Aggression 4-30-2012

The Civil War of REBEL Pro Part 1

As the pyro’s pop down, the crowd in the REBEL Arena here in Raleigh go NUTS!

Linzi Martin: This is Linzi Martin.

Larry Gordon: And Larry Gordon.

Martin sighs.

Linzi Martin: And we’re here, LIVE from Raleigh, North Carolina at The REBEL Arena for-

Before she can continue, “Seven Devils” by Florence & The Machines hits. The crowd jumps to their feet as Masakazu comes running out onto the stage, not in a suit, but in his Order of Chaos military garb. He leaps into the air and lands in a fighting stance center stage, and flames shoot up all around him.

Linzi Martin: Run, Larry. Run. You stupid fuck.

Larry Gordon: He won’t hit me.

Abbey Graves: Ladies and gentlemen, it is my honour to introduce the REBEL Pro General Manager… ADRIAN KALIS!

Masakazu slaps the hands of the fans at ringside as he makes a swift pace towards the ring. He slides in and bows before Abbey Graves, taking the microphone from her hands.


The crowd laughs, Gordon does not seem too amused.

Masakazu: How’s the heart feeling? You know, the heart paid for in Kalis money?

Masakazu leans over the ropes, facing Gordon.

Masakazu: How’s the life you’ve got? You know, the life you’re privileged to live because of what my family has done for you?

Larry Gordon: That was Simon, not you.

Masakazu: See folks, I’ve been tirelessly working with a crack team of the finest lawyers of Jewish descent money can buy. Now I realize that I have control over 49% of REBEL Pro. That gives you majority control, still. But what you didn’t count on was that this is far from a solid control over REBEL Pro, Larry. So. I’ve come with an ultimatum.

Masakazu reaches to his inside pocket and hands Abbey Graves an envelope. He instructs her to bring it to Larry. She does, and Larry quickly opens it up.

Masakazu: You’ve got two weeks, Larry. And at Barbed Wire Massacre I will take what is mine, it all depends on how much I take. And that part is up to you, Larry. You’ll find you have no real course of action to take but to accept my terms. Since you know, the money the Kalis Estate was pumping into your bank account ceased in April.

Mas smirks.

Masakazu: You could, of course, always ask your new friends in The Masters of Armageddon for financial assistance. If you can find them. I mean, since they’ve seemed to have gone all dead since The Order took it’s counter measures. So figure it out Larry, you know where I’ll be.

Jacob Figgins versus Jeremy Gold

The first match of the evening started off with a bang as Figgins tried to use his weight to push and punish the lighter Gold. The more technical Jacob used a variety of suplexes to keep the brawler off balance. but it was a mis-judged corner splash that gave the brawler from Russia a chance to get back into this match. Jeremy unloaded various strikes and kicks to the base of Figgins, also utilizing some backbreakers to wear down Jacob. The crowd nearly came out of their seats when Gold nailed a snap suplex off the ring apron onto the floor. But minutes later it was the Gutwrench suplex off the top ropes that brought everything back to even ground. In the end though, with Jeremy Gold being trapped in the Conspiracy Theory, Gold taps out and we have a winner

WINNER: Jacob Figgins

Justin Case versus Suukya’

We open up with a swift barrage of fists from Suukya, feel’n the hurt from being down talked recently. Justin doesn’t have his title taken off before he’s tossed to the outside shaken and battered, the match isn’t even begun. Suukya bounces off the ropes and dives through the ropes right into the Internet title. Justin catches his breath and tosses his opponent back into the ring where he proceeds to warm up tauntingly. Suukya gives the go ahead to begin and it goes no where as Justin runs rampid over his opponent with elbows and knees. A few suplex’s and Justin is just playing with his opponent. An attempt for a power bomb and things switch up with a hurricaneranna. Justin to his feet, arm drag. Fighting with a lot of heart Suukya gains the upper hand until he makes another mistake and Justin connects with a vicious DDT. A quick spit and agreement with himself that the match is over precedes an insulting boston crab, Suukya’s finisher, which leads to a rather abrupt and disappointing end to the match.

Winner: Justin Case

A Charming Segment

“Plush” brings out Jeffery Drake with one of the Rebel Pro Tag Team Championship belts draped over his shoulder. He’s not dressed to compete tonight, in a tattered surf shop shirt, board shorts and the usual giant black brace around his left leg. He limps down to ringside, using the ringsteps to get himself up on the apron and slowly moves through the middle ropes, makes his way to the middle of the ring and waits until a production assistant brings him a mic.

Jeffery Drake: I know a lot of people don’t like me here in Rebel Pro. That’s fine. I’ve built a career around it.

The fans let him know that they don’t like him at the moment because he’s taking airtime away from actual wrestling.

Jeffery Drake: It’s an Order of Chaos world around here and I can accept that. I can accept the outrage over myself and Thunderwolf coming out of nowhere and sweeping away the tag belts. I can accept the hate from myself beating your World Heavyweight Champion last week and securing a spot as the next in line to hold the belt Bubba J’s been smashing bud bottles over the last month. I can even get over my name being misspelled on every RPW marquee and promo.

The crowd realizes this whining would have been their best opportunity to his the bathrooms and buy some merchandise – but it’s too late now.

Jeffery Drake: I can’t accept being booked in another match with the Phoenix and having him no show.

Drake hobbles over to the camera, holding out both hands – and now shouting to make sure the mic picks up his words.

Jeffery Drake: I’m appealing to everyone in the back. To Gordon. To Gold. To Masakazu. To Simon’s other eye. Whomever is calling the shots… bring me someone who cares about the profession that has built them into the person they are. Not Robinson. I’ve beaten him ten

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times in four months. He didn’t even open his eyes for like six of those bouts. Don’t force McNasty into this. He’s a good kid. A little unfocused as we discovered in the build up for the RP3 Tournament – but he doesn’t deserve this. I don’t deserve this.

He gives up on his appeal and turns back to the crowd.

Jeffery Drake: I plan to be hoisting your signature belt over my head soon. Bring in someone else for this match. Do the community a favor and start perpetuating the farce that is its Intercontinental Champion.

He drops the microphone. The first cheer he gets for the night as “Plush” starts up again. He limps back towards the backstage area.

Triple Threat Elimination Match

Umbra vs. Jason Arkertome vs. Jack Spades

The match starts off strong for Umbra as just as the bell rings, he runs at nails Arkertome with a huge Yakaza kick, knocking him down. Umbra immediately goes for the cover and gets the 3, eliminating Arkertome. Jack looks impressed as he tried to lock up with Umbra, who accepts and attempts to corner Spades who uses his speed and agility to dodge and avoid the bigger man. Finally Umbra charges Spades and crushes him between himself and the turnbuckle. Umbra holds this position steady and begins wailing on Spades with lefts and rights with no escape for Spades. However Spades finds an exit and as Umbra goes for another large left Spades slides down and ducks out between the bigger mans legs. Spades springboards himself skyward with the middle rope and lands a vicious heel kick to the side of Umbra’s head which sends the bigger man stumbling back. Spades with a vicious knife edge chop, then another! Then a third! Umbra isn’t playing and he grabs Spades by the head and smashes his head against Spades’s. Jack hits the canvas but is up quickly. He goes for a roundhouse kick but Umbra catches his leg and lifts him up by the leg throwing his body forward and catching him by the neck. As Umbra catches Spades by the neck he spins around and chokeslams Spades to the canvas. Spades is up but groggy and Umbra hits a double axe handle smash on Spades sending him right back to the canvas. Spades doesn’t understand the word quit though, he’s right back on his feet and as Umbra attempts to level him with a flying clothesline it’s easy for Spades to duck and dodge the move. Umbra hits the canvas and Spades springboards himself off of the top

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rope and lands a senton splash right on the downed Umbra. Spades pins but only gets a 2 count as Umbra throws Spades off of him violently. Spades is back up though and on the attack. He exchanges blows with Umbra again but Umbra’s pack more power and he knocks Spades to the ground. Umbra then gets onto Spades and tried to pick him up on his shoulders, but Jack kicks his feet vigorously and flips the two so that Umbra is on Jack’s shoulders and is not in a perfect position, Jack drops to his kneels, driving Umbra’s head into the mat with the Laughter Kills! Umbra is out and Jack gets the pinfall

Winner: Jack Spades

The Expansion of REBEL Pro Part 1

We fade backstage as Masakazu slides aside a bunch of paper work, big smiles for whatever reason. He’s a Kalis, they’re fucking weird.

Masakazu: Well. Everything’s finalized. Welcome back to REBEL Pro.

Masakazu stands up and shakes the hand of some dude, we can’t see him. We assume he’s awesome.

Masakazu: Nice mask.

Quick Results

Jack Spades defeats Arkertome and Umbra
Jacob Figgins defeats Jeremy Gold
Justin Case defeats Suukya’


In Association with the AoWF, We Bring You: BARBEDWIRE MASSACRE!

Live! May 14th, 2012 From The Centre Bell in Montreal, Quebec Canada!

RPW World Title Barbed Wire Dog Chain Match
Anna Mathews versus Bubba J©

RPW World Tag Team Title Barbed Wire Cage Match
Flaming Nasties versus DrakeWolf©

RPW Aggression Title Barbed Wire I Quit Match
Bubba J versus

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Anna Mathews©

Number One Contender’s Trophy: Bring Your own Barbed Wire Weapon Battle Royale**

RPW Fecal Beagle Unification Barbed Wire Hangmans Match
Jaice Wilds© versus Jack The Mackhammer©

Barbed Wire Ninja Match
Bubba J & Anna Mathews versus The Hoodie Ninjas*

*The Hoodie Ninjas are permitted weapons, Anna & Bubba are not.
**Anyone can enter except current REBEL Pro Champions, so long as they RP by the special first deadline.

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