

Bubba puts his hand up, and grabs a marker out of his pocket.

BUBBA: I’ll be happy to sign autographs. Preferably yer, well, breasts, so you can cherish it-

Abbey cuts him off.

ABBEY: No, dick, I’m a wrestler, and I need a tag partner.

Bubba chuckles, and pulls his phone out of his pocket. He texts for a second, and looks up at Abbey.

BUBBA: Look, kid, I ain’t hired-

ABBEY: Look, all I need is this shot. Kalis sent me away to get better, and I am better! Larry Gordon-

Bubba cringes with anger at the name, but Abbey keeps going.

ABBEY: -told me that I could have the match if I find a partner. Even though I think he’s only doing it to piss Kalis off, I can’t say no. All I need is this little opportunity and I can make it something big, huge, gigantic! I will show the world…

As Abbey rants on and on, Bubba continues texting. Finally, he stops her.

ABBEY: -even be the next Anna Matthews or Lisa Seldon or Del Ray’s sister, I forgot her name-

BUBBA: Whoa, whoa, whoa, kiddo. You got yerself a partner.

Abbey stands, shocked for a minute.

ABBEY: You mean…?

BUBBA: Yut, yer wrestlin’ next week in a tag team with-

Abbey interrupts him by jumping in his arms and planting a kiss on his cheek.

ABBEY: ERMAHGERD you won’t regret this! I have to find Mr. Gordon!

She runs away towards the backstage area, as Bubba chuckles.

BUBBA: He’s gonna be pissed….

The Plot Thickens

We come in on Matt Stone sitting alone in a locker room, getting mentally prepared for his match later on with Anna. Suddenly there’s a knock at the door. Without looking up, Stone calls out.

Matt Stone: “Come in”

Stone is still looking down at his hands. His other titles, the RXW World Title and the Rebel Pro Tag Team Titles aren’t in sight. We hear the sound of heels on the floor and a female clearing her throat. Stone looks up, a little surprised.

Matt Stone: “What are you doing here?”

We see who he’s talking to as Katrina Evans, his original interviewer comes on screen.

Katrina: “Well, since you are the RXW World Champion, I was asked to come here and guest commentate on your big match tonight. So I thought I’d let you know so you’re like, not surprised of whatever.”

Matt Stone: “You know if you get involved…”

Katrina: “I’m not here to interfere and cost you anything. I’ll be there, at ringside to call the match.”

Stone nods, going back to looking down at the ground.

Matt Stone: “Listen, what I did a few months ago…”

Katrina cuts him off before he can finish.

Katrina: “Forget it. Water under the bridge. I just came to wish you luck…so..”

Katrina bends down and kisses Stone’s cheek. He looks up as she smiles.

Katrina: “Good luck…champ.”

Katrina smiles again before turning around and walking out of the locker room, leaving Matt to place his hand on his cheek, watching her walk out with a puzzled look on his face.

Non-Title Match

Xan Vaxman versus Mark McNasty

The Aggression Champion and the number one contender lock up in the middle of the ring, McNasty getting the early advantage with his experience, he’s able to get behind Xan and take him down. He locked him in a side headlock until Vaxman fights his way to his feet and pushes mark off, rebounding from the ropes Xan hits him with a power slam. Off the ropes, xan drives his elbow into Mark’s forehead. Mark gets up and catches a boot from Xan, doubling over. Xan then goes for a DDT, however Vaxman is countered with a Northern Lights suplex. Xan kicks out at two, however and rolls out of the ring.

Mark dives through the ropes and hits Vaxman with a suicide dive. The crowd cheers as Mark gets to his feet. Picking up his opponent, McNasty whips Xan into the steel steps, giving off a loud sound. Vaxman fought to his feet, but sensing the advantage, Mark charged after him, only to be the recipient of a drop toe hold, Mark’s head sickly bouncing off the guard rail. The crowd oohhh’d as Xan dusted his hands off and picked Mark up, who was favoring his neck. Xan tossed him back in the ring and slid in after him.

Mark started getting up, holding hisn neck, but he wasn’t able to avoid Xan’s running STO. Mark was planted into the mat and Xan pinned him, getting a two count. McNasty, after kicking out, quickly snatched up Xan’s arm and tried to lock in a cross arm bar, Vaxman wriggling free before it could be fully locked in, but it gave McNasty enough time to get to his feet. Xan charged in and was lifted up before he could stop in and driven down to the mat with a spinebuster! Mark quickly hit he ropes and came back with a Rolling Thunder, the only word going through Xan’s head was ‘Ouch”. Mark only got a two count, however. As Xan was getting up, Mark tried to lock in a front chancery, but he was caught right in the groin with Xan’s hard fist. The crowd boo’ed as Vaxman would then lock in a small package (lol) on Mark, but only get a two count!

They get to their feet, Mark favoring his groin. Xan backs against the ropes and goes for a cross body, however McNasty catches him, staggering back, but keeps his balance. He then jumps in the air, performing his Sault Slam! Xan is crushed under Mark as McNasty hooks his outside leg, getting the 1 2 3!

Winner: Mark McNasty

A Puppets Tale 3: Betty Crocker in this Bitch

Who bakes a cake for a drunken celerbration party?

Anna Mathews: Mmm-kai. All dun!

She does. This is the life of a puppetmaster. Watch as she admires her new handiwork with awe. Oh, sure. Matt Stone could win and there’s a lot on the line.

Anna Mathews: All da maor reasun ta bake. Et’s gits me zenned owt. Been way to frantic.

I agree completely.

Anna Mathews: It remyndz me ov that afro’d dood wif the painting sho painting hiz happy lil clouds an’ happy little twees und…


PuppetLisa: Moronic cyclops! Did you honestly think you were that good of a shot?


PuppetLisa: Fuck your scribbilings and die!


Anna Mathews: Joo finally did itt, huh?


Anna Mathews: Took ya long enuff.

I know.


Anna Mathews: *sigh* Guess ai’d betta go out there befour dey kill each other.

That would be a wise idea. Hold your fire!

PuppetLisa: Outta the way, Dodobitch. I have to kill me a Kalis. This universe isn’t big enough for the both of us.

Well, technically it is.

PuppetLisa: Go drown yourself in a puddle of hate and selfloathing!


PuppetLiza: Now that’s not very–*POW!*

Whoa. You okay, PuppetLiza?

PuppetLiza: I’m fine.

Anna Mathews: Know, ur nawt. Yoor shoulder’s bearlee hanging on bi a fread!

And we all know how sucky health coverage is for the non-living.

PuppetStrader: You ain’t lying there. *ZAP!* Hey! You took out a wheel from my tremendously expensive and ultimately useless wheelchair!

PuppetLisa: What? I’m sorry. I only heard the words tremendously and useless. I’m assuming you’re talking about your career.


PuppetLisa: Ah ha! About time you revealed yourself.


Anna, you have to go!

Anna Mathews: Bu–

You have a match! Go! Now!

Anna Mathews: Okai…

A Grave Situation 3: A Car Goes Boom…

“I’m A Rebel” hits the PA, and out comes Larry Gordon to a chorus of boos.

LINZI: What does these slimeball want?

He gets in the ring, and grabs a microphone.

LARRY: I have an announcement to make regarding the lawsuit Simon so graciously dumped in my lap.

Before he has anything to say, “Walking Dead” by Heartsounds hits, and out comes Abbey graves.

JESTER JAY: Well, who’s this?

LINZI: Abbey Graves making a surprise appearance on REBEL television again!

The crowd cheers, remembering Abbey because she was hot, but that’s the only reason they are cheering. She runs down the ramp and slides into the ring. Gordonlooks surprised.

LARRY: What are you doing?

ABBEY: I have a tag team partner!

Gordon rolls his eyes.

LARRY: Abbey, our talks were for the backstage area only.

ABBEY: You told me if I found a tag team partner you’d let me wrestle next week. I’ve worked my ass off for this, and I found a partner.

The crowd cheers. More chances to look at hot chicks? REBEL fans love it.

LARRY: OK, good for you, now tell me-

Abbey cuts him off.

ABBEY: OK. My tag team partner is Bubba J!

The crowd explodes in applause as Larry looks shocked at first.

LINZI: But, Larry Gordon fired Bubba J!

Through the crowd walks Bubba J, until he gets to the fan barrier and yells.

BUBBA: Abbey, you fuckin’ idiot. Come here!

The guards stand in his way and try to eject him.

BUBBA: I bought a ticket, you moron. Let me go!

He shows the ticket to security, and then Abbey comes to the fan barrier with her microphone. Bubba grabs it out of her hand.

BUBBA: I ain’t yer tag partner. I’ve been fired, and you’re a fucking moron.

The crowd boos, but only because they won’t see Bubba J back in the ring next week.

Abbey looks hurt, and Gordon laughs.

LARRY: Glad you’re here, Bubba. This lawsuit-

Abbey interrupts again, tears in her eyes.

ABBEY: You TOLD me you were my partner! You TOLD me I had a tag team partner! You lied to me, Bubba, and why? To watch me melt down on national television?

Even Larry stops for a second, a slight look of empathy on his face, but it quickly goes away.

LARRY: Well, you couldn’t find a partner who is employed here, so-

BUBBA: Nope, Larry, that’s where yer wrong. See, I told Abbey she has a partner, and she does, it just ain’t me. But you’ll be happy to know it ain’t someone you’ll be too happy about anyway.

A brief silence hits the arena as everyone waits to hear who Abbey’s partner will be. Abbey looks confused. Gordon looks annoyed. Bubba looks amused. Various members of the crowd look drunk.

Then, “Carbomb” by The Acacia Strain hits the speakers, and the crowd blows up HUGE!

Gordon’s jaw drops. Abbey’s eyes get huge and a smile comes across her face. Bubba has a smug look on his face.

LINZI: It’s Vincent Black! It’s Vincent Black! He’s back in a REBEL arena!

And from the crowd, from right behind Bubba, Vincent Black steps over the barricade and onto the ring side of the barricade. He looks down to Abbey, and up to Larry Gordon. A smile crosses his face as he waves to Gordon, and follows it up with a middle finger. The crowd cheers loudly as Vincent walks up the ramp to the back. The music replays again as Gordon looks on, pissed.

LINZI: The former World, Carolinas, and Tag Team Champion has returned!

A Puppets Tale 4: The Queen of The Sea


PuppetLisa: Damn! I guess I’ll just have to finsh you off with my bare hands.

Anna Mathews: What’d ai miss?

PuppetLisa’s about to finish this. It look like he’s got no more bullets.

Anna Mathews: No moar buwwets? Hay laughing boi, no more bullets!

PuppetLisa: No more bullets? Perfect.

PuppetSimon: …

PuppetLisa: Goodbye.


What the?


…well. I guess he had one bullet left.

Anna Mathews: Won bullet left? Hey laffin’ boi!

PuppetLisa: I know, I KNOW!

PuppetSimon: …

PuppetLisa: *sigh* Fine. Whatever.

Wait. You’re quitting? Just like that?

PuppetLisa: Well, somebody’s gotta be the queen of the sea. Besides I can create tidal waves and drown all of you bastards!

*Group facepalm*

REBEL Pro World Championship Match

Matt Stone versus Anna Mathews©

Maya Kalis: “Joining us at the announce table for the following match is RXW contracted interviewer….Katrina Evans!”

Katrina comes down the ramp with a clipboard in hand, as if she needs notes to know what to say about a man she was with for three years. She takes her seat beside Linzi Martin

Linzi Martin: “Welcome aboard Katrina.”

Katrina: “Thanks Linz, can’t wait for my broadcasting debut!”

Maya Kalis: “The following contest is the Main Event of the evening. Introducing first…he is the Revolution X Wrestling World Champion…”

I created the Sound of Madness
Wrote the book on pain
Somehow I’m still here to explain
That the darkest hour never comes in the night
You can sleep with a gun,
When you gunna wake up and fight?

Matt Stone comes out from the back to a chorus of boos. He struts down the ramp towards the ring, wearing his patterned hoodie with a large Maple Leaf on the back. He threatens to hit a member of the crowd who was holding up a “Canada sucks” sign and just walks on.

Maya Kalis: “From Ottawa, Ontario Canada…he weighs in at two-hundred and twenty pounds…”

I created the Sound of Madness
Wrote the book on pain
Somehow I’m still here to explain
That the darkest hour never comes in the night
You can sleep with a gun,
When you gunna wake up and fight…
For yourself?

Maya Kalis: “He is Maaaaaatt Stooooooone!”

Matt gets on the apron and gets inside the ring, heading straight to a corner and mounts the middle turnbuckle raising his hands. “I’m the best there is!” He shouts out over the loud jeers being rained down on him. He shakes his head to their reaction. “You don’t deserve to see me!” He shouts out getting down and taking off the hoodie. Matt get’s ready for his opponent, bouncing off the ropes to loosen up as his music fades away

Right off the bat, we get an unexpected surprise via Joan Jett vocals.

Who can turn the world on with a smile?
Who can take a nothing day and suddenly make it all seem worthwhile?

Multicolored spotlights flash towards the curtain as the answer to those eternal questions springs on thru dressed as a Dada-styled Mary Tyler Moore. Streamers and balloons and fifty dollar bills are raining from the sky, leaving the crowd with no alternative but to blow the roof of the building.

Maya Kalis: “Hailing from I don’t know where the fuck from near Parts unknown…”
Well, it’s you, girl and you should know it
Peach fuzz in every little movement

Heavy duty fireworks go boom. And Anna grins, squeals, barely even looking at the ring.

Maya Kalis: “She is our current Rebel Pro World Champion…”

You show that love is all around
No need to fake it
You can have the town
Why don’t you take it
You’re gonna make it after all

She bounces and twirls down the ramp, nearly falling down a few times from getting too dizzy.

How will you make it on your own?
This world is awfully big
And girl, this time, you’re all alone
A speedy pre-victory hand-slapping lap around the ring. Tee-hee. Pre-Victory. Followed by a baseball slide inside the ropes.
Well, it’s time you started livin’
It’s time you let someone else do some givin’

Maya Kalis: The one with DAT ASS….

The Queen of the Dodos pops up, arms outstreched, blowing kisses, her big musical ta-da
moment. Everybody has one of those, right?

Love is all around
No need to fake it
You can have the town
Why don’t you take it
You’re gonna make it after all

Maya Kalis: “Aaaaannaaaaa…..Maaaaaaatheeeews!”

The hat is thrown up in the air. And thus ends perhaps the shortest full song entrance known at a flat minute.

Linzi Martin: “Here we go, World Champion vs World Champion”

Katrina: “You said it, Matt and Anna about to go to war!”

The camera is too far out, but we can see Matt is talking to Anna, who listens for about five seconds before she slaps Stone in the face! The bell rings and we’re underway.

Ding Ding

Stone takes a step back from the slap and Anna charges him, tackling him to the mat. The crowd pops as Anna reigns down fist after fist on Stone’s face. Matt covers up, senior referee Alan Stone does nothing to stop the physicality as Mathews continues to bring the pain. Matt is able to push her off and roll away, under the bottom rope. Stone catches his breath, but is soon hit from behind with a baseball slide from Anna, being propelled forward and over the guard rail. The Rebel Pro audience not taking to Stone, several of them get a few shots in as security comes over. Matt mouths off at a man in the audience, let’s call him Andre, and he hits Matt over the head with his beer! Anna is out of the ring now and grabs Stone’s head, pulling him back over the guard rail, catching him with a few shots to his ribs. She quickly picks Matt up and slams him down with a scoop slam. Anna looks down with disgust and walks over, grabbing a steel chair.

Linzi Martin: “Looks like Mathews is going to take this match to the next level.”

Katrina: “This won’t be good for Matt.”

To the contrary, with Anna approaching, Stone was able to get to his feet quickly and leap in the air, dropkicking the steel chair right into Anna’s face! Mathews falls to the mat, blood trickling down her forehead now. Stone reaches down and picks up the chair now, glaring down at the Rebel Pro World Champion. Stone lifts the chair and brings it down across Anna’s body once, then again and finally a third time. Matt has a confident smirk on his face now, tossing the chair aside. Matt picks Anna up, knowing that he needs her in the ring to win the World Title. He rolls her under the bottom rope and into the ring, but chooses not to follow. Stone flips the ring apron up and rummages under the ring, pulling out a wooden table. The crowd cheers as Stone drags it out and picks it up, sliding it in the ring. He then goes back under the ring and comes out with a bag. He tosses the bag inside the ring as well, fixing the ring apron and sliding back in the ring.

Linzi Martin: “What’s Matt planning here?”

Katrina: “Not sure…Matt can be very devious when he wants to.”

Anna was back to her feet now as Stone came inside the ring. She rushes over and hits Matt with a knee to the side of the head. Mathews follows up with several stomps on Stone. Anna turns her attention to the table that was brought in by Stone. Mathews pulls the legs out and flips the table over, setting it up. Anna turns back to Stone now, who ins back to his feet, and approaches. She sends an elbow at Matt’s head, backing him up. Anna hits a second and Stone is backed into a corner. With her hands gripping the top rop, Anna raises her right leg up and strikes Stone in the temple. Matt looks dazed as Anna lifts Matt up on the turnbuckle in a seated position. Anna then grabs Stone’s right leg, extending the knee and clipping it, performing a Dragon Screw Legwhip off the ropes!

Linzi Martin:: “Looks like Anna is targeting Matt’s right leg. Wise strategy?”

Katrina: “Could be, as far as I know Matt has no real weakness.”

Anna grabs Matt’s right leg while he’s prone and drives her elbow inside his leg. She straps his leg in a vine and wrenches back on it. Matt cries out in pain from the hold, trying to reach out for the ropes, not that he would be helped by such a tactic. Alan Stone asks Matt if he gives up and Matt almost spits in his face. Stone reaches down at Anna’s face and rakes her eyes, breaking her concentration and is able to squirm his leg out, kicking Anna in the back of the head in the process. Matt rolls over ad starts getting up, as does Anna. Stone grabs a hold of Anna’s head, turning around and dropping to his knees, Anna stretching out over Matt’s back with the Stone Cutter. Stone rolls Anna over for the cover.



Anna gets the shoulder up. The crowd cheers for their World Champion

Linzi Martin: “it will take more than that to take down Anna Mathews

Katrina: “Yeah, but Matt it capable of a lot more, as well.”

Not showing signs of frustration, Matt grabs Anna’s hair, bringing her back up and delivering a knee lift, doubling the Dodo Queen over. The crowd pops as they get a good view of Dat Ass. Matt has Anna in a front chancery, hooking her leg and lifting her up, she lands on her back as Matt has successfully performed the Shooterplex.



Anna is able to kick out again. Stone rolls over quickly and gets up, this time getting in Alan’s face. He’s quite convinced that should have been a three count. After sharing some words with the referee, Matt heads over and grabs the bag he had tossed in the ring. He opens it up, dumping the contents on the mat. Thumbtacks. Hundreds and hundreds of thumbtacks. He spreads them around with his boot. A soft smirk spreads across his face as he turns to get Anna, but Mathews is back to her feet and she kicks Stone right in the chest, a Heart Kick! Matt falls back right into the thumbtacks! Stone screams out in pain, rolling around trying to get away from the many sharp metal objects protruding from his body.

Katrina: “Oh my! He’s bleeding out of millions of holes in his back!”

Linzi Martin: “I don’t think it’s that many, but it is certainly a lot.”

Matt gets up to his feet, a look of pain etched on his face. Anna hits the ropes now and leaps in the air, wrapping her legs around Stone’s head, looking for a hurricanranna, however Matt uses his remaining strength to hold Anna up there. Stone takes a few steps back and turns, driving Anna straight through the table she set up! The crowd pops for the spot, even though their champion was just put through the table. Both competitors are down on the mat, remnants of table everywhere. Stone is finally able to get his arm across Anna for the pin



Katrina: “Three!”

Anna kicks out!

Linzi Martin: “No, two count! Man that was close”

Katrina: “Too close, I thought he did it!”

Alan hold up two fingers, signaling the near fall. Matt grabs the ropes, using them to help pull himself up. Anna as well is getting to her feet, but she doesn’t need the help of the ropes. She’s moving slower than Stone though, who sees Anna on her feet and screams out.

Matt Stone: “Kneel before Zod!”

Stone swings his right foot for Anna’s head, but Mathews ducks it and pushes Stone into the corner, chest first. Stone backs out winded and Anna runs at the ropes, jumping up and going for her patented Boomer fly Kick, but Stone is able to duck is as well. Anna lands on her free foot, Matt dashing forward looking for the C-c-c-c-combo Breaker, but Mathews hooks the top rope as Matt lands hard on the mat. Anna then performs a standing Corkscrew Senton on Stone! The crowds cheers as Anna makes the cover.



Stone shoots the shoulder up.

The crowd boos, thinking they had witnessed Anna retain. Mathews stays on the offense though, picking Matt up and kneeing him right in the crotch, the crowd cheering for that. Stone doubles over in pain and Mathews is able to drab him over to the corner, picking him up and dropping him, back facing her on the top turnbuckle, crutching him again. The crowd still cheers as Anna starts to climb up to the top.

Katrina: “This isn’t a side of Anna I like.”

Linzi Martin: “It’s a side of Anna she needs to win this match!”

Mathews is now standing behind Matt on the top rope. She jumps up, hooking her feet under Matt’s arms, performing a back flip, but Matt grabs the ropes at the last second, blocking the Splatastrophe! Anna’s head bounces off the mat hard as Stone turns around, repositioning himself. Mathews stats to get to her feet, determined to continue the match, however as she is getting up, Matt grabs Anna’s head and leaps off the middle rope, his knee going right into Anna’s face. C-c-c-c-combo Breaker! The crowd boos as Stone hooks Anna’s leg, the ref getting down for the count.




The crowd is still booing as the bell sounds. Stone rolls out of the ring with his music playing. We can still see some tacks in his back. He gets handed the World Title and raises it high in the air.

Maya Kalis: “Here is your winner…and NNNEEEWWWW Rebel Pro World Champion…Maaaatt Stoooone!!!”

Katrina: “He did it! Matt did it!”

Linzi Martin: “That he did, Anna never gave up, but in the end she just couldn’t match up with Stone tonight. Our General Manager can’t say anything about it, Matt won it straight up.”

Katrina: “Now he has the Rebel pro and RXW World Titles! First time ever!”

The crowd starts throwing their garbage at Stone who is gloating at ringside. He walks gingerly up the ramp, holding up the Rebel pro World Title high above his head as we fade to the REBEL Pro logo…


Mark McNasty defeats Xan Vaxman
Matt Stone defeats Anna Mathews to become the new REBEL Pro World Champion

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