Aggression 4-23-2012

Who’s The Boss?

The camera cuts backstage, in to an office, where Larry Gordon is sitting at his desk, several papers placed on it. Gordon is sitting at the desk with a phone up to his ear and a smile on his face. The camera man and Marvin Humperdink walk in to the office, recording the entire while; Gordon has his back to the camera and no idea he’s being recorded. Marvin, thinking about this soldiers on.

Marvin: Mr. Gordon?

Larry spins around.

Larry Gordon: I’ll talk with you later, but thanks for the good news.

Marvin raises an eyebrow as Gordon places the phone in the cradle.

Marvin: Good news sir?

Gordon nods.

Larry Gordon: It seems that Mr. Simon Kalis was a bit premature in his assumption that his bastard of a son was going to be running this show and that the Kalis Dynasty would have full control of Rebel Pro.

Gordon is sitting there with a smirk on his face and a very confident look.

Marvin: Sir? So, are you back in full control of Rebel Pro.

Larry chuckles a bit.

Larry Gordon: Not this week, but there will be some legalities that need to be ironed out, but rest assure Marvin, I will be back at the helm before too much longer. Perhaps even by Barbed Wire Massacre.

Marvin seems to shrink at this news, he knows that there will probably be a pay cut in it for him.

Marvin: That soon sir?

Gordon sneers.

Larry Gordon: What? You don’t want me running the show anymore?!

Marvin seems to be cowering now, afraid of what to answer.

Marvin: Its not that sir….

Larry Gordon: Then what is it Marvin? What is your problem with me running this company?

Marvin: Nothing sir.

Larry Gordon: Simon claims to have done so much for this company, have gotten them nationally recognized, but I’m the one that originally carried them to Afghanistan backed at Armed Assault! Simon says a lot of shit, but that is all it is… a lot of shit. He’s nothing more t han your typical gangsta slug or thug, either description fits.

Gordon seems to be getting in to it, but Marvin is looking a bit worried.

Larry Gordon: And he got nothing more than what he has had coming to him for years! Him helping me and my doctor bills?! The Phoenix’s money is what paid for that! He seems to think that his 49 percent trumphs my 51 percent, well… evidentally all of that cocain that he’s done has melted his already cruelly unintelligent brain to nothing more than sludge. I am the owner of Rebel Pro! I am the man who is going to run this business! I am the man who when I say jump, everyone is to say how high!

Gordon is really in to it.

Larry Gordon: I was content to sit back and let him book the matches, the cards, set every thing up… but he wasn’t content with all that. Kalis had to try and go behind my back and claim to gain control, giving it to his bastard of a son, if I ever stepped a toe ot of line… well that bastard Masakazu can meet the same sticky and unfortunate end that his father met… if he puts one toenail, one nappy hair strand… across my path.

A secondary camera is down the hallway, outside of Gordon’s office… Masakazu is standing right outside of Gordon’s office, leaning up against the wall and taking it all in.

Larry Gordon(from inside his office): Now, Marvin, get the hell out of my office before I severely reprimand you in to the unemployed line!


Jamie Shields vs. “The Show” Chad Kurtis

It’s the return of the show and the beginning of the show, how cool is that? Chad and Jamie start going at it right off the bat, choosing to try to have a wrestling match at the beginning with Jamie getting the early advantage, showcasing his relentless style with strong backhands and uppercuts. Kurtis tried to fight back, and was able to duck a kick from Jamie and grab his now exposed head, driving him down to the mat with a ddt. Chad hit the ropes and landed a moon Sault off the middle rope for a two count. Jamie got up and when Chad came back for a dropkick, simply side stepped him and dropped an elbow on his chest. Jamie covered for two. Kurtis fought back to his feet and started striking Jamie, who was covering up. Chad went to the ropes again for the springboard, but he was caught by Jamie in mid rotation. Jamie hoisted him up upon his shoulders and drove Kurtis down to the mat with the Burning Hammer. Chad was out as Jamie pinned him for the 1 2 3.

Winner: Jamie Shields

What An Effect

Masakazu leans back, loosening the tie of his suit.

Masakazu: Listen. I know the history between us, hasn’t been well… The most cordial. Nor the most respectful.

There’s a man in the chair opposite Mas, but we cannot see him. He remains silent.

Masakazu: You being an Apostle of Ares, us being your sworn enemy and all that. But times are different.

Masakazu slides a portfolio towards the man and smiles.

Masakazu: Your contract is ready. That’s a given between us. But… Your place in The Order. I am apologizing on behalf of us, for all the wrong we wrought upon you and yours. Consider the bonus in the contract an act of reparations. We need you though. I won’t lie, I won’t sugar coat it. So… What’d you say?

We see the arm extend, the man quietly shaking Masakazu’s hand as we fade…

Triple Threat Match

Rocky Logan vs. Electra vs. Jack Spades

The match started fast and furious, with all three competitors showing why they were the proverbial best of the bunch in this three way. Rocky and Jack started going at it early, Electra trying to stay out of the way. Rocky dropped Jack on his head with a hard brain buster before turning his attention to Electra. She tried to flirt her way out of harm, but she was nailed in the face by a hard right. Jack attacked Rocky from behind, but he was kneed in the gut for his trouble. Rocky hit the ropes, but Jack low bridged him out of the ring! Electra nearly stole the victory after hitting Jack with her Butterfly Effect, but before she could get the three, Rocky Logan snuck up behind her and caught her with the Reckless Abandonment, leaving Electra with no choice but

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to submit.

Winner: Rocky Logan

Chaotically Charming

Hey look! We’re backstage! Don’t you just love it when things like this happen out of nowhere? Meghan Strader sure doesn’t. I can tell because I’ve been stalking her for at least five minutes. The crowd pops as she swaggers towards her room, keeping a cautious eye out for any suspicious activity. Besides me, your cameraperson, there doesn’t seem to be any. How odd. Suddenly, she trips and nearly falls on a pair of stilts with moon boots on the ends.

Meghan : PuppetTeresa?!

PuppetTeresa: Win.

Meghan: What are you doing here?

PuppetTeresa: Wi-in win winny winner win.

The look on her face is one of cluelessness. It’s a shame she can’t translate retarded puppetese. Luckily, a head of rather yellow yarn hair and velvety awesome top hat peeks out from the cracked open door.

PuppetLiza: PuppetTeresa said she was trying to guard the door when she tripped on a quarter.

Then the dumb felt bitch realized who she was translating to.

PuppetLiza: Oh! We didn’t expect you this early!

With great haste, we’re finally allowed to see inside. The first thing to grasp our attention is two rather shifty members of Anna’s cult attempting to decorate with streamers. This job is difficult mainly because PuppetLisa is cracking a whip and saying really mean things. To the left, a new leather filled biker outfit is worn by a life sized statue of the Lady Strader. The right gives way to a shiny motorcycle, lovingly polished until specs of dust became afraid to touch it. And dead center standing on a rather wobbly stepladder, the Queen of the Dodos herself puts the finishing touches on yet another one of her edible masterpieces. She seems oblivious to everything as she shimmies to an imaginary song. As Meghan walks towards her, she notices the paper on the floor. Concert tickets galore. PuppetLisa shrugs.

PuppetLisa: Yeah. She tried finding a band, but nobody accepted the bribes. They didn’t really like my threats either. So she just bought tickets for everything evil, metal, and in between. I had to shoot her with a tranquilizer gun just to get her to stop. *CRACK!* Get back to work!

The men do, of course, resulting in one of them bumping the ladder. Anna flaps her arms trying to get her balance but ultimately falls. A look at Meghan seems to snap her out of her trance. A nervous giggle.

Anna: O hai.

Meghan: Hi… did you do this for me?

Anna smiles and nods at the ‘Agent of Chaos’. Meghan looks at her and blushes as she becomes bashful. The girls are interrupted by Jeremy Gold in a red tracksuit, hopped up on a fine Columbian export dancing to music on his iPod. If I hear correctly I think it is “It’s Hip To Be Square”.

JG: You’re up ladies!

Jeremy turns around wiggles his ass and dances out of the door way as Meghan helps her partner up.

The Order & Charms versus The Masters of Armageddon

Anna Mathews & Meghan Nash Strader versus Kvlt Drachen & Vicious

Special Guest Referee: ???

With everyone now in the ring, suddenly “Seven Devils” by Florence & The Machines hits and Masakazu steps out with an arrogant smirk.

Masakazu: I’m sure you’re all wondering who the special guest referee is meant to be tonight.

The crowd cheers, they are quite curious.

Masakazu: He’s a man whose name you’ll all know, quite well. The newest roster member of REBEL Pro, and the newest member of The Order of Chaos. I give you…

“Black Dwarf” by Candlemass hits, and the words “THE NEXT CONSPIRACY” come over the REBELTron.

Linzi Martin: No shit?


Mas high fives Figgins, who steps out with a smirk. Anna smiles, Meghan laughs but the two Masters do not seem as pleasant about this as the two women. Masakazu steps backstage as Figgins gets into the ring and waves to the throngs of cheering REBEL Pro fans.

Larry Gordon: I am sick and tired of Masakazu’s interferences.
Linzi Martin: But you should be happy to see Jacob Figgins in REBEL Pro, cause that’s fuckin’ huge.
Larry Gordon: Hmph.
The two teams look ready to go but Jacob Figgins orders them both back to their corners in preparation for a pat down. Jacob moves first to Kvlt but decides against putting his hands anywhere near him and turns instead to Vicious. Jacob then gets down on his knees and checks Vicious shoes – who grunts, rolls his eyes and misses completely when Anna Mathews comes up over Figgins back and smashes Vicious with a knee between the eyes.

Vicious spills out of the ropes as Meghan crosses the ring and crushes Kvlt against the corner with a knee. Kvlt tosses her aside but gets met with a kick upside the head by Anna, sending him staggering into the ring. Kvlt tries to shake toe cobwebs out but Anna and Meghan are on him quick and send him into the post. Meghan then shoots Anna across the ring, who leaps into a Cartwheel to Backspring Elbow, connecting hard with his face as she spills over the ropes. Meghan then looks for the follow up but runs right into his grasp as Kvlt steps forward with Belly-to-Belly Suplex into the post, spiking her head first into the canvas.

Meghan sits balled up in a heap in the corner as Kvlt pulls his way free, unaware of Anna Mathews preparing a Springboard attack. As Anna goes up though Vicious grabs hold of a leg and drags her down, smacking her face first off the apron before tossing her back into the rail. Vicious then slides back into the ring as Kvlt gets Meghan tied up into the Tree of Woe.

Kvlt slides out behind Meghan, pulls back her wrists and gleefully twists her back into the buckles. Meghan screams at the top of her lungs in a mix of pain and just sheer blind frustration as Vicious moseys up in front of her, takes a swing and rips a chop across her stomach.

With no way to get at him Meghan resorts to spitting at him which only pushes Vicious to hit her harder still. Vicious then fires of a wicked series of chops before leaving her for the opposite corner. Kvlt meanwhile lets go of her arms in favour of her neck, choking her from the outside while leaning in and saying something we can only assume to be of a disgusting sexual nature. Jacob Figgins does his best to warn him off and even starts a count, knowing full well that there’s fuck all he can do, what with there being no rules.

Vicious squats down in the corner and lets Kvlt get his fill before crossing the ring and smashing Meghan between the eyes with a Dropkick, sending the spit and teeth flying.

Vicious gets back up and heads for the ropes again, shoving aside Figgins who returns a warning but keeps his distance for the time being. Vicious then steps forward into another run but stops in his tracks as he sees Anna hurtling toward him with a Flying Crossbody.

Vicious is quickly back to his feet as Anna rolls through, slips under a Clothesline and dives into a Tope Con Hilo, sending her and Kvlt into the rail. Vicious tries to keep the momentum up for his team but walks right into Meghan’s clutches as manages to pull herself up and catch him in a ¾ Chinlock. Meghan then kicks her way off the ropes, turns in mid air and slams him face down with the Acid Drop.

Meghan leaps onto the cover.




Vicious pushes free from a fast count and rolls toward the ropes for a breath. He doesn’t get it though as Anna kicks him back under the ropes to Meghan, who drags him back up to his feet and puts him right back down with a Legsweep as Anna doubles it up with a Flying Dropkick. The two then race back to their feet with Meghan catching Kvlt on the apron with a Shoulderblock while Anna gets Vicious in place. The two then attempt to get Kvlt up for a Suplex, but find it going the other way as Kvlt takes them over the ropes.

Anna falls loose the floor and just barely lands on her feet while Meghan catches the ropes and manages to land beside him on the apron. Kvlt tries to cut her down with a Lariat but Meghan gets there first with a kick in the stomach. She then tries to splatter him off the apron with a DDT but Kvlt grips her waist tight and drops to a knee, holding her in place for Vicious to crack her in the back of the head with a Northern Lariat. Kvlt then dumps her to the floor.

Vicious drags Anna back to the ring as Kvlt goes looking for some plunder. Anna tries to shake the cobwebs loose but finds herself pinned down in the corner as Vicious grinds a knee into her throat. Figgins warns him and eventually puts a hand on him, forcing Vicious to break off his attack and send Figgins across the ring. Figgins goes down to a knee and Vicious snaps a few words at him, unfortunately for him Figgy is far from hurt, and as Vicious goes to turn away Figgy comes up with the Hello Kitty elbow pad slipped on and crushes his jaw with a brutal Roaring Elbow.

Figgins looks quite pleased with himself and turns and walks right into Kvlt, who shatters his face with a Barbedwire chair.

Kvlt makes a point of grinding the chair against his face and then tearing it off, letting the barbs pierce and then rip through his flesh. Kvlt then tosses the chair aside for the moment and turns his attention piece of plywood he dumps in the centre of the ring. Kvlt then produces a bottle of lighter fluid and holds it high, earning a few horrified calls from the crowd.

Anna tries to catch Vicious off guard with a kick but gets caught over his arm and then sent flying with a Capture Suplex, crumpling her in a heap by the ropes. Vicious then dusts himself off and gets to his feet as Kvlt tosses Meghan into his hands. Vicious then lines Meghan up for the Aurora Suplex as Kvlt douses the board, but Meghan manages to elbow her way out of his hands and then falls forward, bundling Vicious and Kvlt over.

Vicious fires into the ropes, aiming to take her head off with a Clothesline, only to be dropped as Anna pulls down the ropes, letting him flop to the outside. Meghan Meanwhile drops Kvlt with a kick and prepares to finish him with the Pedigree, but Kvlt arches back and dumps her on the mat. Anna doesn’t let him rest though and flies into him with a Basement Dropkick.

Anna slams the barbedwire chair onto his chest and then makes for the apron. Anna then tosses herself up onto the second rope, bounces to the top and then leaps into 630, only to come crashing down on the chair propped up on his knees.

Anna limps away, puncture wounds already streaming from under her shirt as Kvlt sets on her, gets her into the air and cracks her neck against the canvas with a Lyger Bomb.

Meghan tries to get into the ring for the save but Vicious pulls her around and whips her into the ring steps. Meghan staggers back and swings at him, only to end up caught and driven into the floor with a T-Bone Suplex. Back in the ring Kvlt finally gets his wish and spreads the last few drops of lighter fluid on the board, rips a match and then sets it alight.

Kvlt drags Anna up by the hair and thumps her with a knee to soften her up. He then gets her up onto a shoulder and turns toward the flaming board. He smiles a grave smile as he gets up under her arms.

Kvlt pushes Anna into the air but loses his grip, letting her fall down behind him. Anna lands on her feet and Kvlt tries to get after her, but gets dropped with a kick in the back of his knees. Kvlt lands on all fours and Anna capitalises, leaping up with a Double Stomp that smashes his face off the flaming board.

Kvlt smothers the board but sees his mask go up in ablaze and throws himself to the outside. Anna tries to get after him but Vicious is on her from behind and drops her with a horrid German Suplex. Anna rolls free and Vicious follows, dragging her up by the hair. He doesn’t get any further than that though as Meghan smashes the barbedwire chair deep into his back, dropping him to his knees. Anna shakes him off and thrusts him at Meghan, who walks him into a kick and quickly doubles his arms before splattering his face off the chair with the Pedigree.

Meghan flops onto a pin as Anna slaps Figgins awake.




That Shit’s McNasty

We open to find former REBEL Tag Champ Mark McNatsy in the office of Masakazu. Mas has a very stoic look on his face as he sits behind a desk, staring across it at the standing McNasty.

Mas: I have no problem giving Grade A Nastyness another tag title shot. I simply want to know where your associate is.

McNasty smirks as he leans down and calmly puts his hands on the desk.

McNasty: WELLLL Mr. Meshuggah,

Mas cuts him off.

Mas: That’s Masakazu.

McNasty lets out a small laugh.

McNasty: Sorry, my bad. Like I said Mr. Michelin…

Mas sighs.

McNasty: Alex is sort of preoccupied. He won’t be able to make the pay per view. But come on! I’m sure you could find someone on my level who could draw in the ratings like I do.

Mas puts his fore finger and thumb on his chin; he rubs it for a second.

Mas: Ok Mark, you have a deal. Come back in an hour, and you’ll find out your partner for your tag title shot at Barbed Wire Massacre.

McNasty: Aw thanks! You’re the best Mr. Mitsubishi!

McNasty turns and walks out of the office as Masakazu puts his face in his hand. He looks up, sighs, and picks up the phone.

AoWF King o’Extreme Championship Handicap Match

Justin Case & The Wiz versus Enika Engel©

Enika Engel entered the ring confident, her confidence only outdone by Justin Case’s hubris. The match starts and The Wiz quickly falls back to let Case start things off. Case and Enika tie up, Case using his size and strength hits a snap suplex on Enika. Enika’s right back up, and Case immediately grapples her again and takes her down with a fishermans suplex. The Wiz takes his cane and begins bashing Engel’s face in. Case begins stomping down on her chest and abdomen as well. He lifts Enika up The Benchmark! He covers! 1! 2! NO!!! Enika kicks out! She quickly rolls out of the ring, smartly recovering and regrouping herself. The Wiz taps his cane on the canvas, and Justin Case signals for her to bring it.

Enika grabs a lead pipe from under the ring and gets back in. The Wiz, feeling braver, lunges at her. But Enika hits him with some pink mist in the eyes, blinding the Wiz. The Wiz runs back blindly, barely missing Justin Case. Enika is in the ring and swings the lead pipe like a bat, cracking Case hard over the head. She wails on him with it, again and again, and again and again. Case however, grabs her and whips her to the ropes. She comes back and hits Ante-Up! On The Wiz, who’s still blind, sending him crashing to the canvas. Case grabs her and hits a German suplex, but Enika, still with lead pipe in hand, cracks him over the head as she recovers from the assault. She hits a springboard spinning wheel kick on Case, sending him over the top rope. With one final blast from the lead pipe to the already downed Wiz, she covers.



Case slides into the ring.


Case is too late!


Abbey Graves: The winner of this match, and STILL AoWF King of Extreme Champion…. ENIKA ENGEL!!!!

Alliance of Warriors?

The camera cuts backstage, showing Bubba J there, Rebel Pro World title over his shoulder, and a cooler in his left hand, walking down the hallway. The effects of his match with Emily Corlen are still evident on his body as he marches towards the camera. After a few steps, he comes to a door, just stopping and staring at it as though he’s trying to read it, but you can tell that he’s going through emmotions in his head about the name.

“This is bigger than one person. This is bigger than any one individual. This is bigger than any of us have realized.”

The camera pans to show the name on the door as Bubba J’s scarred hand knocks not so gently on the wood. Bubba J waits as a crack appears in between the door and the frame; the profile of Emily’s face coming into the sliver.

Emily: “What do you want?”

Bubba J looks at her.

Bubba J: “Can you at least let me in?”

Emily swings the door wide, motioning for Bubba J to come on in. Emily goes back to sitting on a somewhat comfortable chair, also still showing the injuries from their match. Bubba J stands over her, her seeming relaxed, if still in some pain; after all Bubba J’s the same, it was a hell of a match.

Emily: “You wanted… what exactly?”

Bubba J stares at Emily.

~One minute later~

Emily is still staring at Bubba J.

~One minute later~

They are still staring at each other, neithers’ expression is changing.

Its like both are sizing up the other, seeing just what, we aren’t sure.

Bubba J: “That was one of the toughest battles that I’ve ever been in. I knew that you’d be tough… but Emily…”

He seems to gather himself, his thoughts returning to the battle.

Bubba J: “You are the toughest bitch that I’ve faced in the AOWF.”

He nods… out of respect towards Emily? The crowd is silent in the arena, Bubba J doesn’t give compliments… hardly at all. Its a momentous occasion.

Emily Corlen: “”

Bubba J: “But that ain’t why I’m here Emily.”

Emily raises an eyebrow in wonderment.

Bubba J: “I’m fucking tired of what they are doing.”

He doesn’t have to explain, she knows exactly who he is talking about. Emily looks at him, nodding in agreement.

Emily Corlen: “”

Bubba looks at her, just staring and grabbing all of his thoughts.

Bubba J: “This is bigger than any one of us.”

He tosses the belt down on the ground.

Bubba J: “As much as I respect this federation, as much as I hate to stand beside anyone. As much as I’ve done wrong and by myself in the past.”

He sticks out his hand. Emily just looks at it, then back up to Bubba J with a question in her eyes.

Bubba J: “We’ve never really liked each other. But Emily, you proved something to me at Birthday Bash. You proved yourself to me… and that means something really big to me. I am glad that there is someone like you in The Order. I’m glad that you are the tough bitch that you are. And I have but one last question for you.”

He motions outside of the room, Emily just waits.

Bubba J: “They are getting too big, they are getting too powerful, they are getting way out of control… So…, stand beside me?”

Emily looks into Bubba J’s eyes, trying to read his soul. Emily’s trying to read his expression, if he means it, if he’s tricking her because he is a Masters minion.

Emily waits, contemplating it as she continues to read his eyes and thinks about all of his words.

Emily Corlen: “”

Emily sticks out her hand, but Bubba J has drawn back, shaking his head. Emily looks taken aback and is in a defensive stance, ready for the attack as she looks around. Bubba J is digging in the cooler, the sound of ice sloshing around. Emily just stares as Bubba J pulls out 2 Ying Ling beers, reaching one out to her.

Bubba J: “I don’t know if you drink, but this is how I sign a deal…”

He holds the ice covered and cold beer out to her.

Bubba J: “With a beer.”

Bubba J: “I don’t know if you drink…”

Emily pops both her and Bubba J’s beer bottle top, and begins to chug as he joins her. They then clink empty bottles before staring at each other.

Both: “Rebel Pro… FUCK! YEAH!”

Jeffrey Drake & Thunderwolf vs. Hardcore Entertainment

We come back from commercial to see that both teams are already in the ring. Well, Bubba J is in the ring, so is Jeffery Drake; and their partners are on the apron waiting to be tagged in.

Ding Ding

Linzi Martin: You know that I cannot stand you by now.

Larry Gordon: People do what they have to do Linzi, and remember that I can fire you at any time.

Bubba J nails Drake with a right hand, but the legend fires back with one of his own and this match is under way. Bubba J with another right, Drake with a second of his own; these two are going toe to toe in the center of t he ring. Bubba J throws a seventh right hand, but Drake absorbs the blow, turning it in to a wristlock and taking Bubba J down with an arm drag. Bubba J rolls up under, nailing Drake with his left fist instead and bringing up a knee in to Drake’s crotch. Drake, the veteran that he is, blocks the knee, but has to absorb the weaker left fist to the chin. J with a headbutt, but Drake responds with one in kind to the Ragin’ Redneck.

Linzi Martin: ….

Larry Gordon: You refuse to call the match… and I’ll refuse to continue signing your paychecks.

Linzi Martin: They are punching each other fans, what. hot. hectic. action.

Larry Gordon: A little more inflection Linzi, that raise may be flushed down the toilet.

Drake pulls J up, whipping him in to the corner as Vincent and Thunderwolf watch on in calm fascination. Drake nails J in the midsection with his good knee, reaching out for a tag, but Bubba J shoves him away with a fist in his gut. Drake doubles over, Bubba J off the ropes with a big knee lift in to his face that knocks him down. Bubba J reaches for a tag in to Vincent, but Drake trips him up, causing him to slam his chin on the canvas. Bubba J turns over, kicking out at Drake and reaching up for the tag, but Drake yanks him away from the long reach of Black on the apron. Drake and Bubba J get back up to their knees, exchanging rights and lefts in the very center of the ring, but neither is getting an advantage, despite the age of Drake and the inexperience of Bubba J.

Linzi Martin: They are back to punching like drunk monkeys.

Larry Gordon: This is wonderful, two of the MOA’s enemies beating the hell out of each other, makes our job much easier.

Linzi Martin: That of running and only attacking when the odds are in your favor?

Larry Gordon: You must pick your battles Linzi, take them out when you can and leave when you can’t.

Drake with a faint, Bubba J bites and Drake nails him with an elbow to the temple that really rocks the redneck hard. Bubba J falls back, but Drake pulls him forward in to a fist to the mouth and a secondary move of a headbutt to the nose. Bubba J isn’t bleeding, but at this pace it won’t be long. Drake pulls himself up to his feet, reaching over to Thunderwolf, but Bubba J catches him with a double fist right to his balls and Drake crumbles like a sack of bricks, barely before making the tag to Wolf. Bubba J crawls forward, locking in an anklelock, but its more to pull Drake back from his corner. Bubba J releases the hold, whipping Drake in to a neutral corner, but he quickly follows in with a lifted knee into Drake’s midsection, doubling him over. However, Bubba J the nice guy that he is, stands Drake up with a stiff uppercut to his chin. Bubba J begins to literally stomp a mudhole in Drake’s midsection until he is in a seated position in the corner. Bubba J goes across the ring, running back and looking for a Bronco Buster!

Larry Gordon: That is good for MOA business.

Linzi Martin: Drake manages to move out of the way just in time, but leaves a fist there for good measure.

Bubba J is rolling around in pain, and Drake is still recovering as well, but on the outside. Bubba J continues rolling and falls over the edge.

Larry Gordon: He must be wrestling drunk again, but that is Simon’s World Champion?

Linzi Martin: Yes it is and Mr. Kalis is a wonderful man, and so is Masakazu!

Larry Gordon: So, which one gets you first? Or do they share now that Simon is married?

Linzi Martin: You bastar…

Larry Gordon: I forgot, Simon isn’t capable of doing much of anything at the present… is he?

Linzi refuses to say another word meanwhile Drake and Bubba J are each tugging on a steel chair under the ring. Bubba J has the feet of the chair and Drake the back of the chair, they both crawl under to see what is keeping the chair, they see each other. Drake with a right under the ring and Bubba J returns the favor. These two men are fighting under the ring as Wolf and Vincent continue to watch on, content to let these two duke it out and remain as fresh as they can. Drake shoves backwards, but Bubba J rolls to the left and comes up with a wrench. J swings the wrench, but Drake is just barely able to block it with the chair. The fans can’t see what is going on, but they hear the sounds of combat under the ring and all of a sudden white mist comes out from under the ring.

Larry Gordon: Someone get a camera under that ring, or else they will be severely repremanded!

A camera guy obliges, sticking the camera under the ring and the feed going to the Rebel-tron, which was called Megavision, and not sure if it has been changed now. The camera catches Bubba J’s bleeding lip and Drake’s bleeding temple before J slings the extinguisher at Drake’s forehead. Drake rolls out of the way and the camera’s lense is smashed into bits from the impact with the hard metal of the extinguisher. The camera man slides back, a few pieces of glass sticking in to the flesh around his face, it was some explosion I tell you.

Larry Gordon: Damn it! I want to see them destroy each other!

Linzi Martin: Well, looks like you won’t, unless you spend some cash and get better cameras… and braver camera men.

The camera man, that she is referring to as a weiny, is crying and leaving the building in a freaking hurry. Jimmy Johnson, the senior referee, is under the ring trying to get the two men to come out, but he’s shoved backwards in to the railing with a bleeding nose and a busted lip as well. Bubba J comes out, but right beside him is Drake, both looking like if Jimmy Johnson messes with them again, it won’t be as nice as it just was. Drake looks at J, nailing him with a punch to the jaw as well as a knee braced gang greenous knee to the ribs. Bubba J falls against the steps, Drake with a running start lands a hard knee, right where Bubba J’s head just was; the redneck moving just in time. Drake is hurt now, holding at his bad wheel and here comes J, board to the knee and Drake howls in obvious pain and torture. J slams the board down again and again on the knee. Drake tries to crawl under the ring, but J pulls him back out quickly, but Drake got what he wanted, a forgotten Pepsi 20 ounce. Bubba J leans over, Drake sprays it in to his eyes, the soda burning and causing temporary blindness.

Larry Gordon: Finally we are back to seeing them destroy each other.

Linzi Martin: At least Vincent and Thunderwolf aren’t giving you the destruction you want.

Larry Gordon: We’ll see what can be done about that.

Gordon gets on his phone and immediately curses.

Larry Gordon: This was signed to be a regular tag match, with Rebel Pro rules!

Linzi Martin: Meaning, they have to tag in to the match… hahahahahahaha.

Drake nails Bubba J with a ring step, limping over, and slamming it down on to his head before whipping him in to the railing. Drake comes back with another running knee, this one connecting and Bubba J manages to pull him over the railing and to the crowd. Bubba J pounds away at Drake, but Drake is also pounding away at Bubba J; neither canadian dog pharmacy. cialis. viagra. online pharmacy canada accutane. over the counter viagra. buy sildenafil. tadalafil active metabolite.

man really getting much of an advantage and not for long in this match. Bubba J whips Drake in to the railing and delivers a clothesline that sends both men over and back to ringside.

Larry Gordon: I want more blood and torn flesh!

Linzi Martin: And I want you to take a bath and not to have been a dirty back stabbing son of a bitch! But we don’t all get what we want.

Bubba J drags Drake to the ring before rolling him in and following him in afterwards. Bubba J leans forward to tag in Vincent, but Drake kicks his knee, causing J to fall backwards and in to a rollup!



Bubba J kicks out and up to his feet, Drake up as well, sending J down with a elbow shot to the face. Drake rushes forward, but J grabs the back of his trunks before the tag is made, just about a half of an inch to go, and rolls him up from behind!



Drake throws a shoulder up, kicking out and up to his feet. They come together in a collar and elbow, Bubba J forcing Drake to the ropes, but Drake quickly spinning around and J is in the corner. Drake with several stiff face and body shots to weaken the Ragin’ Redneck, but he goes for one blow too many as Bubba J whips them both around and nails Drake with a right of his own. J with a headbutt in to Drake’s chest before doing another mudhole stomp to nearly get him in a seated position. Bubba J yanks on the hair, pulling him back up and slamming an elbow in to his temple. Bubba J drags Drake over for a tag, sure to get it this time… Drake goes for The Hero’s Suplex(Bridging Fisherman’s Suplex) but still the tag isn’t made!
He nails it!




Ding Ding Ding

Abbey Graves: Winners of the match, garanteeing Jeffery Drake a Rebel Pro World Title shot… the team of Thunderwolf and Jeffery Drake!

“Plush” by the Stone Temple Pilots hits up in the speakers as Jeffery Drake and Thunderwolf stand tall in the center of the ring, victorious as we fade to credits.


Jamie Shields defeats Chad Kurtis
Rocky Logan defeats Electra & Jack Spades
Anna & MNS defeat Kvlt & Vicious
Enika Engel defeats Justin Case & The Wiz, retaining the AoWF KoE Championship
DrakeWolf defeats Hardcore Entertainment, gaining Drake a REBEL Pro World Title Shot

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