Aggression 8-27-2012

About This Close

“I’m A Rebel” hits up in the speakers and the crowd immediately begins to laugh, some boo heavily, but the majority are laughing; because they remember what Bubba J did to Gordon not so long ago. Larry has a mic in hand as he steps through the ropes, shoving Jenny Jersey down in his haste, or maybe it was on purpose. Either way, Jenny gives a bit of a squeak as she falls backwards and Gordon just stares down at her, perhaps she was laughing along with the crowd.

“Keep on laughing, chuck it up, enjoy yourselves…”

He smirks.

“Cause at the end of the day, I’m about this close…”

He holds two fingers less than a quarter of an inch apart, for an example.

“From taking back over, its just a formality now keeping me from regaining the control of a company that I own fifty-one percent of. Something about me not being in my right mind, the health issues that I’ve had… the anger issues…”

They all boo and laugh at him still, many mimick eating a burger and fries; it all goes to piss Gordon off.

“But you know what?!”

They are giving him hell and he’s getting pissed extremely quickly and fully.

“What is funny is… that that bald headed son of a bitch, and I’ve met her before… and I know, will never wrestle again.”

He laughs.

“Actually, never say never… but he has about as much chance of wrestling here again as I do of not eating and Jenny Jersey getting on her knees to…”

She screams, he shoves her down again.

“Jenny… please, I

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wasn’t going to tell them about when you needed that raise so bad to make your car payment. Or that time you needed a bit more to pay the Emergency room doctor because…”

She screams again, in tears; Gordon laughs, he just shoves Jenny away(she’s not a fighter).

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