Newswire 7-18-2012

Some updates to tell you about. Aggression title history is viagraformen-forsaleonline updated. The shows link is cialis daily dosage fully thuoc cialis updated at the top of the page under the big REBEL Pro banner. Use that to generic viagra get canadian pharmacy purpose of viagra online easier access to recent shows. Wyn Mangum, mountain canada pharmacy Reece Paxton, Mark McNasty, viagra online Matt Stone, Matthew cialispillsforsale-onlinerx Engel and Jethro Hayes viagra and grapefruit juice and Emily Corlen all have bio pages up.

Newswire 7-11-2012

Prove Your Worth is UP! Click here to witness the epicness that is a REBEL Pro Pay Per View!

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Histories and all that jazz updated, next weeks Aggression card is up as well. Have at it!


Newswire 7-9-2012

Following intense discussions and clouded with a controversial decision involving an as yet unnamed new REBEL Pro superstar, Simon Kalis released the following statement following RXW’s announcement.

“REBEL Pro selects Anna Mathews to be our representative in the AoWF World Championship match. The obvious choice for us, we felt at first unable to make this selection due to her strong affiliation with Victory Wrestling. We’d made another decision, however this decision was hotly contested. Initially, we planned to pull REBEL Pro out of these proceedings in protest. However I spoke with Lisa Seldon, and she has given us the okay to select Anna Mathews, which was incredibly good news for REBEL Pro, Anna Mathews and the integrity of this contest- but most of all the fans. The Queen of Dodo’s is a fan favorite across the AoWF, and her successes have marked her as one of the marquee superstars in the entire community. She will make an excellent AoWF World Champion.”

Prove Your Worth! 2012 airs soon, and is certainly expected to be packed with surprises. This news means however that Anna will be given the week off from Aggression as she pursues more AoWF gold. Break a leg, Anna!

Preferrably Allen Chaneys. No offense to him, we’re sure he’s a swell guy.

Newswire 6-29-2012

All of the Aggression shows in my absence are up on the site now. We’re still trying to figure out how to get the shows organized as they once were, and by we I mean I’m awaiting Rob-Rob to have the time to do that for me. Prove Your Worth RPing has begun.

Wyn Mangum has been added to the Aggression Championship NoC Match.

Newswire 5-29-2012

Aggression is up! Check the Results side bar link thingy! You can see the site changed, drastically. I’m still working out the kinks. Thanks to Rob M. for the awesome new header banner though. Various updates will take place now or tomorrow.

Next weeks card is on the forums! Hoozah!

Newswire 5-23-2012

Aggression was posted yesterday, hoozah. Gonna do some serious roster overhaul at some point since there’s

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a bunch of people on it who shouldn’t be and a bunch of people who aren’t on it and should be. Keeping up? Good.

Title histories updated for Aggression title. As has Quote of the Week to Chad Kurtis! Yeah!

Other site updates include having removed people from the roster I mentioned half a second ago(this is an edit), and editing the Staff Roster to include Danny Daemon, Elizabeth Davis and Raj Bindaloo.

Newswire 5-17-2012

A small statement concerning Justin Case was released out of Durham, North Carolina.

“We’ve got canadian pharmacy in dubai sildenafil drug class buy cialis online canadian pharmacy that does not require a prescription

a great respect for Justin Case, and all the things he accomplished with REBEL Pro. We do not wish to focus on levitra cialis viagra comparison the circumstances in canada pharmacy which he left the company, but on the triumphs he experienced while with levitra strengths us. His official roster information has main ingredient in viagra been thus moved to the Alumni section of the official REBEL Pro website, joining in honor with the likes of REBEL Pro greats like Chris Casino, Marcus Marion, Johnny Maverick(R.I.P), Jacob Venar and “The Show” Chad Kurtis. Once again, we wish Justin Case all the best with the PWA.”

Newswire 5-16-2012


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Wire Massacre aired and there were a few huge debuts, and each match was intense from

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start to finish. Not to mention someone died at the end, as is the norm for a REBEL Pro Pay Per View. Check it out!


Site Updates:

clomid for men canadian pharmacy reviewplavix side effectsnorthwest canadian pharmacy

Aggression, Tag, NOC Trophy & Fecal Beagle title histories updated
-Roster updated to include Chamber and Abbey Graves. Justin Case removed.
-Quote of the Week

Newswire 5-14-2012

As we await the show that will be Barbed Wire Massacre, here are some notable quotes from the NOC Trophy Battle Royale this week. Enjoy! (Yes I stole this idea from Victory.)

“Hell, in the fleeting moment that I glanced over the news and seen there was some sort of TGW World title open challenge I admit I was tempted. Then I realized I’d actually have to be a part of TGW if I won. And that’s just fucking unacceptable.”- Virgil Keenan

“You do realize the Order is run by a Kalis right? A KALIS, REESE! If there was ever a fucking disease walking the halls of AOWF these past few years, it was a Kalis. Eye ball gouging, pistol whipping, gun totting , epitome of stupid, Kalis.”- Virgil Keenan

“I’m seriously giving it a month before Riona Shows up, eyes all agleam, seeing her time in the stars once again. She can summon the Power ranger fighting force AOA and be fucking relevant again! GO HER”- Virgil Keenan (on Riona & The Apostles of Ares)

“Holy shit, after listening to these idiots I almost considered NOT paying my cable bill.”- Jacob Figgins

“While people like me still have all the talent in the world, and there is nothing delusional about it.”- Justin Case

“Blame it on Matt Stone. It’s his fault for everything.”- Justin Case

“Funk Dogg…shut the fuck up. No one cares about you.”- Matt Stone

“Lucking into one of my opponent’s dying? You think that was luck? You question my manipulation, and then call that luck? I broke Johnny Maverick and the entire world knows that. I didn’t even need to see the man and I mentally

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destroyed him. He’s gone, because of me.”- Matt Stone (on taking credit for Johnny Chaos’ suicide)

“Marvin Wood called, he wants his gimmick back.”- Matt Stone (on Justin Case)

“I wanted to hold hands and go on long walks with you, I apologize, I didn’t know you liked to play catcher, if that’s your dream all shove that baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire up your ass and turn you into a Popsicle.”- Reece Paxton (on Virgil Keenan)