Aggression 1-28-2013


“Whatever you Became” by Cold begins to play over the speakers. The Rebel fans jump to their feet for the remaining half of Fine Wine.

Larry Gordon: I suppose McNasty might shed some light on what happened to Alex Wilkie last week.

McNasty stops at the top of the ramp, and holds up his arm, getting a bigger response from the fans. He slowly makes his way to the ring, less than the normal jump in his step. When he reaches the ring, McNasty rolls in, and signals for his music to stop. He speaks.

McNasty: Last week, my best friend Alex Wilkie was hospitalized.

A couple of boos from the crowd.

McNasty: Sadly, just like in our match against Allen Chaney a few weeks ago, Alex was unable to defend himself due to his current health and weight issues.

Linzi Martin: So sad.

McNasty: Right now, Alex is in the hospital, trying to get better. I spoke with some of the hospital staff, and they said he should be able to start physical therapy in a few weeks. Additionally, they will work with him on his weight. And man, I couldn’t be happier.

Larry Gordon: That sounded a little off.

McNasty: You see…as I said, Alex is my best friend. It has been killing me for weeks now to see what he has become. He’s let his weight go, and it’s obviously effecting his in and out of ring life. And that’s why, when he was lying on the ground in a pile of his own blood, barking out, “WHY MARK? WHY!”, I told him it was for his own good.

Linzi Martin: What…

Stunned silence from the crowd.

McNasty: What kind of friend would I be to sit back, and continue to let Alex gorge himself like a black hole? The man couldn’t fight off a foot on his throat, or get off his back! He needed a wake-up call! And I was the only person willing to give it to him.

The initial shock is over. The fans are going crazy with boos. Some are throwing drink cups.

McNasty: Alex was no longer the man I was proud to call my tag partner. He wasn’t the same man from Grade-A Nastyness who won the tag team titles with me. He was no longer the man I had wars with in the Blazenwing Wrestling Federation for the US title.

McNasty doesn’t sound angry. He sounds distressed, and frustrated.

McNasty: It was killing me to see Alex do this to himself. I tried talking to him. I tried being subtle. Hell, I tried not being so subtle. But nothing got through to him! DON’T ANY OF YOU GET IT??? Because he didn’t…And I wasn’t going to sit back and let my best friend die because I didn’t get through to him! The next twinkie he stuffed in his bulging gullet might as well have been a loaded gun! I did what I had to, and because of me, Wilkie has a chance to go back to who he was. He has a chance to get better, and become someone who can be respected again.

McNasty lets the mic fall to his side for a second as he looks down. The boos are still coming, as people continue to pelt the ring with whatever random items they can find to throw.

McNasty: As hard as Wilkie always fought to gain respect, no one ever gave it to him. He won the PWA Who’s the Man…He was BWF Tag Champion, PWA Grizzly Beer Champion, PWA World Champion…but it was never good enough. When Allen Chaney forced Wilkie to tap by choking him with his foot…that was the final straw. I did what I had to, for my friend. And if you idiots can’t get that…too damn bad.

McNasty drops the mic, rolls out of the ring, and begins marching to the back. Fans throw whatever they can get in their hands at him as he marches up the ramp.

Larry Gordon: Even I think that’s twisted.

Linzi Martin: I somehow doubt Alex Wilkie would appreciate what his “friend” did for him.

McNasty marches through the curtains to the back where he is met by Marvin Humperdink.

Marv: Hi Mark. I

McNasty: Who are you?

Marv: I’m

McNasty: Don’t care. Here about Jaice Wilds…right?

Marv: Well, yes, I

McNasty: I want to make this perfectly clear, and I want to do it quick; as Jaice is not worth the time it takes to say his name. Jaice Wilds is insignificant. He’s cannon fodder, enhancement talent, a jobber, whatever the hell you want to call him. In my world, at this point after beating him so many times, Wilds is a flee, on the butt of a dog, on a leash, in a fenced in yard. He isn’t intimidating, he gets nothing done, and you only know he’s around because once in a while the dog scratches it’s ass. He’s an automaton. He shows up, gets in the ring, rolls around for a minute, loses, and goes back to the backstage area; just to fly to another city to wash rinse and repeat. On the rare occasion he wins, it is only because whatever opponent he is fighting, is broken. It happens to the best of us. Every once in a while, someone is off their game. Whether something is on their mind, they’re injured, or who knows what. But the end result is Jaice Wilds squeaks by. Quintessentially, it’s the same as him going into the woods, finding a dead bear stuck in a trap, and shooting it in the back of the head. He walks away with a bear pelt, not caring how he acquired it. And the saddest thing of all is any attempt to really explain this to Wilds would be in vein. That over inflated ego of his somehow acts as a shield, protecting him from the harsh reality that is his life. So end results is, even if I tried to tell Wilds he a nobody, a never-will-be, and a waste of human flesh, he wouldn’t care. I could talk about all the things I’ve done that he will never do; he still wouldn’t care. I could go step by step, listing every single lose he has ever had…which is a lot…and say, THIS HAPPENS ALL THE TIME; YOU SUCK! He’d still emit that undeserved arrogance that he has done nothing to deserve, and try to tell me he will whoop my ass. That…whoever you are…is why I will not stand here, and go through all the hoops and bs that most people do when talking down to an opponent. Because no matter what I say, Wilds is going to pretend it doesn’t exist. And to me, instead of standing here spitting out words he won’t ever acknowledge, I’d rather go to the ring, and give him a pair of matching black eyes he has to squint at every morning. I’m done.

McNasty shoves past Humperdink, leaving Marv looking bewildered.

The Roof is on Fire

As we fade in, we come to view Maya Kalis squinting as she gazes over the office of General Manager she now finds herself in. She tip toes by the desk, staring mournfully at the papers stacked and waiting for her to go through. Jeremy Gold is just outside the office door, peeking in momentarily before quietly slipping away down the hall. Maya finally takes a deep breath and sits down, basking in the glory of her newfound position. She shoves that stack of papers off her desk and pulls herself in. Tapping the desk, she doesn’t seem to know what to do with herself.

Maya: Why would anyone want this job?

It’s then she notices an odd looking phone on the desk, one with an LCD screen. She turns it on, and finds a varied selection of apps from Twitter to Facebook to Youtube and more. She examines it, puzzled, until it begins to ring. She cocks an eyebrow, and then picks up the phone.

Maya: Hey…

On the screen sits Adrian, staring back at her through his bandaged face.

Adrian Kalis: Settling in well, Maya?

Maya: Yeah I guess… Fuck is this contraption?

Adrian Kalis: It’s a video phone. I made sure one got put in the office, and since I see you’re in a blazer and not a white tanktop with no bra on you’re taking this job seriously.

Maya scoffs.

Maya: Well, yeah! I got power! Did you know that when I got here this morning I was going over all the contracts REBEL Pro has?

Adrian Kalis: And?

Maya: Well, we’re paying a lot of people who never even show up to work! So I fired them all.

Adrian coughs, clears his throat and leans forward.

Adrian Kalis: Who?!

Maya shrugs.

Maya: Those Uproars dudes. Gone! Might & Magic?! Jethro Hayes?! Gone! Matthew Engel?!

Adrian Kalis: Let me guess.

Maya: Gone! I’m cleaning house here. Doing good things.

Adrian Kalis: I’m glad to see you haven’t let the power get to your head…

Adrian we imagine, rolls his eyes.

Maya: Done checking up on me?

Adrian leans back, sighing heavily.

Adrian Kalis: Listen…

Maya: You’re not my brother?! I fucking KNEW it! So which one of us is adopted? I imagine it’s you.

Adrian puts a clenched fist forward from where he is.

Adrian Kalis: Maya. Get out.

Adrian motions someone to him, our image of where he is becomes clearer. He’s in his hospital bed, with his own videophone by his side. He is helped with lighting a cigarette, because fuck the rules.

Maya: Still mad Lacey Gloria dumped your ass after dad burned half your face off?

Adrian Kalis: No. The fun and games are over. You need to leave that building right now Maya.

Maya perks up, suddenly this has gotten a bit more serious.

Maya: And why would I do that? Don’t get jealous with me because I’ve finally got a purpose around here.

Adrian Kalis: Maya. I knew you wouldn’t listen. But I also knew I had to give you fair warning.

Maya: Warning? For what?

Adrian Kalis: I’ve made some deals from this fucking prison they call a hospital.

Maya: You’re talking about UX coming back in Mexico?

Adrian Kalis: Not just that. I’ve made a deal with someone who is going to do some bad things tonight there.

Maya: Oh God. You’re bringing Legion back aren’t you?

Adrian Kalis: Legion? What, no. What is about to happen will change everything, Maya.

Maya: And why’s that? Because I’m now the uber Kalis by virtue of you and dad murdering each other last month?

Adrian leans back as a nurse comes up behind him, and begins unraveling the bandages over his face. He flicks the ash from his cigarette into a cup and waits. The crowd in the Aggression Arena gasps, and Maya herself covers her mouth.

Adrian Kalis: No, sweet sister.

Adrian takes a drag off his smoke, exhaling as we look over how black and red his burned skin is over his face.

Adrian Kalis: Because by the end of this night, I won’t be the only one burning.

Adrian winks, and hangs up. Maya leans back, shrugs and then spins around in her big leather chair.

Maya: My entire family is fucking insane.

And with that, we fade to ringside…

Singles Match

Jaice Wilds versus Mark McNasty

With both Jaice and McNasty in the ring, McNasty sought to immediately put an end to Jaice Wilds. He started off by whipping Jaice into the ropes, and as Jaice came back Jaice attempted a cross body splash but Mark McNasty caught him, spun him around and took him down with a body slam that shook the ring. Jaice back on his feet with Mark but McNasty wasn’t about to relent. McNasty whipped Jaice into the ropes once again, but this time Jaice with a springboard back elbow cracked McNasty in the chest. All this did was have McNasty stumble back and leave Jaice prone, to which McNasty dropped and applied a sleeper hold. Wrenching the move, McNasty said not a word as the much smaller man in Jaice Wilds was struggling to get out of the hold. Kicking the canvas, Jaice began to lose conscientiousness. McNasty continued to wrench the hold.

The referee raised Jaice’s hand once, it dropped. He raised Jaice’s hand twice, it dropped. He raised it for a third time, but at the last second Jaice Wilds showed some life in him as he began desperately banging his fist backwards in an attempt to punch his way out using McNasty’s face. Mark McNasty let go and lifted Jaice back up to his feet, then headbutt him for good measure. Jaice stumbled backwards then hit a springboard superkick on McNasty that sent the former Aggression Champion into the ropes. Jaice with a dropkick puts McNasty down. He covers! 1! KICK OUT! And a powerful kickout at that as McNasty throws Jaice Wilds off of him. Jaice now up and so is McNasty. Jaice Wilds with a spinning heel kick pushes McNasty back. Jaice goes to the top rope but McNasty follows him and hits Totally Nasty! Jaice shakes in the ring as McNasty climbs to the top rope himself now, and hits Malicious Intent! The crowd goes nuts as McNasty covers, hooking the leg.




Winner: Mark McNasty

Fathers of Undisputed

Back from commercial break, all three members of Wrestling’s Undisputed are stationed inside the ring already, with both World Heavyweight Championship and Undisputed Tag Team Championships present among either their waists or shoulders, donned proudly. Music is fading out, so the trio must have finished their entrances seconds ago in accordance to home-viewers returning.

What can be gathered by Sean Robinson, Cesar Salazar and Deicide’s stances is a sense of fulfillment, and sartorial confidence with how they present themselves — Deicide is a crafty southerner said to be a few riveted buttons short of a full denim camicia di forza (known stateside as a Texas turtleneck). Cesar Salazar has the ability to put together 2 million disguises with just 25 well-curate pieces. Having a face so damn handsome, no one even notices Sean Robinson is pairing a new Bruins jersey with old ragged jeans.

Stepping forward with a microphone in hand, Cesar Salazar delays his speech to look over the crowd once more.

Cesar Salazar: “Few weeks removed from Merry Time Massacre, Wrestling’s Undisputed stands before you all as Undisputed Heavyweight Champions of the World, just as we said we’d be. Sean Robinson, who was thrown off the top of the hell in a cell but remarkably managed to catch himself with a single hand, came back to overcome the odds by trademark finishing Phoenix with his patented Tiger Driver 91 – a move so ferocious and unforgiving, when Phoenix was driven through the cell rooftop and inevitably crash-landed onto the canvas way below, the former Champion was seemingly temporarily paralyzed. And where has he been since? Likewise to that devastation, Johnny Maverick was driven through a table outside the ring by my partner Deicide via jumping spike piledriver from atop a turnbuckle. And Anna Mathews? Well, I merely had to push a ladder over with my feet to send her falling backward to the outside of the ring and through an announcer table – a move I’m not necessarily proud of per se but I do take pride in my strength to see the match through.”

A pause is taken for Cesar to briefly smile.

Cesar Salazar: “Our accomplishments at Merry Time warms my heart. We’ve conquered, we’ve divided and now we must continue this pummeling all because the image of REBEL Pro must be reshaped to fit that of one with depth, vision and quality. Depth: our promise to restore the dignity in these tag championships by not just winning the belts but the build to them would be full of thorough victories over countless tag teams, which we’ve done so mercilessly for the past six months without one loss. Vision: to redefine ‘Undisputed’ not as an arrogant title but one given to those who’re capable of innovative techniques, unparallel aptitude and attractive personalities; three men willing to become REBEL’s poster icons and add diversity to its one-dimensional exploitation of violence. Quality: when we wrestle a match, you fans know damn well it’ll be a blockbuster- a match that many will remember for years to come. When we vow to defeat someone or accomplish a particular objective, we see it through. No bullshit excuses. No attempts to save-face. We’re accurate and realistic in your perceptions of us.”

Handing the microphone over to Deicide, the Sacred steps forward to speak whilst Salazar steps back into line next to Robbo.

Deicide: “You people all heard The KKK try very hard to dispute us in the build to Merry Time. They talked about ending the ‘UX Invasion’ – when, uh, they’ve been a few months late on that story arc- and just winning because, well, shucks, that’s what they do, right? Evidently, no. Salazar and I beat the piss out of them. We made damn sure to remind those remaining two tag teams ‘Fine Wine’ and ‘Toughest Bastards’ that your petty attempts to call us pretentious, overrated and whatever other unfunny, unwarranted ‘truths’ you try to throw at us won’t stick simply because that’s not how you go about disproving us. If you wish to be Undisputed REBEL Tag Champions, I suggest, of all things to do first, for you miserable shits to act like TEAMS. None of you act like a team. Hell, rumors are abound that KKK might be splitting up soon since they can’t seem to do much right. What kind of message is that? If they do split, which isn’t unreasonable to believe, that just goes against their whole speech two weeks ago about winning the tag belts so that they can DO REBEL JUSTICE!”

Deicide spits at the canvas.

Deicide: “Disgusting. Truly, you two are insufferable. Maverick, a guy who tries so hard to be a funny, likable and in-ring badass, only manages to conjure the personality of a lonesome teenager who watches reruns of Friends and thinks that’s the sort of humor people are into. It’s not cute to steal our lifestyles, Johnny. We actually do badass shit and be likable just by wrestling topnotch matches and saying credible stuff. It’s really that simple, John. That’s all people want from us wrestlers: truth. Why do you think they call ‘shoots’ shoots? It’s because a bullet generally injures someone badly upon collision due to its piercing speed and accuracy. Therefore, Johnny, when we merely say we’re the best tag team in the world – well, when you’ve defeated as many people as we have and the execution of it all is kept in mind, it’s really hard to dispute.”

Deicide steps back to give the microphone to fellow Undisputed member, Sean Robinson.

Robinson: “As my colleagues have pointed out, Undisputed isn’t just a word. It’s not a title you carry around. It’s a lifestyle. It’s a way of being. If you’re not Undisputed from birth, you’ll never become it. You can’t earn that. It has to be ingrained in your DNA, your very soul. Otherwise you’ll always be second-best.

Speaking of second-best, where’s Rob-Rob lately? I haven’t heard from him since I sent him crashing through the roof of that cell back in Montreal. Probably scurried back to PWA like the cockroach he is. Or more likely, wheeled himself back there. If his arms even work enough to push a wheelchair. Maybe he got one of those blow-tubes like Christopher Reeve had.”

The off-color joke elicits a groan from the audience, but Robbo has a good chuckle regardless.

Robinson: “As for my arm, no problem. Just a minor dislocation, no torn muscles or ligaments. Looked pretty great on TV, though. Got a chance to watch a replay of that match this week, and damn I looked good. Which really makes me wonder why anyone would bother stepping into the ring with me. I’m the greatest champion in two different companies now, and let’s face it, there’s not much competition for this belt anymore. I don’t even know who the number one contender is.”

Deicide leans over and whispers something in Robbo’s ear, and the Heavyweight Champ bursts out in a fit of laughter.

Robinson: “ALLEN CHANEY? HA! Now that’s a joke. Jesus, that’s the level of competition I’ve got to face here? This company is fucking pathetic. Allen goddamn Chaney is the number one contender… You know what, fuck it. Allen, you can come for your title shot any time. If you think I’m going to worry about some fat fuck with a terrible set of mutton chops, you’ve got another thing coming. Next month, next week, hell tomorrow for all I care. Let’s book this shit and get your beating over with.”

It’s Confidence

Allen is in the Kitchen area of the apartment he is currently sharing with Johnny Maverick. A woman getting dressed exits Johnnys room and walks out the door, leaving the apartment. Johnny enters in whatever he had near him when he woke up, which ended up being torn jeans and a sleeveless ‘Dead Kennedys’ t-shirt. Allen takes a bite of his granola bar.

“You’re an asshole.” says Allen.

“Why am I an asshole?” asks Johnny as he stretches and grabs a thing of pop-tarts from the freezer.

” ‘Make like a tree and be outside of my house’ “Says Allen, quoting what he heard Johnny tell the young woman moments earlier. Johnny chuckles.

“Ha, yeah. She knew I was kidding. There’s a camera here.” says Johnny.

“Yup, for the promo we were supposed to start recording. 20 minutes ago” says Allen.

“You seem grouchy. Why are you grouchy? Do you need to get laid? I can make that shit happen.” says Johnny, whipping out his cellphone to call Allen a hook-up.

“This is my last match with REBEL Pro.” says Allen. Johnny throws his phone out the window in surprise.

“WHAT!? Why? Are you flaking out on me?” asks Johnny, ready to smack his student around a bit.

“No man… because of that little Ladder match my contract isn’t with REBEL Pro…it’s with Simon Kalis. And given some recent events, this is going to have to be my last week on REBEL programming.” says Allen.

“Shit…alright. Hey man, it’s cool. You could probably work anywhere now. You could go work for PWA!” says Johnny. Allen quirks an eyebrow.

“Alright, bad example, but after this match… maybe you could….I could…” says Johnny, gripping at straws.

“That’s the thing man…after this match, I honestly have no idea what the hell is gonna happen to me.” says Allen.

“Hey man…you’ll figure something out. This is the shit we’re good at. Overcoming the odds and all of that stuff. Don’t worry about rent this month man. I’ve got it. You just focus on yo shit. Jay Mizzle has got this.”

“…Thanks, man.” says Allen. Johnny gives him a friendly slap on the shoulder and goes to where they were going to film the promo. Allen sighs and takes out his iPhone. He calls a number he’d been ignoring for a little bit and waits for them to pick up.

“So….Mexico, huh?”


We open on Allen Chaney and Johnny Maverick standing in the middle of the ring in ‘Dannys Dungeon’, a training facility owned by Johnnys father, the legendary Danny Daemon. Allen has something behind his back and Johnny has his signature weapons. A pair of chrome knucks linked together by a chain. Perfect for ground and pound and choking.

“So, here we are again. Only this time we have an X-factor.” says Johnny.

Allen waves happily, not pulling his other hand from behind his back.

“This X-factor has shown himself to be a force to be reckoned with in both REBEL Pro and Underground X. On several occassions showing he is more than capable of handling several opponents at a time. He is a monster, a beast, and one of the few men to ever win the AOWF World Title in their rookie year. This man has a chance to show the world that he is the rightful number one contender by way of much more than a trophy and he is going to take that opportunity like every other opportunity he has been handed and slam a fucking touchdown with it.” says Johnny.

“This is me, right?” asks Allen. Johnny just rolls his eyes.

“This man is Allen Chaney. The Comedian.” says Johnny.

“And my partner” says Allen, “Is a REBEL Pro legend. He’s a triple crown champion, The last ever Carolinas Champion and the first ever Aggression Champion. He is The Sadistic Sexy Symbol, The Filth and The Fury, The Smartass Submission Machine, The Guru of Ground and Pound, and an expert in military martial arts…for some reason that was never adequately explained to me. He is Johnny Maverick!” says Allen. Johnny accepts the adulation of the imaginary audience all around him.

“And OUR partner.” says Johnny.

“DAT ASS!” says Allen, Johnny quirks an eyebrow in his direction. “What? Simons dead or something, someone has to do it.” says Allen, Johnny kind of shrugs in agreement.

“Our partner is a reality-bending, high-flying, shiny-collecting, future hall of famer with control over an army of puppets and the night emissions of teenage boys. She is one half of ‘Kontroversy Kreates Kake’, she is Anna Mathews and SHE….isn’t here. It’s really hard to keep up with her, she isn’t in our dimension half of the time.” says Johnny.

“Anyway, our opponents are the Underground X DARLINGS; Deicide, Cesar Salazar, and Sean Robinson who is as bland in the ring as his name is. I’m going to enjoy watching him burn.” says Allen.

“Like, metaphorically?” asks Johnny. Allen shakes his head and pulls the gas can from behind his back.

“No like, I’m gonna set this motherfucker on fire when I get the chance. Maybe piss on him once the flames have died down. This fucking asshat is every motherfucker in high school who ever tried to keep me down and unlike high school he is in a situation where I can beat the fuck out of him and not end up arrested. When I step in that ring with him he is going to receive the figurative unlubed ass-fucking of his life. When it comes time for me to face him I am going rearrange his limbs until he looks like something from a Guillermo Del Toro movie, then light him the fuck on fire. That is a promise. Him and everyone else who treats me like a second class citizen because I’m different is on alert. Things are about to stop going well for you.” says Allen, his eye twitching a little. Johnnys eyes widen.

“Damn, dude.” says Johnny.

“What?” says Allen, regaining his composure.

“Nothing. I like the intensity. Go with it. I’m just going to be super pissed at you if I end up on fire. Anyway. Deicide and Cesar Salazar pulled out a win against Anna and I. Congratulations. Really. We were focused and determined but on that night you were better. At Aggression? I intend to be better than that. That might sound like I’m simplifying things but simplicity is what works for me. I’m looking forward to tangling with you two again. I’ve had my share of losses lately, so has Anna. It has given me a lot of perspective and honestly? This is all still really fun to me. I know my team can beat yours. We’ve got all the ingredients. An Angry Powerhouse, an Unpredictable High-Flyer, and a skilled Technician. It’s honestly just a matter of getting out there and beating you. I’m not being cocky, I’m being confident. I’ve got confidence in spades and it’s high time I got off of my ass and showed the world exactly why that is.” says Johnny. He and Allen exchange a fist pound that turns into a more complicated best friend handshake.

“Accept your loss with some degree of dignity, guys.” says Allen.

“Just lie back and think of England.” says Johnny.

“See you in the ring.”

Six Man Tag Team Match

Wrestling’s Undisputed versus The KKK and Allen Chaney

With Alan Stone in the ring, the main event of the evening was set to begin. On one side of the ring, stood a united force known as Wrestling’s Undisputed, a collection of individuals set out to dominate the wrestling world. Sean Robinson, the Rebel pro World Champion, Cesar Salazar and Deicide, the remaining members and holders of the Rebel Pro Tag Team Championship flanked either side. In the other corner stood former Rebel Pro World Champion, Anna Mathews, set to do battle along with her tag team partner, Johnny Maverick and his former protégé, Allen Chaney. Allen, the most inexperienced of the three is nevertheless the holding of the Number One Contender’s Trophy, an accolade that provides him a unique opportunity to gain a championship match whenever he so chooses. Enough background, let’s get to the punches!

That’s how most these matches start and this one is no exception. Anna was the first to make a move, dashing across the ring and going straight after Robinson. Sean guarded himself as Anna threw hands, getting quickly swarmed by the other members of the WU. Johnny and Allen were quick to her aid, Allen peeling off Deicide and Johnny going low on Cesar. Maverick and Salazar rolled out of the ring in a brawl, Mathews fought her way out of the corner, taking a few steps away to regain herself, Sean going in for the kill early. He grabs a hold of Anna, shoving her back into the far corner, leaving Chaney and Deicide on the other side of the ring, exchanging right hands. Allen is getting the upper hand with brawling, and it’s at this point where Deicide goes low and uses his explosive power and knowledge of leverage to get Allen up off his feet and dumps him quickly out of the ring!

Anna was propped up on the top turnbuckle by Robinson when the camera comes back to them, Sean climbing up to grab her. He hooks a front chancery on Mathews, looking for the big superplex, but Anna blocks it! Mathews connected with a head but, staggering the champ, but not knocking him off. Anna grabs Sean by the ear and pulls as hard as she can, Sean’s head following his ear, as well as his body right off the corner crotching himself on the nearby ropes! The crowd cheers as Anna slowly stands, keeping her balance and leaping off the corner with a modified Boomerfly kick! Her foot connects with Sean’s head, Anna grabbing the apron to slow her fall to the ground, Sean not so lucky as he crashes down inside the ring, holding his temple.

The camera pans to Maverick who is being rammed into the barricade by Salazar, the ruckus crowd getting into every move. Cesar grabs a cup of beer from one of them and tosses it in Johnny’s face, enraging the former Rebel World Champion. That’s right folks, I didn’t forget, there are two former World Champions on this team. Johnny fires an elbow at Salazar, backing him up as a second flies in, connecting with his jaw. Maverick doubles Cesar over with a boot to the midsection, hooking his arms behind his back and flipping him over, Salazar’s body colliding with the barricade! Oops, Johnny broke him.

On the other side of the ring, Deicide went out to meet Allen and continue the aggression. He threw some punches at Allen, who was trying to get back to his feet. Deicide connects with a knee lift to Allen, trying to pick him up for a slam, but Chaney sandbags him, connecting with an elbow to the side of the head. Chaney grabs Deicide quickly and throws him towards the announce table, Deicide hitting his ribs on the corner of the table. Allen approaches, looking to put his adversary through the table, but Deicide counters with a rake to the eyes. Ducking low, Deicide lifts Allen up quickly and falls backwards, planting Allen through the table with a flap jack! The table explodes on impact, garnering several swear words from Larry Gordon on commentary. Getting back up, Deicide looks over where he sees Anna now getting back into the ring to cover Sean after her kick. It gets to a one count before Deicide pulls her back out and connects with a stiff uppercut. He spots Johnny getting in the ring and slides in after him.

Deicide and Johnny met in the middle of the ring, throwing the right hands again, Deicide getting the early advantage of the exchange by blocking a punch and getting Johnny in a hammer lock. Maverick, being no slouch in the submission game knew he had to reverse the torque on his arm to get out, which he does flawlessly and counters with his own hammer lock, though he quickly transitions it into a cross face, using his new found leverage to connect with a stiff lariat, knocking Deicide to the mat. As Deicide is starting to get up, Maverick hits the ropes and comes back, connecting with a stiff shoetie to the face. Oh fuck, my face, is what Deicide would be saying if his entire head wasn’t feeling numb at the moment. Smelling blood, literally, Maverick waits for Deicide to start getting up before he hits the ropes again, coming back looking for a one handed bulldog to transition into his Failure to Launch, but the Failure to launch fails t start as Deicide counters with a sidewalk slam! Moving swiftly, Deicide lifts Johnny up into a crucifix position, flipping him down into a devastating DDT! The Law of Entropy connects and Johnny is out, but Deicide has but a few seconds to enjoy his success as he’s rabbed by the back of the head by the returning Allen Chaney, who scoops Deicide up and drops him straight on his head with a cradle piledriver! That, my friends, is the Punchline of this match, at least it would have been had it not been for that meddling Salazar, who is waiting for Allen. He wraps his arms around Chaney’s large frame and picks him up a few feet off the ground, dropping him straight to the mat with the Here it is Driver. It only garners a 2 count though as Anna breaks up the follow up pin. Anna’s had enough of Cesar’s shit and launches into a Big Ball of Violence, leaving Salazar crippled by the end of the punches, kicks and the occasional low blow, because why the fuck not. Salazar ends on the mat and Anna goes to the top rope again, leaping off, rotating in the air like some sort of rotating animal and lands hard across Salazar’s body, connecting with her Slash and Burn. She makes the cover, but at two it’s the World Champ who’s back for more. Sean lifts Mathews up to her feet, doubling her over quickly with a kick to the midsection. He takes a second to smack DAT ASS and hooks her arms up, lifting her in the air and dropping her straight down on her shoulders and neck! Sean makes the cover here, but it’s broken up by…wait, that’s everyone, isn’t it? Yeah, after his Tiger Bomb, Anna’s too beaten to kick out and Stone finds a three count.


Jenny Jersey: The winners of this match! The team of Deicide, Cesar Salazar and Sean Robinson! WRESTLING’s UNDISPUTED!

Let That Motherfucker Burn

The REBELTron lights up and we pan the sold out crowd in The Aggression Arena, and it becomes readily apparent this crowd tonight is extremely drunk. And why not, with REBEL Pro offering free beer all night. The camera pauses over the REBELTron, flanked on either side by The Order of Chaos flag. “Fully Alive” by Flyleaf hits and for a moment, the crowd is unsure of who’s coming but that confusion is quickly replaced with a loud chorus of cheers.

Jenny Jersey: Introducing. She is the acting General Manager of REBEL Pro. MAYA KALIS!!!!!!

Maya steps out from behind the curtain, looking almost entirely different than what most of us have come to expect. She is dressed in an exquisite red flowing strapless dress, looking more the part of an actress heading to the Oscar’s than a wrestling GM.

Linzi Martin: And then, there was one.

Larry Gordon: You’d think they’d let me take control back, don’t you? Yet because there remains one Kalis, that job falls upon this little girls shoulders.

Linzi Martin: Give her a chance, Larry.

Larry Gordon: We’ll see how long she lasts.

Maya slaps the hands of fans as she passes by, seemingly forcing a smile but the stress is evident on her face from the bags under her eyes.

Larry Gordon: She is doomed.

Linzi Martin: Don’t talk like that. Her brother and father are hospitalized with terrible injuries, she’s now taking care of her young nephew and on top of it has inherited a worldwide company.

Larry Gordon: You are naïve, Linzi.

Maya enters the ring carefully, and waves at the fans with a smile as Jenny hands her the microphone.

Maya: Thank you.

The crowd is on their feet applauding, and as the camera pans we see plenty of smiles and toasts going on with foamy mugs of beer.

Maya: We are in a transitional period in not only REBEL Pro, but the AoWF as a whole. I know I’m probably not the most trusted or respected source to hear that from, but it is what it is. And when you spend a lot of time on the bench and watching the game up close and personal, you get a different perspective than most would. And so, yes. I have come REBEL Pro’s General Manager while my brother recovers from that insane match he had with our dad for control of REBEL Pro. But that doesn’t mean he hasn’t already begun making moves from a hospital bed. As some of you are aware, Underground X has reopened in Mexico through the financial backing of the Kalis family.

There’s a mixed reaction for that news, what does that even mean?

Maya: So where do we go from here, ladies and gentlemen? It seems obvious to me tha-

“Indestructible” by Disturbed hits, the worldwide theme song of The Order of Chaos. Maya looks towards the entrance ramp and rolls her eyes, slouching forward.

Adrian Kalis: I told you to leave the arena, Maya.

A number of those faux Order of Chaos “soldiers” begin streaming down the entrance ramp, surrounding the ring. They have a lot of equipment with them. The crowd cheers, the crowd boos. Everyone’s too drunk to really know why they’re doing what they’re doing. Adrian, burned and scarred and all, appears over the REBELTron.

Adrian Kalis: You see. There is a transitional period, but it’s not what you think. Just as I made a deal with Cesar Salazar to help him acquire the ability to restart Underground X, so too have I made another deal. This one effecting the Alliance of Wrestling Federations as a whole.

Maya: Oh for fucks sake, Adrian. Did getting burned imprint dads flare for the dramatics? Just get to the point.

The goons begin pouring gasoline around the ring, while other goons take to the ropes and begin cutting them. They snap as they break apart, Maya looks around with a sudden realization.

Adrian Kalis: We had a mandate. People hate our existence, even though twice now we have saved them and this Alliance from men and women far worse than us. What that bought us was stagnation, decline and death. TGW sank, Victory had a fucking stroke. The PWA is barely holding on, and all throughout it all REBEL Pro has gone up and down like the stock exchange. It’s a principle that you could never understand Maya, because you became a turn cloak two years ago. This sport demands conflict. This sport demands blood, and when it isn’t being fed we all suffer.

Maya: So what? Burning the ring down for the hundredth time is going to galvanize people?

The crowd is getting anxious, and at ringside Larry Gordon and Linzi Martin listen intently on their headsets to someone… And within moments, the look of horror on their face is a dead giveaway as both remove their headsets and begin to walk away quietly up the entrance ramp.

Adrian Kalis: Two years ago, the PWA alone faced certain death. Until we saved it. Today, the remnants of the AoWF face the same certain death. We are too weakened to do anything about it. And knowing as I did, that taking out the old man would take everything I had, I made a deal with the only man I knew who is prepared to do what must be done.

Maya: Who? Cody Bogard?

Maya smirks, but no one else is laughing.

Adrian Kalis: The burning of this ring tonight isn’t to send a message. It isn’t to galvanize the men and women backstage to step their game up. It is the physical manifestation of what is happening here. Do you know what’s happening, Maya?

Maya: Uhhh… No?

Adrian Kalis: REBEL Pro is dead, and shall be absorbed by the Pioneer Wrestling Association.

Almost immediately, the entire Aggression Arena erupts into a chorus of boos not heard since Matt Stone last had air time on our show.

Maya: What in the fuck? So you mean to tell me, you made a fucking deal with-

Adrian Kalis: The Phoenix.

As if on cue, the goons throw zippo lighters at the ring and begin their retreat through the crowd. The ring bursts into flames and Maya leaps out of the ring quickly. In the crowd, the fans drunk off free beer all night don’t take kindly to this announcement and sporadic brawls begin erupting all across the arena.

Adrian Kalis: He will remake the AoWF in his image. He is the only hope any of you have.

Maya: God damn it Adrian!

Adrian Kalis: It’s their fault, sis. Only theirs. We gave them a chance. Now we give them the flames.

Maya begins high tailing it up the ramp, but two hooded figures stop her at the entrance ramp.

Adrian Kalis: I told you to leave. I am so sorry Maya.

The men grab her by the throat and lift her up in the air. As of now, the entire arena is in full on riot mode as fans smash beer bottles against each other and slug it out. Chairs fly, blood spills and people still find the time to grab the free beers.

Adrian Kalis: This isn’t a goodbye. Goodbyes are permenant. This is a see ya later. REBEL Pro is owned by The Order of Chaos. And as The Order never dies, nor shall REBEL Pro. We will be back. Stronger. One day. But for now, this is how it ends. I am sorry to all of you. Really, I am.

The hooded men throw Maya off the stage and she crashes down off the side, ten feet below through tables and sound equipment.

Adrian, from his hospital room stands up carefully. His left arm fully casted, he steps back. He purposefully is wearing only a pair of black sweat pants, his wound dressings removed for this moment to show everyone his burned stomach, chest and face.

Adrian Kalis: Through the flames we’re all reborn. With The Order burned, so too is REBEL Pro. We live together, and go down in the flames together. We offered you our Order, but we leave you with Chaos.

Adrian forces a smile as he stomps, and salutes.

Adrian Kalis: All Hail The Phoenix.

The image over the REBELTron goes static. The cameras pan the fighting crowd, screaming and terror all around the arena. The two hooded men walk away, as we pan over Maya in the wreckage they put her in. The cameras now give us an awe-inspiring look, from the announcers table. The ring before us, burning and crumbling with the REBELTron in the background static, the two Order of Chaos flags flanking its sides. The crowd in a complete riot, with police arriving on the scene finally and pouring in through all entrances to attempt to gain control of the situation. Finally, the center of the ring gives way and implodes in on itself from the fire. The static is all that’s left.

See you later.

To you from failing hands we throw the torch. Be yours to hold it high.

So this is it. I’m sorry first off for the delay of the show. I really didn’t want to post it, for reasons that should now be apparent to you all. REBEL Pro isn’t necessarily fading away, it continues in a way in PWA for now. Since most of you are already in PWA, then this shouldn’t be such a huge problem. Those who are REBEL Champions should expect to compete at PWA Genesis as well when whatever is precisely happening, finishes happening.

I really am sorry it came down to this. It’s been a hell of a ride, and I hope you’ve enjoyed me as your fedhead as much as I enjoyed being your fedhead. Life has a funny way of getting in the way of the plans you make for it. REBEL Pro will be back one day, whether under me again or someone else. For me however, the road ends. I wish you all the best of luck in whatever you decide to do. In PWA, or in UX as some of you have gone/returned to. In life as well.

REBEL Pro. Fuck Yeah.

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