Beauregarde, Ambrose Ulysses

Ambrose Ulysses Beauregarde

HEIGHT & WEIGHT: 6’5″ & 246 lbs.
HOMETOWN: Vicksburg, Mississippi
ENTRANCE MUSIC: “O Fortuna” by Carl Orff
STYLE: Old-School/Entertainer/Dirty Heel
1. DDT
2. Swinging Neckbreaker
3. Cobra Clutch submission into a Russian Leg Sweep
4. Spinebuster off the ropes
5. The Gentleman’s Agreement (Beauregarde removes his knee-pad, stomping his foot in anticipation for his opponent to get to his feet before hitting a vicious Running Knee Lift to the

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opponent’s head as the opponent is leaning forward)
FINISHER: Dixieland Death Drop
FINISHER DESCRIPTION: Elevated Fireman’s Carry into an Over-The-Knee Neckbreaker

BIO: Ambrose Ulysses Beauregarde was born into a wealthy Mississippi family, is allegedly a distant blood relative of former Confederate Civil War general Pierre G.T. Beauregarde, and spent his high school days as the starting quarterback at the local high school. After getting a scholarship to play in the FCS-division UT-Martin Skyhawks, Ambrose was a four year letterman before coasting into graduation with a 2.65 GPA and a major in business. Despite having a spot saved for him in his father’s cotton manufacturing plant as Executive Vice-President of the company, Ambrose wanted something more. Having always been a professional-wrestling fan ever since childhood, his father sent him to train in the Carolinas for former NWA prelim wrestler George South to learn about the business. Ambrose was a natural in the ring and had the innate ability to make a crowd absolutely hate his guts with his “Southern gentleman” gimmick, breaking rules

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and drawing white-hot heat on a nightly basis all over the Mid-South indy scene, along with his former Ole Miss cheerleader & former beauty queen wife, “The Darling Of Dixie” Jessie Rae Beauregarde. Recently, Larry Gordon offered Ambrose a contract to go national with REBEL Pro along with his wife and together the two of them plan a bit of a “REBEL Renaissance” of sorts to take the wrestling world by storm.

APPEARANCE: In-Ring: White Jerry Lawler-style singlet with gold dollar signs on the pant legs and gold tassels on the white boots.

Out-Of-Ring: Always immaculately dressed in an all-white business suit a la Tom Wolfe complete with white Oxfords and a black or red bolo tie and white hat with a black rim and a red feather on the side.

Physical Appearance: Shaved head, slightly long auburn red goatee, blue eyes, somewhat of an average build with some baby fat and no muscle to him.

Does your wrestler have a manger? Heck yes!
Does your manager cheat? Heck yes!
Does your manager carry a weapon? Primarily a brick-loaded Gucci bag, sometimes a bottle of bourbon whiskey

MANAGER’S NAME:Jessie Rae Beauregarde
MANAGER’S APPEARANCE: Long-White formal dress with a tiara and a sash saying “The Darling Of Dixie” while holding either a bottle of bourbon or a brick-loaded Gucci bag

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